Profound and necessary updates performed as late as 10/26/01

Perhaps, a whole web site is not a good tribute to an excellent programmer and historian of fantasy. Maybe a better idea would be a party or a plaque. A party would dissipate after a few hours, leaving the smiles, back-slaps, and spoken encouragement to imaginative memory, which can work over the past into something better than it originally was. A plaque would limit a written tribute to only a few, hopefully well-chosen words and call on what is said at the presentation to augment its full meaning; (more)

There are several statements honoring the great historian in our tributes section. Be sure to read it over, especially an excellent interview by Canada's own Katie Postma.

What's new, if anything: The Gallery, she is now ready. I hope she is as informative as she should be. I've been a slacker in getting assembling her. There is more information in the Who and Polar sections.

A note for The Curious: This page weighs in at a pudgy 7.8k on my machine.

"Luckily for most of you,
I don't control the universe." - Rawa

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