A Small Victory

October 12, 2003

orange.jpgIt was one year ago.

EVERYONE looks the same when they're on fire. This is something I learned searching for my brother Mitchell in the first minutes after the Sari Club exploded a year ago on Sunday.

~~Guilt Lies Only With The Killers by Jake Ryan

VICTORIANS are being encouraged to wear orange ribbons on October 12 to mark the first anniversary of the Bali blasts which killed 88 Australians.

This non-Victorian blog is wearing one as well.

October 11, 2003
where's terry o'reilly when you need him?

I'm a lot of things, but a hypocrite is not one of them.

If this account of what happened in the Red Sox bullpen is true, then Jeff Nelson and Karim Garcia should be painted with the same brush as Pedro Martinez. Yes, the employee was an asshat for waving the rally flag inside of the Yank's pen, but a beating was uncalled for.

No matter what, that was one ugly game.

And I still think Pedro is a punkass.

dare i dream?

Sam Raimi - 'I would love to do the 4th Evil Dead film!'

cowboy down!

Ah, Fenway. Gotta love that place.

Nice move, with the fan jumping into the Yankee bullpen. Classy. And people say New York fans are rowdy.

About Pedro: The guy all but hung a billboard saying he was going to throw at someone's head. Dude, you do not throw at heads. Throw inside, throw tight, throw to knock them out of the plate. But you do not aim for a person's head with a fastball. That's just not kosher.

So Zimmer, who was once hit in the head back when he was a player and still has the metal plate souviener, was more than a bit pissed off at Pedro. Yes, he ran at him, maybe even threw a fist at him. But come on. The guy is 72. With a freaking plate in his head. And he's built like a Weeble. Pedro is an ass, he was before this even happened.

Yankees win. Red Sox and their fans lose.

Game over.

[If anyone has a screen grab of Martinez making that "I"m gonna knock your head off" motion, please send it to me]

And Bozzy? You're an asshole. [see comments here for reference]

UPDATE: It wasn't a fan that went into the Yanks bullpen; it was a Boston grounskeeper. Nice manners, babe.

Oh, and ferrets have better manners.

pedro is a punkass

And this is what it looks like when a sniveling punk beats up an old man:

[click for bigger pictures/images from Newsday.com]

pedro martinez beats up old men!

That is just wrong.

Zimmer? He takes on 72 year old Zimmer? What a dick.

UPDATE: Ok, I was at the Taco Bell drive-thru when this happened. All I heard was that Pedro knocked down Zimmer.

Someone clue me in on what led up to that?

game time voodoo

The game starts in half an hour and I almost forgot to put up my black magic Bosox Voodoo!


Whew. That was close. Hope I didn't blow it.

Now, to turn my shirt inside out and circle the living room couch three times while chanting "I love the Yankees more than I hate Roger Clemens!" Hey, we all have our pre-game rituals.


saturday's edition of "presented without commentary" - the hate festival begins

Signs at the Rutgers hatefest/support terrorism rally:

the rest of the story »

take my toys, please

My sister is having a garage sale today, so we've been cleaning out closets and rummaging under the bed, stuffing all of our extraneous stuff into bags and boxes to be sold to the lowest bidder.

The kids get to keep all the money we earn from our garbage, which will go towards the purchase of tickets to see Good Charlotte next Friday.

I'm finally getting rid of so much stuff I had collected for who knows what reason. I hate being a pack rat. Everything..going once, going twice, in the box. No time to look, no time to get nostalgic over old books or games or toys.

But wait, what's this? Oh no. No way. I will part with my entire collection of Saturday Night Live videotapes. I will sell my old albums and the kids' Beanie Babies and CDs I was embarassed to own.

But I will not, under any circumstances, sell my Ewok treehouse. Or my Slave 1. Or the Darth Vader action figure case. I just won't.

there once was a....

Limerick contest which is only staying open until 5pm this evening before judging begins.

Get going.

Mepham update: the week in mepham news

[previous stories can be found here]

During the week, one of the accused players and all of the coaches met with the DA's office in Pennsylvania.

