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Burr, S. J. [1840 ], The Life and Times of William Henry Harrison (New York: L. W. Ransom ) Permission: University of Chicago [SJB:Harrison].

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   Chapter I.

   Chapter II.

   Chapter III.

   Chapter IV.

   Chapter V.

   Chapter VI.

   Chapter VII.

   Chapter VIII.

   Chapter IX.

   Chapter X.

   Chapter XI.

   Chapter XII.

   Chapter XIII.

   Chapter XIV.

   Chapter XV.

   Chapter XVI.

   Chapter XVII.

   Chapter XVIII.


   Chapter XX.

   Chapter XXI.

   Chapter XXII.

   Chapter XXIII.

   Chapter XXIV.

   Chapter XXV.

   Chapter XXVI.

   Chapter XXVII.

   Chapter XXVIII.

   Chapter XXIX.

      Correspondence Between General Wayne and Major Campbell.
         I. Campbell to Wayne, August 21, 1794.
         II. Wayne to Campbell, August 21, 1794.
         III. Campbell to Wayne, August 22, 1794.
         IV. Wayne to Campbell, August 22, 1794.
         V. Campbell to Wayne, August 22, 1794.
      Mischecanocquah to Governor Harrison.
      Mr. Eustis to General Harrison.
      Colonel Johnson to General Harrison.
      The Officers of the Army to the Public.
      Major Croghan's Card.
      Indiana Legislature and Gen. Harrison.
         Indiana Legislature to General Harrison.
         Reply of General Harrison.
      Communication on the Battle of Tippecanoe, in the National Intelligencer of December 3d, 1811.
      Dinner in Honor of General Harrison.
      General Harrison's Modesty.
      Extract from the President's (Madison's) Message, Dec. 7, 1813.
      Jefferson and Harrison.
      General Harrison's Letter to General Bolivar.
      Extracts from the address delivered before the Hamilton County Agricultural Society, by General Harrison, June 16, 1831.
      General Harrison to Hon. Harmar Denny.
      General Harrison to the Editor of the Ohio Confederate.
      M. Chevalier's Notice of General Harrison.


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