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Tue 10/14 10:20 PM
Let's see, Shoop moves up to the press box, and the Bears rack up 271 yards and 13 points. Wow, I'm impressed. It's sad. The Bears have basically nothing going for them right now.

If that's not bad enough, a moron fan screwed the Cubs.

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Wed 10/08 5:33 PM
The online store is back up, as are the mighty Chicago Bears. A win? 18 points in one quarter? What's this? What have you done with John Shoop? Despite forgetting about Anthony Thomas for a while, the team finished with 200 yards rushing. Not too shabby. Let's hope they can keep it up against the lowly Saints.
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Wed 10/01 5:35 PM
Our online store was shut down today, shortly after a NFL visitor came and went. Coincidence? I think not. If we can't get it resolved, we'll find another venue to sell merchandise and get the word out. Remember, it's not about profit, it's about getting Shoop fired.

It seems the Chicago Bears professional football franchise that playes its home games outdoors (there, that ought to avoid the wrath of the team) can't take a little criticism. That shouldn't surprise those of us that have heard Dick Jauron's chats with Hub Arkush.

Something I forgot to mention yesterday: what kind of moron talks trash after a 5 yard gain with his team getting whipped?

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Tue 9/30 3:12 PM
Yikes. I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural "game" at Soldier Field against the Packers last night. The pregame ceremony was very nice, except the fake Packers fan on the field. That was stupid.

I don't want to spend this time trashing the stadium, but it looks like a spaceship had sex with a football stadium and landed on the lakeshore in a post-coital embrace. The sound system was horrible, pre-game crowd control was horrible. Post-game crowd control was adequate, but 90% of the fans had already left by that point, so who knows how it will work after a close game. Fortunately for the Park District, they shouldn't have to worry about that for quite some time.

The play on the field speaks for itself. Far be it from me to pass up an opportunity to get a few points in. Only the Bears would pass up an opportunity like that. Shoop allegedly planned "a few wrinkles" for this game. 15 days of game planning revealed the wrinkles to be a shovel pass draw and THE FREAKING OPTION! I imagine John Madden reacted to that in his usual fashion:

Al: The Bears run the option! I thought Nebraska was the only team still running that!
Home viewers: Nebraska could probably beat this team.
John: Ahh, the option. That Brett Favre is sure a good quarterback.

R-dub was critical of the fans booing and not being loud. Of course, maybe that wouldn't have happened if his team had shown a little heart and desire. And skill. Maybe if RW had caught either of the balls Favre was kind enough to throw him, it would have been a little different.

Finally, I'm pleased to report that there was a huge amount of anti-Shoop sentiment from fans at the game, including one or two signs and a couple chants. Here's my contribution:

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Sun 9/21 8:01 PM
Packers lose, Bears don't!

If you haven't checked out the Walter Payton Cancer Fund link on the left, please do so. They're doing important work, and for a limited time you will receive a thank you gift with a minimal donation.
Also, please check out our merchandise. We have several new designs and products, with more on the way. Have a product idea you don't see? Let us know, and we'll try to work something out. As a reminder, a large portion of the proceeds from merchandise sales are donated to the cancer fund.

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Tue 9/16 4:13 PM
Just some disheartening stats:

Since John Shoop took over the offensive play calling prior to the New England game in 2000, the Bears have averaged 18.4 points per game (699 points in 38 games). During the same time, the Packers have averaged 24.2 points per game (969 points in 40 games). The Bears have scored 14 or fewer points 14 times (3-11), while the Packers have done it just 5 times (1-4). Finally, the Bears have scored 28 or more points just 4 times (3-1), while the Packers have done it 17 times (17-0). Worst of all, the Bears have not beaten the Packers in 4 tries since Shoop took over.

More depressing statistics coming soon.

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Mon 9/15 1:56 PM
2 days, 2 teams in orange and blue, 2 losses.

I went to the Rose Bowl on Saturday, only to see the Illini and UCLA play the worst football game I've ever had the displeasure of watching. In their last 3 games against UCLA, Illinois has now scored 15 points. The last 2 games have been 6-3 UCLA victories.

Returning home on Sunday gave me the displeasure of watching the Bears give away the game within a minute. Anthony Thomas gave me a glimmer of hope with a 34 yard run, but just when Shoop had finally "established the run," he abandoned it in favor of his usual cadre of despair.

Try this: a fake fake QB draw, a fake fake screen pass, a 4 yard pass on 3rd and 12. Whee!

At least yesterday the team only gave up twice as many points as it scored. Last week it was 7 times as many. That's a huge improvement!

Other good news? The Bears will probably not lose on Sunday, but you never know with these guys.

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Mon 9/08 5:25 PM
Thanks to ESPN's Stat Boy for mentioning the site on Pardon the Interruption. Wilbon is also the man.

The episode will be replayed tonight at 11:30 Central on ESPN2 if you missed it.

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Mon 9/08 11:49 AM
I don't even know where to start. What do you say about an offense that averaged 1.8 yards per pass play? I think we would have been better off having Kordell run the ball every single play.

Our defense, sadly, wasn't a whole lot better. SF converted 50% of their third down attempts, many of those from 3rd and long.

Was anyone else laughing when the announcers were talking about how John Shoop has a new toy, and that it's going to take him a while to figure out what to do with it. Let's face it Bears fans, Shoop couldn't figure out how to make Peyton Manning successful, let alone Mr Interception, Kordell Stewart.

The only good thing about the football season right now for Bears fans is that the Packers lost too! GO LIONS NEXT WEEK!!!

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Sun 9/07 9:21 PM
127 yards + 7 points - any defense = Worst Bears loss since 1977.

Pathetic. I knew the Bears were bad, but I couldn't have imagined they would be this bad. I don't think there is anything positive you can take from this game.

The 49ers showed more imagination on their interception to Mike Brown than any single Bears offensive play. Are there any Bank One execs out there? How'd you like to sponsor this web site instead of the pitiful trash representing you on the field?

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Mon 8/25 6:49 PM
Are you John Shoop?
Are you his relative?
Are you a Packers fan?

If so, please continue to send us emails like this. Try, however, to graduate from elementary school first.

-----Original Message-----
From: Tai Matlin [tmatlin@mindspring.com]
Sent: Saturday, August 23, 2003 5:51 PM
To: info@firejohnshoop.com
Subject: fire the fire john shoop.com guy

interesting that you just can't come up with any good reason then some of his past?....I'm thinking if you bothered to put up such a sight you would have done a bit more on it. Your the same as every dumb bear fan out there who didn't understand that they spent tons more attention on the defense and the defense due to the injuries sucked wind....all no brain follow instead of the thinking bear fan follows the line "The defense is holy everything is the fault of the offense." I suppose you would complain about the last game against the Cards. saying it was play calling there? The ball was nearly moved at will, cept the drops and turn-overs, and what I suppose that was his fault also? If you keep this page up, I would dare you to add a bit more of your own thinking instead of just listing to the lumps talking on the sports stations. The web page is fantastically poor so you should just give up on it.

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Mon 8/25 6:08 PM
The 2003 football season is about to begin, and with it comes a new-look firejohnshoop.com. There are still some improvements planned, but this is about how it's going to look. Let us know what you think. Also coming soon are new merchandise designs. If you want one of the current designs with the slogan "4-12 Stand by your record," get it soon.
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