That was basically all that happened in this case until this morning, when it was revealed that two Mepham parents who have spoken out against the football players received a threatening letter.

Anonymous letters were sent this week warning two parents who have spoken out about the Mepham High School football hazing case that they would be sodomized with broomsticks if they don't keep silent, police and one of the people who received the letters said yesterday.

"It said, 'Keep your mouth shut and nothing will happen to you or your family,'" said Jim Rullo of Merrick, who received one of the letters.

Rullo was the lone person who stood up at the board meeting in early October and spoke for the victims. The letter arrived a few days after he spoke at that meeting.

"The first thing I did after reading it was cringe," Rullo said. "Then I was like, 'No -- -- way' because people bullied those kids at camp to be quiet and then people bullied parents to keep quiet and fear is running rampant in this community. If I bail out, then I'm a jerk," he said. "What message am I sending to my family? The only thing I've done is respond to a friend in need."

Rullo has been my hero since the night he stood up in front of a crowded room filled with selfish, shortsighted people who think the real victims in this case are the football team and the school. Rullo knows who the victims really are and he stood up for them when no one else would. And, even in the face of threats and more belligerence from the community, he is fiercely standing his ground because he knows what's right.

If only the other parents of the Bellmore community would think about the message they are sending, not only to their own children and the surrounding communities, but to the rest of the country, who are watching this story unfold.

This letter that Rullo and another unidentified parent received only serves to give evidence to the people who are saying that the whole Bellmore community is stained by this, not just the school.

Rullo should be getting letters of commendation, not threats. And it wouldn't surprise me in the least to discover that it was an adult who wrote this letter and not a student.

america's pastimes: baseball and boobies

Robyn and the boobiethon participants have raises over $6,000 for the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation.

I finally gave mine up for the cause.

I also left a good luck charm for the Yankees in my picture.

I know you will go look, but donate a few bucks while you're there, ok? It's all for the healthy boobies.

October 10, 2003
things they say

"Mom, did you know that pampons can kill you?"

Pampons. Took me a minute to figure out what he was talking about.

Guess you had to be there.

raise your cup and let's propose a toast


500 years old. That's a lot of martinis.

Got a favorite vodka drink recipe?

i thought lefties were compassionate?*

Unless you have ever been an addict or have loved an addict, you have no idea and you should just shut up and stop passing judgment, even if you hate the guy.

I'm not saying this because Rush is a right-winger. In fact, I have no use for the man's politics, beliefs or radio show. I'm saying this because he's a human being. Dancing with glee at someone's admission that they have a problem that's been known to wreck lives and families is really disgusting.

[and before you leftwingnuts get all high and mighty on me, yes I know that the nuts at freeper would behave the same way if it were a democrat "spokesperson" in the situation. you're both frightening, ok?]

song for the deaf

Bad day at black rock.

That's what I've titled today. Work related angst and other matters have me very unhappy. And I realized that more than half of my stress the past few weeks has been self-made, by taking on too many things at one time and by letting people have their way with me, so to speak.

I've given a lot of myself over the past year or so. Now, it's time to give to myself. I am dropping out of any group blogs (not including Command Post) I am participating in or have promised to participate in. I am no longer taking on charity work. I am going to hand the reigns of Four Color Hell over to Jason if he wants it.

When you do things for a cause or for some altruistic reason, you don't do it to get anything in return. You do it because it's right, because you can't spend all your time talking about the unfairness of the world if you don't try to battle that unfairness yourself.

But there really comes a point where you have to say, enough. Doing out of the goodness of your heart is one thing; being taken advantage of because you have a good heart is another. Everyone has a boiling point and I've reached mine.

Today was the proverbial straw. Something happened at work that set me off, and it just went downhill from there. I needed to dump all the extra weight on my shoulders. I did that and I'm still doing it. There was an awful lot of weight there, a lot of it self-imposed.

