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Beth/Female/26-30. Lives in United States/Washington/Seattle/Queen Anne, speaks English. Spends 60% of daytime online. Uses a Fast (128k-512k) connection. And likes Navel Gazing/Cat Herding.
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United States, Washington, Seattle, Queen Anne, English, Beth, Female, 26-30, Navel Gazing, Cat Herding.

Good News

hearts.jpgLast night when Mike and I got home from dinner, there were two somewhat manic messages from Dana on my voicemail. The first said "Call me, CALL ME when you get home!! I don't care how late it is!" Her tone of voice was such that I knew this wasn't a bad news call. The second message said "Oh, okay, you're still not home so I'll just tell you I'm engaged!!!!!!" A little while later, Dana and Tom knocked on my door with a bottle of champagne and there was much squealing and laughter as I hugged them both. The four of us toasted their love, and shared the bottle as they told us how he proposed, etc. Good news, indeed. And it couldn't happen to two more deserving people. I've only known Dana a couple of years, but she's become my rock, the person I turn to with the hard stuff, the bad stuff, the good stuff. She's seen me through some tough times, and I appreciate her friendship so much. And Tom's wonderful, too. He's such a caring guy, and he'll do anything for a friend. He's been a big help to me, providing the male perspective as I navigated the murky dating waters these past months. I've got to say, it couldn't happen to two better people. Congratulations, Tom and Dana!

Friday 17 October 2003 at 08:00

thanks for the very kind words.....and thank you for sharing a very special celebration with us! [Dana and Tom]
Girl Meets Boy

So, you want the whole story? It's fairly straightforward, really. Girl puts up personal ad. Boy puts up personal ad. Boy "winks" at Girl. Girl ignores "wink" for several weeks because she has her hands full with other boys who have sent her e*mails. A month later Girl's situation has calmed down significantly and she sorts through her "winks" and sees Boy. "Ooh," thinks Girl. Girl e*mails Boy, asking "Better late than never?" E*mails fly, IMs are exchanged, webcams are activated. Girl is intrigued, invites Boy for coffee one night (October 2, as Dana helpfully reminded Girl last night). Coffee is drunk, Thai food is consumed, talk is talked, and talked, and talked. The next night, Girl and Boy bashfully admit to wanting to see each other again...NOW. Apart from two nights last weekend when Girl was camping with her Parentals and their Dogs, they have not really spent an evening apart. Girl and Boy discuss at length "moving too fast", "rebound relationships", "throwing caution to the wind", and "absence...heart...fonder" but agree that some things just can't be navigated with a map and compass and rule book. Girl and Boy agree early on to "see where this goes" but quickly realize it's moving fast, furious, and out of their control.

And so, Girl and Boy join hands and decide to enjoy the ride.

Thursday 16 October 2003 at 18:51

..and that's the way to be. You're quite a catch. M. [Mike M.]
FAB! You know, the louder you scream, the faster it goes. Enjoy the ride. :-) [salty*dog]
Much yay-ness. So happy for you, babe. ~Rhiannon [Rhiannon]
Wheeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! You've made my DAY! No, WEEK!!! No, MONTH!!! [Cate]
:`) So touching. [Darax The Good]
I love this giddiness I feel in you when I read this entry. YUM. Infatuation, intrigue, interest, and intensity look very good on you, Beth. I hope all is well, and thanks for your note. Plus, I must admit; I am sooooo glad Susie and I won't be the only ones who met by *unusual* means... - [blagh]
Ain't nothin' wrong with that. Sounds like a good story. At least you're on the same continent, as opposed to my Boy/Girl story. Dammit! [Mike!]
Road Rage

I wanna see it painted, painted black
Black as night, black as coal
I wanna see the sun blotted out from the sky
I wanna see it painted, painted, painted, painted black

Paint It Black ~ Rolling Stones

Something fairly rare happened last night..I went mental. Completely, absolutely, off-the-deep-end batshit.

I left work at the (relatively) customary hour of 5:45 p.m., and entered traffic to travel down the hill to Belltown and an appointment I was meant to keep at 6:20 p.m. It took me forty-five minutes to get there. FORTY-FIVE-FUCKING minutes to travel what Expedia Maps tells me is 2.2 miles (and should be accomplished in five minutes). At some point in the journey I accidentally listened to several minutes of the Tom Leykis show (I surfed into a diatribe that began "All women are gold diggers...." and was transfixed like a rubbernecker cruising a ten-car pileup) and the rage factor went up by a power of at least ten. God, I hate that idiot. And the car next to me was emitting so much bass that my truck was literally shaking and I started muttering phrases that began "Damn kids today..." making me feel not only mental, but crotchety as well. It was not the most pleasant trip. Actually, by the time I made it to my appointment (late) and drove another half hour back the other direction to Issaquah (and Mike's place) I was ready to throat-punch someone. Really, truly, I was out of my mind and it was really not the most pleasant sensation. Luckily, an understanding boyfriend-type person, the guzzling of a Mike's Hard Lemonade, and the good company of two new friends had me back on fairly even keel an hour or so later, but I was worried there for a while. I could have easily perpetrated violence on a person, the right person, had said unfortunate soul been within arm's length at precisely the wrong time.

