The Italian Job 
War of the Worlds 
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“Buy this or miss out”

PlayStation Pro June 98 91%


“This is strategic war at its’ finest

Playstation Plus December 1999 8/10


“Great Story, Good fun, Top intro”

PlayStation Extreme Issue 24 83%


“A stonking alien tear’em-up that mixes big guns, bursting alien gunships and some of the best 3D scenery yet seen on the PlayStation.”

“War of the Worlds is a polished mix of driving, blasting, strategy…the variety in the gameplay really shines through

“This is a bit of a gem as there’s plenty of stuff going on on screen and the gameplay is absorbing”

“Non stop arcade action that still keeps your brain working overtime”

“Plenty of things to think about, giving the game very strong gameplay attributes” “Basically, this game is great fun”



ReviewsScreen ShotsBackgroundPasswords

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