Please don't ask me, at least for a while, to participate in any kind of blog drive or charity or group effort. I have this problem where I don't know how to say no, so make it easy on me and don't ask at all.

nanowrimo2003_participant_icon.jpeAnyhow, I won't have time for anything. I've decided to take on something that is for me and me only. I'm going to participate in National Novel Writing Month. I'm pretty much clearing my calendar until that's over.

It's just me, this blog, and my novel in progress which will be posted here eventually. Everything else has been dumped into the recycle bin and I'm about to click empty.

And this story about an emotional punch having the same effect as a physical punch? It's true.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that I will be submitting a short version of my upcoming novel to David and Val's Sudden Fiction project. Deadline is October 20, publication date is Halloween. This is a good warm up exercise for those participating in NaNoWriMo.

I will also be posting excerpts and such in the group NaNoWriMo blog Blovel, founded by Andy of World Wide Rant fame.

talkin' football

My picks for this week's office pool have to be in in an hour. I haven't done them yet and I don't have time to make educated picks.

So, who wants to make my picks and have a chance to split a 400 dollar point pool with me? Point spreads count.

you say it's your....

Blog birthday!

Not for nothing, Vicky, but when people are linking to you because you are celebrating the anniversary of your blog, those following the link might be put off by that Erectile Chicken Dysfunction headline.

Then again, maybe not.

Many more, Vicky.

Oh look at this, it's Bill's anniversary, too. Go tell him he's a dick congratulations.

UPDATE: I forgot to say that Bill's blog does not have oozing facial sores and it is not fat and ugly. In fact, Bill is the one with the canker sores and extra 300 pounds, not the blog. His blog is damn beautiful, so damn entertaining, so incredibly perfect in every way, that you have a hard time believing that a guy who is so ugly, so fearsome, so bitter and nasty, could have not only a dazzling blog, but a beautiful, smart wife.

who is alexa and what is she saying to me?

First, I'd like to thank you all for your generous comments and emails regarding my navel gazing post. I will respond to all emails today.

[click for bigger image]In one of those emails, someone sent me a link to my Alexa rankings. I don't think I ever looked at this before and frankly, I'm unsure what it means. How do they determine these statistics? If I am reading them correctly, they are very, very different from the Extreme Tracking stats, and different from the stats my host provides.

Stats aren't important in the long run, but I would certainly like to know the size of my readership (is that a word?) so I can have a suitable panic attack when I realize that I haven't been writing for a small group of friends and acquaintances every day like I thought.

I do like the compare feature on Alexa. I've been staging a little blogger match-off and it's fun to see whose ego is ten times larger than their stats, and vice versa.

Anyhow, thanks to everyone for reading. I like to just say that once in a while. And a reminder: it's Friday, so I'm going to try to stay away from covering the news today. Fridays are for fun. Hey, limericks!

ted rall takes me to bizarro world

Someone get me a drink. Or a handful of aspirin. Something. My head is suddenly swimming, my brain has gone fuzzy, the world has just turned upside down.

Ted Rall has an almost meaningful column today. I swear. Really.

Well, yes, he still takes the time to point out how awful this administration is, how they weren't really elected and are evil, terrible warmongers, but still. Rall actually makes some coherent points about the left.

On the recall: Unfortunately, Democrats didn't focus on the recall itself or the good reasons to oppose their Republican opponent. It was easier to just dig up dirt from his past.

On the L.A. Times calling Arnold a nazi-lover: So silly. So stupid. Historians have marveled at Hitler's rise from homelessness to absolute dictator, as well as his oratorical skills. That hardly makes them Nazis.

On Limbaugh's McNabb controversy: Limbaugh, after all, was just being himself. Here was a chance to document right-wing bias in corporate media, but Dems blew it to go after one man.

On Limbaugh's drug problem: Had the same story appeared about Michael Moore, they'd express sympathy and urge him to enter rehab. But compassion goes out the window while trashing your nemesis.

I am speechless. Sure, Rall takes all his usual swipes, nailing three out of the four standard Rall Hates Bush statements (not outright, but they are there between the lines), but the point, the major thesis of this column was not how Bush stole the election, it was not about an Iraqi quagmire or the crushing of dissent; it was about what the left is doing wrong.