The above road rage bit is actually kind of surprising, because I have been happier these past two weeks than I can ever remember. Ever. My absence around these parts is also explained by this happiness...I'm lost in the unreality that is the start of a new, promising, and utterly fulfilling new relationship. And that's all I've got to say about that, for now.

Normal (relative term) service ought to be restored sometime in the next few weeks...please stand by.

Wednesday 15 October 2003 at 21:29

Tom definately gets ratings by having some out there conversations generalizing women as gold digging floozies who are only good for one thing, and that isn't the conversation. Any intelligent person knows that isn't the case and wants more than that. However if you consider the vast number of people that fail to understand this and call his show, you can enjoy a fairly entertaining show...or a frightening one, depending on how attached you are to the desire of a high collective IQ amoung talk radio listeners. [Darax The Good]
Oh! Tell me too! Sorry to hear about your road rage, but the rest sounds good. ~Rhiannon [Rhiannon]
OH SO HAPPY!! So happy!!! Not at road rage, of course. but the bftp. wheeee! [cate]
Misquote or not, he's still an ass. [Beth]
Misquote: It's not "All" women are golddiggers. Only "most". [Tom]
Ahh, the joys of stress... Condolences on that. :-/ (And congratulations on the rest. ;-) (P.S. Y'all know HE has a journal, too, right?) [David]
So the 104 minute roundtrip I did yesterday, the 104 minute yet only 3.4 miles would have put you completely over the edge then? Good. Makes me feel better for screaming obscenities at the closed window. Heh. Now, spill the beans on the man-thing already! [salty*dog]
Glad to hear things are going well. :) Except for the road rage. At least I no longer deal with traffic. . . [Silicon Potato]
First, I was just going to empathsize and say, "That's why I don't carry guns in my car." Then, I got side-tracked...what's this about an utterly fulfilling boyfriend-type person??? I know that was all you were going to say about that, but c'mon...tell me, Tell Me, TELL ME!!! [Mike!]
Luv Pooh

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

Wednesday 15 October 2003 at 08:18

Me too. How odd. I was sure I'd be rabbit by the way I was answering. Hmmmm. [cate]
Hmm, I dont like that test. I dont want to be an Owl. [J.P.]
I came like Kanga. I think cuz I picked a lotta middle of the road answers. [Dunsany]
I was Pooh.....better than saying "I am Pooh"...ha. [dana]
Rabbit? Rabbit??? Bossy and high-strung? I think not! I am clearly more like Pooh. [Mike!]

It was pointed out to me that I've been silent these past few days, and that I ought not leave that last heart attack entry hanging out there for days and days with no update. Thank you for your concern, dear friend, but I assure you I am alive and well, or at least middling. I hab a code in by nose. *snif*

I spent the weekend pretending to take it easy and getting well, but somehow managed to fit in renting a Halloween costume from a local vintage costumer, afternoon coffee with an online personals neophyte friend of mine who was having cold feet, a short but entertaining visit to Hugo House for the Inquiry on Saturday night with David (where I got to watch Dunsany moderate a panel discussion on video game violence, but where I did not get to meet Matthew Baldwin of Defective Yeti), and spent Sunday at the Seattle Home Show (Megan, it wasn't near as cool as yours!) with Mike of Icarus World, someone I met (via for the first time last Thursday and have become very fond of in a very short time.

Dana and Tom gave me the coolest calendar last night...entitled London: London's Transport Museum...the description reads: Representing some of the finest examples of twentieth century graphic art, this collection of transport posters was commissioned by London Underground to promote their services, c. 1920s-1950s. I have the best friends. *grin*

My jobshare partner is on holiday in Italy for the next three weeks, so I'm doing the office gig Monday through Friday like a normal person until the last week of October. Or as close to normal as someone like me can approximate. Yesterday was manic, crazy-busy, and I was can only be better, right? Right?

