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::: Olive's Shopping Music :::

Following up Extra Virgin with a Trickle
by Lily Moayeri

With the sun shining on her kinky blond locks,
eyes shaded by dark glasses,
and fair complexion in danger of burning,
Ruth-Ann Boyle-
-the woman behind the melancholy, soulful vocals of Olive-
-looks highly at odds with her voice.
"Few people say that," she comments in her marked Northern English brogue,
not understanding why that matters.
And it doesn't really.
As Tim Kellet, her partner in Olive, sitting next to her, also shaded by dark glasses, politely comments,
"Not a lot of people do. When [Simply Red] released 'Holding Back The Years,' the first release in the States,
before we came over here to promote it, they thought Mick [Hucknall]
was a black female and it was a real shock that it was a ginger-haired bloke.


" Kellet is used to having working partners that stun people with their vocals and their looks.
Having been a member of Simply Red years ago, he met Boyle while she was working with Durutti Column. "Before that I was in local bands from where I was living at the time, folk bands, Rickie Lee Jones and stuff like that, all the angst," she remembers.
"I gave up for a bit, [I thought] nothing is ever going to happen, I'm going to go off and be a nurse. I was giving up because I thought I'm never going to meet anybody who could take me to where I wanted to go.

" After being directed by various people to try and sound like Rickie Lee Jones on this track
and so-and-so on another track, Boyle found her musical counterpart in Kellet.
The first time they worked together he simply told her to,
"Go on, sing it," never telling her how to sing or to sound like someone else.
"That was great to me," she smiles.
"The first time I sang, he absolutely loved it, renewed my faith in music.
I just wanted to do music that I was involved in."