One look at the top of the window will tell you all you need to know. ^^;; I've decided to close down 'The Demon's Lair' for a number of reasons:
A) No one visits this site (besides me and a few friends when I make them)
B) I have other sites I put my artwork on
C) I never update it
D) Geocities bothers me, and I'm not getting a new account on for this site
E) I don't ever feel like working on it

Those are some of my reasons, but not all. Another thing is that I'm now at Deviant Art now, so I don't need a website to upload my artwork onto.
Also, I've got a Malik x Yami Bakura website that I'm updating more often than this site.
Sorry if for some (retarded) reason you liked this site, but I'm in High School now, and I don't have the time (or the will) to update this site.
It's been nice for the seven or so months I've been up! See you all in the Shadow Realm! :D