And I agree with him on all those points.

Relax, this doesn't mean I've actually taking a liking to Rall. It's not like I'm going to start writing him fan letters. After all, his perfect woman would probably want to start a revolution, while my perfect man can do a great imitation of Eddie Van Halen.

Welcome to Bizarro Friday.

even steven

Apparently, Ted's head reversed the curse that reversed the curse on Wednesday night.

Saturday: Clemens v. Martinez. Gotta polish up Ted's jar for that one.

Well, this wasn't how I wanted to start off the hockey season. But still, it's nice to see the drop of the puck again.

October 09, 2003
there once was a contest so great,

The limerick contest is going swimmingly. Contest is open until the weekend, so have at it.

The Yanks are up 3-1. Ted's head may be just what the witch doctor ordered.

Who wants to help me judge the limerick contest and count up the points? Remember, there are no real steadfast rules. You can play fast and hard with this one if you decide to help me out.

And who doesn't like to play fast and hard?

attention baltimore!

Copy and pasted from Dean:

Baltimore: Chief Wiggles Needs Your Help!

We are continuing forward with sending materials to Iraq (see this message here for the latest on the shipping woes; the military is shutting down the APOs for Operationg Give). We have been working on alternate shipping methods to get stuff to Chief Wiggles in Iraq.

We have warehouse space set up in Baltimore. Now we need someone--a retiree, or someone with spare time--to accept delivery and get stuff stored in our warehouse. We also have shippers lined up, so we can get it from Baltimore to where the Chief can pick it up. We just need someone to help coordinate, to accept delivery and get it shipped back out via the arrangements we've made.

Can anyone out there help? If you can't, do you know someone who can?

Any help would be appreciated. Just leave us a comment here or drop us a line at info@operationgive.org.


I now know what went wrong with last night's attempt at voodoo. There wasn't enough vindictivness in it. In order to make the magic of the dark side work properly, there has to be a certain level of nastiness surrounding your voodoo doll. I think I've got it right this time. I've combined the wonders of cryogenics, the dark spirits and a Boston icon to come up with this thing. I also have some of the magic pixie dust I took from the pitchers' mound at Yankee Stadium when I worked there. I've been saving it for a special occassion. Now, stand back while I cast my spell...


credit for the image of ted's frozen head goes to brokennewz, where i swiped it from


Kevin of Wizbang fame got so fed up with his hosting problems that he switched over to the Official Host of A Small Victory and all of its Partnering Sites, Hosting Matters.

You can now find Kevin over here.

Also, I was remiss in not linking to the Carnival of the Vanities yesterday, so I'll do it today; head over to Shanti's place for all your Carnival needs.

limerick time: the Poetry Day Incestous Blogging Contest

Apparently it's National Poetry Day over in Jolly Old England. The BBC Magazine has a lovely little limerick contest going on, where they give you the first lines and you complete the limerick for fun, prizes and posterity.

I don't like their choices, of course, so I'll rip off their idea and hold the first annual National British Poetry Day Limerick at an American Blog.

The rules are simple:

Post the limericks here and on your blog if you have one. Leave a link in the comments if you are participating.

A panel of judges will be formed out of a list of people who owe me favors. Scoring will be arbitrary, random, biased and unfair. There will be no recalls, no do-overs and no complaints taken. There is no prize except for the glory that comes with winning a really stupid limerick contest and maybe rhyming pundit with bunt it. Contest open until Saturday evening, unless I change my mind, which I am prone to do, or if no one is really interested in entering, and then this post will disappear to save me the embarassment of running a contest where nobody entered.

the red sox are satan's playthings

It's official. Those evil Red Sox saved Arafat's life.

How can you Bostonians live with yourselves?

UPDATE: And another thing, while I'm a baseball roll: I hate Tim McCarver more I have ever loathed any sports figure in my entire life, including Ed Hospodar, Alan Iverson, Deion Sanders and the entire 1986 Mets team. It took only two innings (which took a freaking hour to play) for me to hit the mute button last night. Tonight, I'm going to put on some cheesy 80's new wave while I watch the game and not even bother giving that drunken, blowhard asshat a chance.

