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Tools & Resources - Project Management


Visit www.techrepublic.com, an excellent source for IT tools, papers, and resources. 

  1. Project Management Certifications
    In today's IT environment, a project manager must be skilled in several areas-from technical know-how to interpersonal and business skills. The certification programs listed here have designed course work and training intended to increase a manager's abilities to complete complex projects.
    Download (74K zip)

  2. IT Project Management Research Findings (Report, North America)
    What, When, Where, & How on the current state of IT Project Management in North America.
    Download (72K zip)

  3. Action Item Log
    Keep on top of your project action items with this handy template.
    Download (32K zip)

  4. Proposal & Special Clarification (simplified)
    Simplified Project Proposal and Special Clarification Forms for the early stages of a Project.
    Download (12k zip)

  5. Project Cost/Benefit Excel Template
    This tool is valuable for overview project costs and benefits analysis.
    Download (32K zip)

  6. Project Issue Submission & Tracking Form
    Project managers on larger projects must diligently look out for project issues, or major problems that have the potential to derail a large project. To avoid these problems, managers of large projects should inject more rigor and structure into how issues are raised and managed. Use this issue submission form to help you capture, screen, prioritize, and evaluate issues. (Use a separate form to describe each specific issue.)
    Download (34K zip)

  7. Project Issues Log
    It's rare that an IT project is completed without any problems happening along the way. That's why it's so important to make sure you document your project issues so that they don't derail your goals. Use this project issues log to summarize all of the issues that occur during your project. With this document, you can view open issues and make sure that a resolution is forthcoming.
    Download (37K zip)

  8. The Project Office: Teams, Processes, and Tools
    An insightful and detailed strategic analysis report on the value and best practices of PMO's, authored by Gartner Research.
    Download (198K zip)

  9. Project Management Institute - The Project Management Handbook
    A guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, as authored by the Project Management Institute Standards Committee.
    Download (522K zip)