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Is that Kuniaki Haishima
Kuniaki Haishima

Date of Birth: N/A
Place of Birth:
Education: N/A
Favorite Food:

Favorite Drink: N/A
Favorite Music: N/A
Favorite TV how:

Favorite Game: N/A
Hobbies: N/A
Studio Gear:
Sound source- Keyboards :Korg Triton Pro, Roland JV2080, SC8850
Mixer- Yamaha 01v
Speakers- Yamaha MSP5
MIDI I/F- Emagic AMT8
Audio Card- Emagic AudioWork8
Sound Tools: Emagic Logic Audio Gold for Windows 4.5 , Sonic Foundry's Sound Forge 4.5, Come On Music Recomposer for Windows95 Rel.3

Web address: No personal website.

E-mail: Shade

Game Credits: (Partial List)
Mesmerism Hypnosis
Master Keaton (TV)
Master Keaton
Very strange tale (TV)
Kowloons Gate (PSone)

Raystorm (remixed two songs on Sndtrk zttl 0002)

When did you become interested in composing?

Masanori Hikichi: I don't exactly recall when I started.

RB: Why did you do before joining Shade?

MH: Since I finished music school, I have been involved with game music. I worked at a company that deals with game music and game development. I joined Shade in 1999 at the invitation of the staff.

RB: What is it like being a staff composer?

MH: I can concentrate on the project which I am composing. They let me work freely about composing. Although, sometimes I feel I want to make loud sounds in the office.

RB: Tell us about working on Orphen?

MH: I wrote about thirty tunes in eight months on my keyboard. I use the keyboard for composing while I try to play in many different styles watching some of the games images. After I get good ideas that match the image, I input them in the computer. That is my procedure for making melodies. I sometimes write the scores.

RB: What kind of environment did you create your music?

MH: I work in the office where I have my equipment set up. I'm satisfied with it because I have to work with some moderate tension.

RB: How do you think the music for Orphen turned out?

MH: I like them. But if I look back at the music now, I feel that most tunes were melodious. Even if there were tunes which had only the mood of the sounds, I think it might be good.

RB: What are your strong points as a composer?

MH: I like playing by using the sounds. But, since I compose by using keyboard instruments, the compositions tend to be music for keyboards

RB: Why do you make music?

MH: Because when I compose music, I feel like I can go to a different world.

RB: Who do you want to make music with?

MH: With guitarists. Because I can't play guitar.

RB: What are your thoughts about the PSX2?

MH: I feel the possibility of music is increased.

RB: Okay, let us travel back to Granstream Saga.

MH: I worked on Granstream Saga for one and half years. I composed fifteen songs. Although I only composed a few songs I had to keep the music balanced as a whole.

RB: Did you work well with the other composers (Takako Ochiai, Miyoko Kobayashi and Kohe Tanaka)?

MH: We have a lot of freedom on this project. I got inspirations from the other composer's who had unique music.

RB: How does the music of Orphen compare to Granstream Saga?

MH: In the case of Granstream Saga, the music is focused in the sound of the game. But there was hardly any SE sounds (ex. sounds of environment ). Music was played in most of the scenes. Because four people take care of the music the variations of the music are abundant. On the other hand Orphen concentrates on using the sounds of environment or SE rather than music.

RB: What is the future of game music?

MH: I think that the sound effects will be more important.

RB: Of the games you worked on, which is your favorite?

MH: Granstream Saga. Because this was my first work for using PC, I worked very hard by trial and error. I have a lot of memories about that. I like the music for the title screen best.

RB: Any advice for those who want to create music?

MH: It is useful to analyze the music you like.

Translation by Yuko Takahashi

RocketBaby would like to thank Masanori Hikichi for taking the time to answer our questions. Special thanks to Shade's Webmaster, Shade, Yuko Takahashi, and you.


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