This is NOT Cairo Egypt - it's - Olyphant PA.

The story that is about to unfold was sent to me by a remarkable man by the name of John J. Peruka. Over the past several years he has spent much of his life studying the great cities of Egypt, the Pyramids and the mysteries surrounding the origins of life. How is it that a small Borough in Pennsylvania would also possess the same hidden mysteries as its Egyptian counterpart? How do pyramids, triangles and the numerical equivalents fit into our very being? What you are about to read may be controversial but may also hold the secret to life itself. I encourage you to read on and enjoy this most fascinating journey. --------Greg Swank

The Secrets of Olyphant as penned by John J. Peruka <<<<Part I>>>>

Everybody has a secret. Behind the apron of the local butcher is a secret. Behind the friendly smile of the neighborhood pharmacist is a secret. Your mother and father had secrets they kept from you.

Even towns have secrets. The town of Olyphant, situated in North East Pennsylvania has a secret, a secret so terrifying that it could change the course of world history.

The Churches of Olyphant
When I moved to Olyphant in the mid-1970's, the first week that I was there I sensed that there was something "strange" about the town. "How come there are so many churches concentrated in a relatively small area in the downtown area," I asked myself.
Not only was there a heavier than normal concentration of these churches but most of them weren't exactly ordinary churches. They were beautiful and magnificently constructed, large mini-cathedrals all surrounding a Jewish temple. Why would a small, insignificant town of 4000 souls erect such wondrous temples of faith in such an obscure area?


The Story Begins - The Mystery Unfolds
As you pass the anchor and cross the bridge into Olyphant, you enter into another world. At first, superficially, the town appears like any other small town in America. The town has the usual layout, a bank, a high-rise apartment building for the elderly, a borough hall, and the usual small businesses lining main stream. Nothing seems amiss, everything is in order, and it's in place. An ordinary town in an ordinary place where ordinary people go about their daily business.

But beneath this false veneer is a hidden world. A world of incredible secrets, the secret forces that control the residents of Olyphant. The secret that permeates their very being, the secret that controls their subconscious mind. Subconsciously they say - it is written therefore it must be done, to show the world.

If I hadn't moved to Olyphant and discovered their incredible secret, the people of Olyphant would have taken the secret to their graves as did their ancestors for generations before them.

There is nothing in the historical record, nothing in the newspaper, nothing about the past of this small town. The local historians knew nothing about the secret and the old-timers didn't believe it. There is a vacuum of ignorance that surrounds this secret. There have been many recorded cases of individuals being possessed by the supernatural but the town of Olyphant is unique, an entire town has been possessed by similar supernatural forces and it remained unexplained - until now.

Olyphant is a town of incredible magic and mystery, a town frozen in time, a town trap in that dimension known as "the twighlight zone." Let's Begin.


OLYPHANT FACT - Long before Olyphant got its name, it was part of "Providence" Township in the Westmoreland Colony of Connecticut or Northhampton. (Providence means - "Act of God")



It was demonstrated by Robert Bauval that the Sphinx and Pyramids at Giza are a terrestrial "map" of the Orion Constellation as it appeared in 10,500 B.C.

The Egyptians worshipped the seven stars of the Orion constellation which are among the brightest stars in the heavens. Their belief was that their god-kings or pharaohs came from Orion and after death their souls went back to the constellation. Osiris was the most famous god-king.

Frank A. Scaglione, a director of research, has stated "There is sufficient evidence that ancient people, including the Egyptians have visited Northeastern Pennsylvania and the New England area thousands of years ago. They have found ancient writings on stones in the Northeastern Pennsylvania area."


The Bible makes reference to Orion as well and - Amo 5:8 [Seek him] that maketh the seven stars and Orion...and in Revelations we find: Rev 1:20 The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches: ....The image below is the placement of seven churches in Olyphant. What are the odds that the placement of these churches is "just coincidence?" Who created Olyphant? How do we explain this? And we are just getting started on ALL the mysteries that surround this little borough - lets look closer...

Notice that the "center-most" position is held by the Jewish Temple. All other churches surrounding it are either Catholic or Protestants. We know historically that those religions had as their base root the Jewish religion. Is it possible that the placement of these churches was subconsciously present?

Astronomers, through the use of mathematics and technology, have found that the shafts in the three pyramids of Egypt are aligned with the three stars (the belt) in the Orion constellation. Therefore, these churches in Olyphant are not only connected to the pyramids in Egypt but to the stars in the Orion constellation.

If the clergies of Olyphant, Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish knew about these churches and the alignment to Orion and their connections to Egypt, they most likely would have protested greatly. They considered Egyptians pagans. We can assume then that consciously they never knew of this. So how can it be explained? Coincidence? There is more.


OLYPHANT FACT - The town was named after David W. Olyphant a prominent New York merchant and an extremely wealthy man. David Olyphant had achieved distinction in the East Indian trade as a member of the firm of Talbot. He died in Cairo, Egypt in 1854 while returning from China.


If one traces the boundary lines of the borough, the lines form a giant sphinx, approximately four miles long and one and one-half miles wide. In addition, a pyramid formed from a coal dump that was constructed by the Hudson Coal Company around the turn of the century is located in "exactly" the right place on the border between Olyphant and Throop.
A closer shot from a satelite image shows the Lackawanna River clearly cutting out the identifying features the head of the sphinx. Also note the darkened triangular regions depicting both the 1st pyramid and the Great Pyramid (photo at the top of the page).


OLYPHANT FACT - The elevation of Olyphant is 960 ft. above sea level. The Great Pyramid in Cairo is 480 ft. high. Olyphant's elevation is "exactly" twice that height. (adding up coincidences...?)



Is it possible that the treasures of Egyptian Kings and Queens could have been buried in Olyphant to prevent them from ever being stolen? Let us first remember the pyramids of Egypt were first broken into by Prince Abdullah Al Mummun and an army of workers in 800 A.D., they found both the King's chamber and the Queen's chamber devoid of any treasure. Both chambers were empty except for a stone sarcophagus(coffin) in the King's chamber.

When you start to examine all the evidence, there is a good possibility that Egyptian treasure might be found in the Olyphant area. Notice that the Sphinx which represents the borough of Olyphant is resting on the side of the pyramid.

What's important about this observation is the apex of the pyramid on the base of the pedestal is right below the Pharaoh's chin at a 40 degree angle of the shaft of the Queen's chamber to the star Sirius. The following map shows what happens for location of the King's chamber and the significance of its apex.
With the apex located in the Pharaoh's eye, which is located in the center of downtown Olyphant, and a line from the eye to the base of the pyramid is 51 degrees, which equals the angle of the side of the Great Pyramid of Egypt. Many researchers, including Frank Scaglione, agree with this contention.


OLYPHANT FACT - "Oly - Phant" - OLY = Olympian, displaying majestic omniscience or detachment, and as in Mount Olympus, is considered as the secret home of the chief god of ancient Greece. - PHANT = phantasm or phantom, means ghost, spirit, illusion, .... We can derive a meaning from the word Olyphant then which means "secrets and mysteries of the gods"


Editors Note: This is only the beginning to this most fascinating story. What lays beneath the surface of this small town has yet to be seen. John Peruka has not only uncovered a host of mysteries surrounding the borough in which he lives - he has also discovered other mysteries and secrets as well. John believes that he has found the greatest scientific and religious discovery "in the history of the world." In the coming days we will find out exactly what those secrets reveal.