LionBooks of Taiwan: Kung Fu Page One
Included here are both new and reprinted Tai Chi and Chi Kung books from Lion Publishers of Taiwan. The reprint series is excellent offering many out of print books in consistent, over-sized format.
Kung Fu Page Two
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NEW!! LionBooks #LBPM-A210 US $12.95 209 pages.


by Wei XiaoTang
(Wei Hsiao Tang)

A good book on the Praying Mantis known as 8 step. Master Wei demonstrates the fundamentals of his style and movements from the important ZhaiYao or "key points" mantis set. Master Wei was
THE 8 Step Mantis master of Taiwan. He taught such luminaries as Adam Hsu. Originally studying with his father (Throwing Mantis Hand) the both of them then learned under Feng Huan Yi the direct disciple of Jian Hua Long founder of the Eight Step. Applications included.

Read the description from the Chinese on the back of this book.

LionBooks #LBPM-A201 US $10.75

by Gao Tao-Sheng

A very clear presentation of a Praying Mantis form. 4 Methods Running Strike is said to be mostly based on Long Fist but to combine Short Fist applications also. The book is a nice instructional text with an older Gao Shihfu himself demonstrating . Color photos in the back show applications selected from the set. Beautifully laid out, each page of text opposite a high quality photo.

LionBooks # LBPM- -A202 US $10.75

by Gao Tao-Sheng

Tiger-Swallow is a form of contrasts. Essentially simple and easy to learn it specializes in "Big Opening and Big Closing", straight forward techniques typical of Mantis, and some quick changes. Beautifully laid out, each page of text opposite a high quality page of photos.

Note: This book is in Chinese AND ENGLISH!

LionBooks # LBPM- -A203 US $10.75

by Gao Tao-Sheng

Another clear presentation of a Praying Mantis form in the Long Fist branch . This set, demonstrated by a seasoned teacher, emphasizes Long Fist energies and speed, opening/closing and Fa jin (issuing power). This is the Mantis version of Shaolin type moves, including jump kicks. Beautifully laid out, each page of text opposite a high quality page of photos.

LBRP-C020 $10.95 77 pages

Boxing Annals
by Chu HsiaTien

Written in 1929 this is an important collection of notes and sections on Chinese Martial Arts. After various introductions it discusses massage, points, hand conditioning, Hei Kung exercises for health correlated to specific postures and striking points.
Also there is a discussion of such esoterica as "Poison Hand", "Red Sand Palm", "Yin Hand", "Flying Hand" and "Black Sand Palm". Other sections include a general discussion on WuShu. Editorial comments in red ink on the margins clarify obscure passages. Nice old photos.