James Reyne



James Reyne                   1987   11   Produced by Davitt Sigerson

CD          AUS   Capitol CDP 746 941 2
            AUS   Capitol CDP 746 941 2 (issued 1988, added "Motor's Too Fast", missing "Coin in a Plate")
            HOL   Capitol 7 48982 2

LP          AUS   EMI ST 746941
            FRA   Capitol 7 48982 1 (issued 1988, added "Motor's Too Fast", missing "Coin in a Plate")
            HOL   Capitol 7 48982 1 (issued 1988, added "Motor's Too Fast", missing "Coin in a Plate")
            USA   Capitol C1-48982 (issued 1988, added "Motor's Too Fast", missing "Coin in a Plate")

MC          AUS   Capitol
            HOL   Capitol 7 48982 4 (issued 1988)

Motor's Too Fast              1988    2   Produced by John Hudson

Single      AUS   Capitol

Hard Reyne                    1989   11   Produced by John Hudson and Simon Hussey

CD          AUS   Capitol CDP791874 2

LP          AUS   Capitol ST 791874

Electric Digger Dandy         1991   10   Produced by Simon Hussey, Jim Scott, Tony Joe White and Chris Lord-Alge

CD          AUS   Virgin VOZCD2050 (1 bonus track)
            EUR   (entitled "Any Day Above Ground") (1 bonus track)
            USA   Charisma 91785-2 (entitled "Any Day Above Ground") (1 bonus track)

LP          AUS   Virgin

The Best                      1992   15

CD          AUS   EMI 7807582

The Whiff Of Bedlam           1994   12   Produced by Stewart Levine

CD          AUS   rooArt 4509980932

MC          AUS

Live In Rio                   1996   18   Produced by Robert Binder and Marcello Tobobo

Double-CD   AUS   rooArt 74321444072

MC          AUS   rooArt 74321444074

James Reyne/Hard Reyne        199?

Double-CD   AUS   Capitol

Brand New Emperor's Clothes   1997    4   Produced by James Reyne and Ashley Cadell

CD-Single   AUS   Roadshow/Warner 101130-2

Design For Living             1999   14   Produced by James Reyne, Michael Letho and Ashley Cadell

CD          AUS   Roadshow/Warner 101 890-2 (limited edition came with 10-track live bonus-disc)

with Lin Buckfield:
R.O.C.K.                      1985    2   Produced by Charles Fisher

Single      AUS   Freestyle FREE0002

with James Blundell:
Way Out West                  1992    3   Produced by James Reyne

CD-Single   AUS   EMI 4360162

Australian Crawl and James Reyne:
Reckless 1979-1995            2000   19

CD          AUS   EMI
            EUR   EMI

The Definitive Collection     2002   36

Double-CD   AUS   EMI

Contribution to album

Australian Music Day 1992             1992
Tram Tracks                           1992
Going Home                            1993
Triple M Cordless                     1993
The Spirit of Christmas 1993          1993
The Spirit of Christmas 1996          1996
Good Vibrations                       1998
Andrew Denton's Musical Challenge     2000
Cold - Live At The Chapel Vol. 2      2001
Triple M Musical Challenge Vol. 3     2002


James Blundell   cd   This Road   1992

Session musician

Guy McDonough         lp    My Place                                   1984
Cats Under Pressure   mlp   Cats Under Pressure                        1984
Flame Fortune         12"                                              1985
The Chantoozies       lp    The Chantoozies                            1988
James Blundell        cd    This Road                                  1992
John Farnham          cd    Live At The Regent Theatre 1st July 1999   1999


Spiff Rouch 1977-1978 Guy McDonough, Simon Binks, Bill McDonough, Robert Walker, Paul Williams
Clutch Cargo 1978 Simon Binks, Paul Williams, Brad Robinson, David Reyne
Australian Crawl 1978-1986
The Party Boys 1983
The Rocking Love Gods 1985 Rick Grossman, Flame Fortune, Tim Brosman, Graham Bidstrup, Andrew Farriss, Barton Price
Wayback 5 1986 Rebecca Barnard, Kate Ceberano, Phil Ceberano, Greg Dorman, Brett Goldsmith, Steve Kearney, Gumpy Phillips, George Worontschak
James Reyne Band -1987,1989-
Acousticus Maximus 1992 Stephen Cummings
Company Of Strangers 1992
Little Shop of Horrors (stageshow) 1996
All You Need Is Beatles (show) 199? Sir George Martin, Human Nature, Tommy Emmanuel, Glenn Shorrock

Sources of information: Paul Baird, Stefan Warnqvist, Bill McDonough, James Reyne Homepage
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