Yassar Yassar, why won't you pass...err..

Well, that was an attempt at death poetry. Seeing as that my Red Sox voodoo doll didn't quite work out last night, I guess I'll skip making one for Ol Dirty Arafat.

Meryl has a new death watch post and links to a story which says that Arafat has some kind of liver disease, brought on by Israelis poisoning him.

Yes, it's the Joooooooos!

So, Meryl's taking dates for the Death Watch and I want October 13, even though I think he's dead already and Andrew McCarthy is acting the part of understudy. Weekend at Yassie's! And if that isn't enough to make you shake your head in disbelief, Damian Penny writes today about Arafat's loose bowels.

Sorry if you were eating watery refried beans when you read that.

psa to red sox fans

Cowboy Up will go down in history, along with rally monkeys and the Tomahawk Chop, as a Stupid Moment in Baseball Playoff History: Fan Hysteria Section.

Attention Mr. Smarter Cop: Stop baiting me. You'll be sorry. My voodoo dolls don't always fail, you know.

those wacky catholics!
The Catholic Church is telling people in countries stricken by Aids not to use condoms because they have tiny holes in them through which the HIV virus can pass - potentially exposing thousands of people to risk.

The church is making the claims across four continents despite a widespread scientific consensus that condoms are impermeable to the HIV virus.

In other news, the Pope is the frontrunner to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Because protesting the war negates all that nasty stuff about protecting child molesters and hating gays.

latuff strikes again

Latuff says: In the tradition of the Soviet agit-prop posters, I made this copyright-free artwork which you may use for graphic and other applications. Illustration supports brave Iraqi resistance and their struggle against U.S. occupation.

Yes, how brave those fighters are, planting bombs and taking lives while the people they are killing are trying to bring about freedom and peace. How noble, how brave one must be to pay homage to his former dictator/tyrant/leader by murdering those that deposed him. Call them resistance fighters, because it sounds so much braver than murderer or terrorist.

Come on, Iraqi people, cheer on these brave fighters at they systematically shoot down your hope and dreams of freedom. Applaud them as they try to bring Iraq back to the way it was under Saddam. Whistle and hoot and holler as they kill soldiers who are trying to protect you.

And to all you Americans who encourage Latuff and his art, who praise and admire him, raise your hands. Raise your hands now and show us who you are, so we can recognize those who chant for the death of our soldiers, who crave homicide bombings in Baghdad, who want to see failure on every level so you can point to your protest placards and say you were right.

How many of you admire Latuff and all of his work? How many of you think like him, act like him, yet are different from him because you are Americans and he is not. Does that make a difference? In some ways, yes. By taking this poster to heart, by standing shoulder to shoulder with this Brazilian bastard, you wish death upon your neighbors, the sons and daughters of your neighbors, maybe even your relatives. While you stand in the street and shout obscenities at police and smash windows and plead for the troops to leave Iraq, just leave them in a lurch, men and women from your neighborhood are over there, fighting and saving and rebuilding.

Have any of you asked the Iraqi people what they want? And I don't mean the resistance fighters you worship. I mean the regular people; the mother, the teacher, the child, the father? Have you asked those who no longer live in fear what they want? Do you feel at all that there is something wrong when you are in the streets laughing at our soldiers being killed while the Iraqi people - those without bombs strapped to their bodies - embrace those same soldiers?

But of course, you are the same people who praise Palestinian "freedom fighters" and cheer those who protect the homes of terrorists. What can one really expect from someone like that?

Bravery is something you will never know. Not you, Latuff. Not any of you who follow him, not any of you who cheer the American body count in Iraq. You are cowards, you are despicable.

[You say you want to help the Iraqi people, that you feel for them, that even though you are anti-war you still want the best for the citizens of Iraq? Then put your money where your mouth is: Operation Give]

talkin' baseball

So, umm....

Hey, the Islanders open their season tonight!


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