X-Files fanfiction by Madeleine Partous

How do you begin to describe Madeleine Partous' work? The Puppets series made her name in the fanfic world. There aren't too many people out there who haven't read Floaters and there are very few people out there who haven't at least *heard of* the Pact, the longest running story in fanfic history.

In all seriousness, Madeleine is a relationshipper who writes realistic, captivating chemistry between Mulder and Scully without getting bogged down by hearts and flowers. She also can write a mean case file loaded with conspiracy and otherworldly elements. But it doesn't stop there -- she writes side-splitting parody. She's the best of everything all rolled into one author.

At Stake
Mulder and Scully on a stake out. Rated R.

Black Light
Post-Gethsemane. Scully fights back. Rated PG.

Set during Herrenvolk. A missing scene at Mrs. Mulder's
bedside. Rated PG.

Cruise (part 1 of 2)
A series of mysterious deaths aboard its ships forces a
cruise line to call in the FBI as rumors of a vengeful
ghost begin to fly. Rated R, some sections NC-17.

Cruise (part 2 of 2)
See part 1.

Don't Do It
Scully decides to end it all, assuming Mulder doesn't
beat her to it. Rated G.

Mulder and Scully investigate a case on South Beach.
Rated R, some sections NC-17. Spooky Winner: 2nd
place, Best Genre Story; 3rd place, Best Action/Adventure
Story; 2nd place, Best Original Fanfic Character (Juan).

Hollow Man
Spoilers for Herrenvolk. Mulder faces his nemesis and
it's not what he expected. **NC-17**. Spooky Winner:
3rd place, Best Portrayal of MulderAngst.

Meredith's Birthday
Scully gives Mulder a present - but it's someone else's
birthday. Confused? Read on. **NC-17**.

Mrs. Scully
Scully plans a surprise party for Mulder and her mother
saves the day. Rated G.

Mulder and Scully Have Sex
(co-written by Leyla Harrison) Mulder and Scully have sex.
What, you were expecting a plot or something? **NC-17**

Ode to Paula Graves: Sleep is Sweeter
Spoilers for Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space'. **NC-17**.
Spooky Winner: 3rd place, Best Post Episode Story.

One Night, When Mulder Faced The Truth
Mulder ponders his bizarre relationship with Scully.
Literary parody after Iris Murdoch.

One Night, When Scully Faced The Truth
Scully ponders her bizarre relationship with Mulder.
Literary parody after Ernest Hemingway.

The Pact: Where is it Going?
A round table discussion regarding the state of the
longest running fanfic, The Pact. Parody. Rated R.

The Pact (part 1)
*The* longest running fanfic of all time. If you can get
through it, it's actually very good. :) Set after Floaters.
Rated R, some sections NC-17 as marked.

The Pact (part 2)
See part 1.

The Pact (part 3)
See part 1.

Mulder and Scully meet again - long after the music's over.

The Pilot
We know how they met, but what was Mulder *really* thinking
when he saw Scully for the first time? Spoilers for the
Pilot episode.

The Pilot II
We know how they met, but what was Scully *really* thinking
when she saw Mulder for the first time? Spoilers for the
Pilot epsiode.

Secret II
Mulder has a secret -- and Scully may never know. **NC-17**.
Follow up to Leyla Harrison's story Secret, and is followed
by MD1016's story Secrets III, both available on Gossamer.

Puppets 1: Shadow Puppets
Spoilers for Piper Maru/Apocrypha. Mulder, Scully and
big time conspiracy. Rated R, some sections NC-17.
Spooky Winner: 2nd place, Best Action/Adventure Story
and 2nd place, Best X-File story.

Puppets 2: Puppet Masters
See part 1.

Puppets 3: Colonization
See part 1.

The Rock (In A Blink of An Eye)
Spoilers for Quagmire.

Scully muses about life with Mulder. Spoilers for
Post-Modern Prometheus.

Tale 1: A Hacker's Tale
How Mulder and Scully finally found true love. Or whatever.
Rated R. Spooky Winner: 1st place, Best Humor Story;
2nd place, Best Recurring TV Character.

Tale 2: Mulder's Tale
Mulder's side of the story. Rated R.

Tale 3: Scully's Tale
Scully's side of the story. Rated R.

A Well Manicured Life
A fond goodbye from a beloved bad guy. Truly -- that's all
that can be said without giving it away.

Mulder Meets a Little Green WHO
XF/Dr. Seuss crossover.

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