well, I lied about the review...
...but I lie about a lot of things. It just takes time to get used to it. However, I have a good reason for lying about it. The most amazing thing ever happened to me in class this morning. I had a thought. I mean, wow. A THOUGHT. I'm kinda surprised my brain didn't implode or anything. but whatever. In a complicated scene of events that lasted a couple of pizza slices and some brownies, we have decided to make an RTS mod.

Why? Well, why not? We could use some help, however, as we have minimal knowledge when it comes to doing things that don't involve "lift, pee, flush". Right now the only people who know about this mod are me, CK, and LugnutX, but it's a start. Drop a line if you know how this works. Or if you just want to be insulted. What the hell, we can do both.

End transmission
29 Sep 2003 by Raze

Going to try and write a review for "Impossible Creatures" for the PC. I'll let you know if I actually get around to doing it.

End transmission
22 Sep 2003 by Raze

Mario Party
For those of you who think I never update this site, you're mostly right. But hey I try I am sorta at college. Anyway I added a section in Misc entitled Mario Party Drinking Game, I myself don't drink but it was funny enough to upload, so enjoy and don't be stupid.

Hm more news?? I may try to start drawing comics I haven't had a lot of free time, but I design the Club Snowboarding site which I really like, maybe a conversion for Club Racquetball soon who knowS? Anyway go look around.
19 Sep 2003 by calibrettokid

Bet you thought we would say something informative...
...but were not! HAHAHAHAHA!!

End transmission
19 Sep 2003 by Raze

Watch out
I have some rather disturbing news. Last night, 4 monkeys escaped from the...ummmm, actually, that's classified information and I'm not supposed to tell you about it...but anyway, these 4 monkeys jacked my caravan last night and have purchased some Uzi's and are currently rampaging about.

It is our top priority to stop these drive-by monkeys, and we shall...um, as soon as the office parties are over. If you have been a victim of one these drive-by's, alert us at once and we shall take care of this matter with all the seriousness it requires! (Not now Crystal, I'm informing the public...wow...that IS a nice trick...) Ummmm, nothing further.

End transmission
09 Sep 2003 by Raze

Haven't said anything in awhile so...Wang Wong.

End transmission
08 Sep 2003 by Raze

Life sucks...
...and it leaves some mean hickies.

No, I don't want to talk about.

End transmission
01 Sep 2003 by Raze

27" Sony Vega
This is our wonderful 3rd room set up I told you about earlier. My 27" Flat Screen Sony Vega... but the problem comes in the cords behind it to hook up the surround sound / gamecube / super nintendo / playstation / dvd player... yeah.

Sony Vega :: Yes that is Super Mario Brothers on there

Cord Problem ::

So some fun to look at and hate me more.

one little update
Radeon 9800 yep it is very very pretty and I would like 6 so put it on my christmas wish list

ck out to do home work :/
27 Aug 2003 by calibrettokid

I'd kill you...
...but I don't have the energy. I'm currently running on fumes as a combination of 500 degree weather, no videogames, a twisted doctors visit, an astronomy teacher with a monotone voice, multitrack mind, and who pauses every 5 seconds when discussing Star Trek, basic school and classwork, the school threating to kick me out of school if I fail, my parents threating to have all of my videogame systems broken in front of me if I fail, etc. etc.

More later, but for know...food time!!!

End transmission
27 Aug 2003 by Raze

OK so i am sitting in my info2130 class in the computer lab. funtimes, i feel like im doing something illegal it's just a boring easy class and i have to type quietly. But hey easy grade eh? So i deleted all of Raze's comments on the phantom oops...

anyway im going to pay attection now.

ck out
27 Aug 2003 by calibrettokid

No excuses!
Comics now!

End transmission
25 Aug 2003 by Raze

We Want Comics!
Where are those damn comics you promised us! Cough um' up! We know you have them!

End transmission
25 Aug 2003 by Raze

Now my head REALLY hurts...
I'll be damned if I understand any of this "Phantom" crap. Check this link out and spiral even further into the twisted tale of this spectral system. All I can say is, I hope SOMEONE clears all this shit up...

End transmission
22 Aug 2003 by Raze

Have you heard the latest news on the Phantom game console? Apparently, someone got wise and did some investigating on the sly. They found out that 1.) Infinium labs never trademarked there consoles name and 2.) There "facility" is located in a strip mall on the Florida Keys and is a 100X100 room with two phones and no furniture. To further the intrigue and mystery, Steve from HardOCP called Tim Roberts at Infinium Labs, confronted him with all the information he had and Mr. Roberts proceeded to go nuts and hang up on him. Pop on over to Penny Arcade by clicking the "latest news" link above to learn more.

End transmission
22 Aug 2003 by Raze

home sweet home
OK we are all moved in... I haven't done much more than hook up TV and game systems... but It's ok because i still hold my title in Mario Golf... manly because no one else plays it but thats OK. So at this point in time 1 in the morning to be precise I actually dont have my sheets on my bed.. but computer and TV are hooked up.. the necessasitys right? right. Well anyway school is looming closer and closer but I promise you comics so I will deliever or just keep telling you sweet lies. Anyway time to work somemore then some sleep

ck out
22 Aug 2003 by calibrettokid



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