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Naturopathy Defined

The Principles that found Naturopathy go back to the “father of Medicine” Hippocrates of ancient Greece. Naturopathy is a system of natural medicine which focuses on the importance of our lifestyle, fresh air, exercise, sunshine, wholesome diet, pure water, healthy environment, rest and emotional balance, blending centuries-old natural, non-toxic therapies with today’s most conventional medical treatments.

The Principles of Naturopathy

  1. Primum Non Nocere ~ First of all, do no harm.
  2. Vix Medicatrix Naturae ~ To act in cooperation with the Healing Power of Nature.
  3. Tolle Causam ~ To address the fundamental Cause of the disease, not just to suppress symptoms.
  4. Tolle Totum ~ To heal the whole person (body, mind and spirit) through Individualized treatment.
  5. Docere ~ To teach the principles of healthy living and Preventative Medicine.

Naturopathic Training

Naturopath Physicians receive extensive medical training, and are licensed primary care physicians in several states. They have been through the rigors of four years of premedical studies followed by four years of medical training.
Naturopath Physicians are trained in the medical sciences and conventional methods of diagnosis and treatment. However, naturopathic Physicians also receive in-depth training in alternative modalities such as: clinical nutrition, Botanical Medicine, homeopathy, physical medicine, and mind-body/lifestyle counseling. http://www.naturopathic.org

Please note: In the unlicensed states, such as New Mexico, the term “Naturopath” could also refer to someone who has received a certificate through home study in Homeopathy, Herbology and other modalities, but has not had any formal medical training such as Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology etc...


There is currently no licensing for Naturopathic Medicine in the state of New Mexico. There is however an effort to get licensure for the state. If you are interested in helping with that effort please contact us.
Dr. Sie and Dr Hoffman hold licenses for the State of Arizona as primary care Naturopathic Physicians. In addition, Dr. Hoffman is also licensed in New Mexico as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine.

Sie’s The Day / NAET

Dr. Sie has developed her own method of releasing negative thoughts, emotions, beliefs, perceptions, vows and curses, called the “Sie’s the Day technique.” This technique is extremely effective at getting to the cause of emotional and mental imbalance. It is extremely quick, powerful and effective.
Dr. Sie utilizes her extensive training with her allergy elimination technique. She combines the Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique with her Sie’s the Day Technique and Holographic Memory Resolution to quickly and effectively eliminate allergies and sensitivities and bring the body back into balance. The NAET aspect of the treatment uses kinesiology or muscle response testing to evaluate allergies/sensitivities of food, environment, people, or even one’s own hormones or organs and treats/desensitizes an individual through acupressure and a 25 hour elimination of the allergen. The Sie’s the Day Technique uses kinesiology to determine all the negative emotions, beliefs, and traumas that have been wrongly associated with the allergen by the body and then uses acupressure to open up the energy flow to reprogram the nervous system.
The benefits of Dr. Sie’s Allergy Desensitization treatments have resulted in patients reporting no more allergy symptoms, even previous anaphylactic reactions, hives, bloating, chronic migraines, rashes, leg pains, gas, joint pains, chronic coughing and phlegm, brain fog, obstructed breathing, nausea, spontaneous sweating, and typical hay fever symptoms to name a few. Some wonderful benefits of the treatments have also included lower blood pressure in several cases, increased energy and stamina, increased sex drive, elimination of PMS symptoms, enhanced marriages and family life and decrease or eliminate the need for prescription medications.


Holographic Memory Resolution is a new body-mind technique, which allows expedient access to past memories and complete resolution of the painful emotions associated with these events without having to "re-live" such experiences. This technique is profoundly empowering to the survivor who becomes his/her own "healer." H.M.R. employs both a verbal component and a simple electromagnetic field technique, which enhances visualization while fostering safety. This "client-centered" process facilitates the resolution of "somatic (body) memory," thereby disarming the "triggers" that foster physical pain, flashback, disease and relapse. Individuals who normally cannot visualize, be hypnotized, or access memory, generally find this process simple and effective. Traumatic experiences form the foundation of our addictions, depression, diseases, and many chronic pain syndromes, as well as many other "disorders." Holographic Memory Resolution teaches the client how to heal him/herself, resolving the emotions, which anchored the experience in the past, and enables the client to return the focus of life to living fully empowered in the present.
To read more online about Holographic Memory Resolution go to www.HealingDimensions.com


Homeopathy is a non-toxic system of medicine used to treat illness and relieve discomfort of a wide variety of health conditions. It is practiced by licensed physicians and other qualified prescribers in many regions of the world, including Europe, Asia, the U.K., and the USA. Information on the use of several hundred remedies has been collected for nearly two centuries by homeopathic practitioners, through research studies known as “provings,” as well as documented clinical cases and recent scientific trials.
In Germany, where homeopathy originated, it is required study in medical school and there are over 6,000 homeopaths. In France, 40% of physicians practice homeopathy or refer patients to a homeopath. In India, there are over 100,000 homeopathic physicians, and Mother Teresa used homeopathic medicines in her hospital in Calcutta. It is estimated that over 500 million people around the world have received homeopathic treatment.
The effectiveness of homeopathy in treating a wide variety of health conditions has been demonstrated by two hundred years of clinical experience, and also by research studies published in medical journals such as The Lancet and The British Medical Journal.


Traditional Chinese Medicine originated in China over 2,300 years ago. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a way of restoring health, developed by studying "the laws of nature" and is based primarily on metaphors of nature. Early Chinese philosophers and physicians formed theories of imbalances of the human body based on the prevailing conditions that they witnessed in the surrounding environment. A cold wind, for example, might get someone sick and they would have chills, a headache, and a runny nose. And they found that if they used certain herbs and therapies that the person would get better much faster that those who were not treated.
Another founding premise of TCM is that Qi (energy) flows through the body in predictable patterns through Meridians (energy pathways.) When the Qi flows freely, there is inner harmony and balance and we feel healthy. When there are problems in the flow of Qi we will experience pain and disease. Through observation and experimentation ancient doctors could alleviate pain and reverse disease though acupuncture techniques to restore the normal flow of Qi in the body. The useful theories and techniques were passes on and those that did not work were not passed on. As Oriental medicine moves into its third millennium of practice it continues to evolve as a truly integrative form of medicine.

Esogetic ColorPuncture

Throughout recorded history people have used Light and Color for healing. Some of them include the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, and East Indians.
This particular system was developed by German Acupuncturist and Naturopath Peter Mandel, and integrates Acupuncture, Reflexology, Applied Kinesiology, and other holographic grid systems.
Esogetic Colorpucture involves using colors of very specific frequencies on points on the body to stimulate healing. The process is non-invasive and extremely gentle.

Hands on Healing / Physical Medicine

Dr. Hoffman and Dr. Sie are both Reiki masters and have combined their training in Craniosacral techniques, Naturopathic physical manipulation, Bowen, Chinese Tui Na, and Energy medicine to create a very special hands on healing experience. Most patients find the work extraordinary and very relaxing, depending on the techniques used. On the physical level, the techniques help to realign the spine, the cranium bones, and enhance circulation. On an energetic and intuitive level, chakras, organ systems, and energy are balanced, and often traumas are unwound or released from the tissue memory, overall, resulting in enhanced well being and often elimination of symptoms. On special request, Dr. Hoffman and Dr. Sie will work in tandem on a patient.



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