You can also find my ad in the "The Market Place" section of our local weekly adult newspaper called the "The Bachelor's Beat" available at our local valley "Adult Book Stores" and various valley newspaper dispensers in Phoenix, Scottsdale... and other surrounding metro city areas in Arizona.




















































































You want to see bigger tits on me?








Please make a donation  to help finance Erika The Mouse's Breast Augmentation Surgery (Breast Implants) to big juicy C cups, any $amount$ no matter how big or how small helps! Dr. Locnikar will be performing my surgery and he's going to straighten out my nipples and align them to a more anatomically correct appearance that's why I need the extra financial support, your contributions are greatly appreciated. Thank you!



Cost of surgery


Total: $6,500.00


Total Donations Collected to date 10/07/2003: $30.00




Breast Implant Donation section of this page started 09/25/2003




Steven J. Locnikar, D.O./Dr. Bradley K. Becker, D.O.
Camel Square Reconstructive Surgery Center
4222 E Camelback Rd H-150
Phoenix, AZ 85018
PH (602) 977-0977




Breast Implant Donation section of this page started 09/25/2003























































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