Tuesday 07 October 2003 at 08:00

Hi. I hope you're feeling better! [Silicon Potato]
Right. I love those London Underground posters. [cate]
Right. Hee! So are you going to visit my blog or what, you wench? ;) [Sue]
House shows...all the things you don't need in your house at this particular moment in time all in one place to drool over. Mmmm. Today WILL be better. I know it will because I had all the retard headcase patients over here today. [salty*dog]
Hrm, now I can't get this supertramp song out of my head!! argh! ;-) (p.s. curious to see what Silicon Potato has to say _now_. :-D) [David]
So glad you came. Sorry you missed the Yeti. He got there an hour after you left. You shoulda seen him get his butt whooped by Ali Davis in the Late Night Lying game. Cute calendar. [Dunsany]
And in case anyone is wondering, he is very fond of her too. [Icarus]
Right! :-D [David]
It May Have Been ER, But There Was No Luka...

I feel a bit silly. Only in retrospect, though. Earlier, I thought I was dying. Or in serious trouble, in any case. I woke up at five and wasn't able to get back to sleep, for feeling sick, so I got up and took some cold medicine and a swig of codiene cough syrup in an effort to go back to sleep. An hour later, I thought I was having a heart attack, no joke. Serious, stabbing, unrelenting pain in my chest, on the left side, not quite over the heart area, but in the near vicinity. This went on for about half an hour, and with each passing minute various thoughts tumbled through my head. Thoughts like:

° People who have heart attacks under age 35 usually don't survive.
° I'm alone, here. If I kick it, no one's going to know for days, until the smell wafts out into the hallway.
° I could call someone, but pretty much everyone I know lives fairly far away, and by the time they got here, the pain would be gone1.
° I could call an ambulance, but by the time they got here, the pain would be gone1.
° Oh Jesus, please, not like Zoe.

After thirty minutes of this, I decided I'd had enough and needed some help, so I (yes, I know) drove my weepy, hurting self down to the emergency room, where I became "female, thirty, chest pain" and was made to register with the nice lady in admissions before they took me in the back and worked me up. My blood pressure was something like 145/94 (normal for me is around 110/65) but aside from the crushing pain, all else was found to be unremarkable. Chest X-ray and EKG tracing came back normal. After about an hour, the pain was pretty well gone, or at least not so severe, and I was able to nap for a while until the lab tests came back. They also showed normal values, and so although no root cause of the pain was found, the tentative (read: guess) diagnosis was gastroenteritis/reflux (despite the lack of any sort of digestive upset or symptoms) and I was sent home.

So that was my bit of excitement this morning. Now sat at home watching crap daytime television and forcing fluids. Speaking of television...

Random Beth Trivia: I can't watch Golden Girls, not since an ex-boyfriend told me that he and his former girlfriend used to come home from work every afternoon, turn on Bea Arthur and Co., and enjoy a little "afternoon delight." *shudder*

1 In much the same way that the moment you drive your car to the mechanic, suddenly "that noise" disappears.

Friday 03 October 2003 at 13:51

Actually, Jason and Graham, I'm a nurse and know the signs of a heart attack...but hell, a heart attack at thirty is pretty unusual, so it would follow that my symptoms might be too, eh? In any case, it hurt like a motherfucker and I wasn't taking any chances. [Beth]
Actually Graham, angina typically feels like a dull pressure on the chest, while a heart attack is a very sharp stabbing pain. The difference is that angina is a decrease in oxygen to heart tissue, where a heart attack is a total cessation of oxygen to heart tissue causing tissue death [Jason]
Sorry to hear that, Beth. Hope you're feeling better now. It's a little late, but just in the future--heart attacks generally feel more like a lot of pressure, not really pain. A lot of people describe it at an elephant sitting on your chest. It's very uncomfortable, but definitely not stabbing. Hope all is well! [Graham]
Ooo! I'm glad you survived - I love the way hospitals will put anything they don't understand down to a tummy bug. Just in case it happens again, why not invest in a home defibrillator kit? (,1117,modules.php ) Go on... stick it on your Amazon Wishlist ;) jX [james]
I've always found Bea Arthur to be creepy, in a drag queen/horror movie sort of way. Glad you're feeling better! [wendy]
Just stopping in to let you know I'm still reading. [Baseballgrl]
Playing the big catch-up game tonight and reading you (some things never change). Glad to hear Bruno is through with the tube. Glad to hear you're still smokeless. I had an experience like your stabbing chest pain, but they told me it was myofasial strain. I felt like an idiot when the EKG and tests came back all negative. That GOLDEN GIRLS thing is just plain creepy. :-) [RumbleSnake]
How scary! I'm glad you're ok, though. Agh! [Silicon Potato]
I can't believe you shared the Golden Girls tidbit. Like the two of us wanting to vomit over that wasn't enough, you have to infect the rest of the populace? :) By the way, basic site is up and running. Still need to add some bells and whistles, but it's there. [Sue]
Just wanted to say hey and hope you are feeling better [Jack Daniel's]
So that's why no answer at the phone? Well, I'm glad to hear that it's nothing serious. Speaking of young heart problems, remind me to tell you the story of the customer that died on my table two weeks ago. Holy crap! [Mike!]
Poor Beth; Poor Zoe. ("Poor Zoe" is something I used to say, having to do with an entirely different Zoe... ask me about it sometime if you like; suffice it for now to say it's nothing like the one you're talking about.) [David]
Oh please god no! The image! The image! [I diagnosed myself with cervical cancer after yesterday's bladder infection left me a weeping wreck on the there something in the water these days?] [cate]
[This Space For Rent]

