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Conspiracy Preamble:

Global hegemony in this day and age is becoming increasingly difficult to define. There is no single American that has not been acculturated with some aspect of globalism. Just about everything we buy is produced in another country. Of those products we buy in the stores of our thrifty dreams is the reality of which we are unaware is the fact that the majority of the items sold to us in major retail outlets across the country are the products produced by non-unionized sweatshop laborers. It is no coincidence that the most common locality of such origination, is the country, China. It is no mystery either,that China'sadmission to the WTO will make a few executives very wealthy and at the sametime such an act could verywell bring an end to the traditional backbone of the american economy, the blue collar, manufacturing base. The saying, "american made," now seems so Passe.

Now many Americans will ask themselves how can this be so bad? I am saving money, isn't that the most important thing? The reality is that corporations have locked us into a dependency cycle whereby we are saturated with cheap inexpensive items fed to us through kaleidoscopic mediums of popular culture, television, and pop culture, whereby the singlehanded most often preoccupation of Americans, is to either spend money on these useless shoddy foreign made trinkets, or to save enough money to inflate the shopping budget at Target.

Globalism and its synonym, corporatism has been an ongoing phenomenon. Those who have championed globalized free trade, which is the essence of globalism's ideology, due so also, under the ideology of democracy, and the supremacy of capitalisms ability to foster freedom. However, history is resplendent with examples were the extremes of communism and capitalism have not promoted freedom, rather subjugation of the masses, under an elite aristocracy.

This is not surprising when you consider the fact that both communism and capitalism formed out of the experience of colonialism, in previous centuries. The ideals and ideologies of both doctrines were thus formed by the imperialist's worldview, in which a lexicon of knowledge and power were predefined, and predetermined the analysis of the discourse of knowledge and power to fall under the bias of colonialism, proper.

With colonialism you had the formations of disciplines that defined how we as people viewed the world. For example, the field of anthropology was invented by Napoleon in his desire to have readily identifiable intelligence regarding the lands he brought under his dominion. In fact you can also say that Anthropology began with Napoleon's conquest of Egypt. With these disciplines you had the development of an ethnocentric approach to progress, and the triumph of monolithic monotheism over feudalistic third world tribalism.

With the formation of Anthropology and its evolutionary predecessor the neoclassical revival that characterized the 18th century enlightenment's proto-discourse of modernity as the benevolent conquest of the "child races", or what Marxist's would call historical materialism, both are part and parcel, the same idea, the ensuing result was a development of the modernist aesthetic, which essentially created an evolutionary discourse of how the power elite came to dominate. Furthermore in the evolutionary discourse of power there came a need for a justification for that dominance, i.e., a masked form of benevolent dictatorship, an educational system to indoctrinate the masses by superimposing a monolithic, political, economic, and social structure, in which access to the levers of power, required an acculturation and an altering of beliefs, by the individual so initiated into the circle of power so that such an individual in order to have access to power and authority had to have the same view as that view which is held by the power elite.

It is easy to disregard the fact that we live with colonialism everyday. However, we do so at our own peril. The families of the elites who sit at the councils and tables of the World Bank, IMF, and WTO, the majority of whom, are in fact the descendants of colonial conquerors who subjugated the masses of the 19th century , in other lands and now recently, though indirectly through pure economic reason seek to subjugate and render the citizenry of the united states to the status of economic serfdom, as well.

These people dominate the world economic and political system. They are neither elected nor are they answerable to the democratic process, since ownership of key vital resources that dictate the global economy, such as oil, armanments, i.e., the multinational media-military industrial complex and agribusiness are firmly within their control. These people are answerable only to their own economic self-interest. It is true when the person coined the phrase that egalitarianism only exists at the top. That this utopian equality among the top 2 % who control 98 % of the wealth, that suchn tremendous power exists in the hands of those unseen that are the true power brokers of the globe. So with this emerging phenomenon called globalism, it becomes increasingly more difficult to discern the sovereign territoriality of government's ability to guarantee that citizenship will not be exchanged for subjecthood, in the interests of a wavering economic future, a future dominated by commissions and multinational corporations , rather than true participatory democracy, the ideal America emerged with after the end of World War II, of which such ideology was the guiding light of the Cold War, of which we now stand at the turning point, where we ask ourselves: How much power is enough to satisfy these people, and how much longer are we going to allow these people to dictate global policy soley for their own interests, and not in the interests of the people who actually do the labor?

The Cold war was not about the fight to preserve Democracy and capatilism from the unfettered evils' of Communism. During the ColdWar American agricultural subsidies to the Soviet Union actually increased. After World War II, The military command and control structure sought to perpetuate global conflicts between major core states by proxy, amongst peripherary satellite states as means to create profit by creating an antagonistic bipolar system, of which intraregional conflict was sustained between the major superpowers by contractural demands brought upon them by their arms suppliers.

Now that 911 has happened We Have fully entered a new Orwellian age where freedom and privacy have taken a back door to national security. The Conspiracy has been in the planning for ages and only became visible when Eisenhower warned us about the military industrial complex he helped to create. We did nothing. Corporate America sold us on consumerism and disposable culture.

Our government created a military industrial complex and then later through cabalistic intrigue managed to eventually own most of the media. One need only to look at NBC and CBS for examples of media enterprises owned by defense contractors. This military industrial complex is already infamous for paying 8 dollars for a bolt. Now this complex wishes to expand and exponentially pass the costs onto the overconsumed consumer by seeking to further an agenda of world domination by maitenancing a system of terrorist oil and American power.

Furthermore our "elected leader has an ideology to support that power, i.e., the trojan mask of patriotism and unquestioned infalliability of the wisdom of partisan foreign policy. How ironic is it that our president was in business with the brother of a terrorist mastermind. His father also actively supported Saddam Hussein as late as seven months before Desert Storm.

bush and fahed

"Normal relations between the United States and Iraq would serve our long-term interests and support stability both in the Gulf and the Middle East," -NSD 26 George Bush, 1989-

Dick Cheney's former company Haliburton Oil also was involved with Iraq in trading oil for spare parts as early as 2000. For the Full story visit the Financial Times

We'll be in Iraq soon enough, again

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