D100-B25 Models
High Power H-Bridge DC Motor Driver Boards

D100-B25 Features:
Power Semiconductors: Four 110A MOSFETS
Rated Current: 25A with on-board heatsinks
Max Current: 110A with Heatsinks
Surge Current: 40A for 5 Seconds
Board's Size: 2.5" x 2.5" (6.35cm x 6.35cm).
Components Type: 100% Solid State, NO Relays

Voltage Requirements:
5 Volts for the Digital and MOSFET Bias Circuits
Any voltage up to 55 Volts for the Motor B+

D100 Picture. (If no picture is seen, please let us know)

The D100-B25's control truth table is 100% compatible with the popular L293D motor driver IC.
Input Lines Truth Table:

Enable IN1 IN2 Action
H L L Fast Motor Stop
H L H Forward
H H L Reverse
H H H Fast Motor Stop
L X X Free Running Motor Stop

If needed, the enable line can be tied to the 5 volts B+, the motor can still be controlled with the 2 direction input lines.

For motor speed control, Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) is fully possible with the D100-B25. The PWM signal is usually applied at the EN line.

The only drawback for the D100-B25 is its PWM frequency response of only 1Khz.
But at $28.00 each, we believe that you're still getting your money's worth.

About the Voltage Requirements:
Most DC motor driver boards are advertised as 12, 24 or even 48 volts. That means that if you buy a board rated for 24 volts, it won't work on 12 volts and if you try to run it on 48 volts, it might be destroyed.

Not the D100-B25, the D100-B25 can be used on applications where the motor B+ can be of ANY voltage between 0 and 55 volts. The user will then use a motor rated just right for the applied voltage. If a motor of a lower rating than the motor B+ is to be used, the voltage to the motor can be brought down by pulse width modulation.

Besides the Motor B+, the D100-B25 requires a regulated 5 Volt supply for 2 reasons:

1) For the on board digital circuitry. We figured this should pose no problem, since all digital and microcontroller circuits, which we believe, will be used in conjunction with the D100-B25, are powered by a regulated 5 Volt supply.

2) The on board DC-DC converter. This circuitry generates 3 independent 10 volt supplies for the purpose of supplying the MOSFET's gates with 10 volts no matter what the motor B+ is at in the range of 0 to 55 volts.

So you can, just by example: Safely power a 6 volt DC motor at 10 amps, without worrying about biasing the MOSFETs at 10 volts, since that is taken care of by the on board circuitry, powered by the 5 volt supply that you have to have anyways to power your other digital or microcontroller boards.

Upon purchasing the D100-B25 or any of our 8051 based boards, request from us an example to control speed and direction using the P500, F100, T1 or the S100.

D100-B25 MOSFET Characteristics:

RDs = 0.008ohm
ID = 110A
Operating Temperature: 347� F (175 �C)

D100-B25 25A DC Motor Driver Board
Price $28.00 Qnty:

Domestic Shipping Cost: $4.00.
International Shipping Cost: $13.00.

Note: If Buying the D100-B25 , it is also recommended to buy one FHC and four QDM-187connectors.