I really loathe coming up with titles....

I got sick yesterday. One of those sicks that hits you like a ton of bricks, heralded only by a slight itch of the nose a couple hours prior to the unleashing of the bricks. Unfortunately, I was at work at the time, but fortunately, was able to sneak out a couple hours early and go home and drug myself up a bit before heading down to sign the lease on the new apartment.

Oh, didn't I mention that? Well, my lease is up at end of month, and I was kind of half-assedly pondering what to do about that when I came across one of those too-good-to-be-true deals (via the blogosphere, no less!) and a week later, I'm signed on to rent a two-bedroom, 1100 square foot mother-in-law daylight basement apartment near Pill Hill. Suh-weet.

However, having travelled for much of the past couple years, and living in a studio apartment the past near-year, things are a bit barren 'round here. I'm going to have to get some furniture. Ikea, here I come.

Bowie.jpgSo, aside from the apartment news, not a terrible amount if immediate news to report. I happened to hear that David Bowie tickets were going on sale last weekend, and so was able to score two excellent tickets. Concert's not until January, but always nice to have things to look forward to.

That same day I spent six hours in a homebuyers' seminar, learning all about the real estate business, how to go about finding and purchasing a home, and the various loans available to a young(ish) single first-time(ish) homebuyer. My timeframe for buying is about six months to a year...I'm in phase one, that being going over my credit report and making sure everything is correct and in order (it is, for the most part, and I'm happy to see that my credit score has gone up quite a bit in the two years since I last ran a credit check on myself). Phase two will involve going to visit various mortgage lenders to see who can cut the best deal at the best rate. Apparently, it's a good time to buy. I like the idea of getting pre-approved for a certain amount of money, and with that headache out of the way, taking my time to choose the right home.

If you're looking for something to do this weekend, may I suggest the Richard Hugo House's Sixth Annual Inquiry, entitled "Games." In lieu of trying to explain what an Annual Inquiry is (I'm still wrapping my mind around it), I'll just quote from their website: "Each fall Richard Hugo House hosts a weekend symposium focusing on a significant cultural question that arises in art, politics and the media. We invite writers, artists, scholars, community activists and neighborhood residents to come together around a theme, creating a new forum for civic debate around the roles of art and community in effecting neighborhood change. Throughout the year the theme infuses all Hugo House programming. The theme for the 2003 Annual Inquiry is Games." So, go play.

I think I'm going to go test drive a Mini this weekend if I'm feeling better. Little yellow beastie, anyone?

For today I'm sat on the couch watching DVDs...currently About a Boy, recently sent to me by a person who noticed I have an Amazon Wishlist on my site (Hint: a little lower and to the left) and knows I've been going through some rough stuff not able to be mentioned here on the site. A nice gesture, and much appreciated.

Bad habits update: Twenty-six days smoke free (except that one...). Two weeks of eating right and down four+ lbs, feeling good (aside from the cold, of course). Mental status holding steady(ish).

I didn't know how to title this, and now I don't know how to end it, so I just...will.

Thursday 02 October 2003 at 12:04

Bowie's playing Calgary!!! We've hit the bigtime. And my birthday is in January. Oh Happy Day. [cate]
I love coming up with titles! Thats probably the favorite part of writing my blog entry when I write. For instance, for this entry here, I would have titled it: "Sick Yellow Monsters". Because you were sick, you want to test drive a mini, and I renamed beastie to monster. :) And, yes, I title my entries after writing them as well. [J.P.]
Yay, smoke-free. As much as I kinda dig fire, smoke I'm not such a big fan of. Good goin'! :-) [David]
Jake, thought I'd see ya at Games. Lotsa videogame stuff going on. Got some inspiration from your blog. [Dunsany]
Hey saturday if you want to go see Lost in Translation with me in Seattle email me. Hey congrats on the no smoking thing. It is personally a turn off for me. [Jake of]