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"Among all illusions of the world,
The worst is to be convinced
That God has forsaken us
Do not forget that if you humbly approach God,
He immediately runs towards you.
Even if you think you deserve nothing
Do dare,
Because, notwithstanding your faults,
The Love of God is greater
Than all your imperfections...
Otherwise, what God would He be?

The Whole is already inside of you!
I have come to help you to find It again.

Swami Roberto was born on April 9th, 1963, in Turin, a city in the North of Italy at the foot of the majestic Alps.
Since His birth, supernatural phenomena are happening by means of Him. His infancy was far different as to the other children: He started His Mission in aid of suffering people when he was just a little child.
Many people are testimony to the miracolous healings and the supernatural relief that they receive.
Thanks to Swami, thousands of persons have discovered again the faith in God, and they have also risen their self-confidence, thus finding the strength to react and to get over the trials of life.
Swami perceives the essence of things, and He has the capacity for reading in the soul of each human being.
He spiritually appears in different places. He perceives the request of help of those invoking Him when in diffuculty and in danger, by intervening to help them.
Without any read, Swami converses with theologians and philosophers showing a deep Knowledge of the great misteries of the Spirit.
The essence of His Mission is the revelation of Knowledge. Therefore, His prominent aim is teaching human being the way to change positively his or her own soul.

"Bring me your bleeding heart,
when it’s full of sufferings,
problems and guilty feelings...
...You will get instead courage,
joy, and peace".

Swami was merely born in a catholic cultural context,
But His coming to Earth transcends any religious institution.

He teaches human being the Road to the discovery of God in his or her own conscience. Everybody must have the certitude that Love, Charity, and Brotherhood are universal spiritual foundations, which belong to the whole humanity, beyond any religious creed, since God is everybody's Father and Mother.
Swami, through Universal Soul Movement, teaches that only one religion exists: The Religion of Love.
He has come for everyone, included people who define themselves as atheists or agnostics. He does not make distinctions of race, culture, and religious belief.
The spiritual activities of the Universal Soul are at the side of the charitable works that are realized by the Ramias, joined together good willing people, in order to relieve the needy.

His Darshan

The Darshan is the meeting with Swami occurring every Sunday (excluding every third Sunday of the month) in Universal Soul's Ashram of Leinì .
All can participate, faithully invoking the Divine Energy, independently from their religious belief, as God is Father and Mother of all the peoples.
All can place their worries, help requests, and spiritual aspirations in Swami's heart.
Thousands of people comes from Italy and from abroad to attend the Darshan throughout the year, and they open their heart to God and to the Great Divine Mother, receiving numberless graces.
Many people, who were far from having faith in God, have got the greatest Grace, as Swami says: "to find God again within the temple of one's own consciousness".



Swami's Darshan is part of a prayer meeting that includes the celebration of Sacred Mantrams and devotional songs. Darshan has a very deep meaning, and it is an aid to reach the inner perception of the Divine. In other words, the Darshan helps us to re-awake the Divine, that is already in ourselves.
The great message of Darshan is the importance of becoming aware that the whole life should be lived in order to get the Knowlegde. We should comprehend that everything we see, hear, and feel is a manifestation of the Supreme Lord. He hosts us into His Eternal Time and Space to allow us the spiritual evolution.
God is always within and around us, and He grants us His Vision by hiding Himself in all the living beings's place.

"Do not care about the way I reveal myself
to one or another person,
if I seem uninterested,
or if I dwell more upon someone
than upon the others.
I know the reasons for this,
and it shall not concern you.
When I give you the Darshan,
sometimes I do not talk to you,
But this does not mean that Swami
cannot answer you with the signs,
the dreams, the silences, the Ramias...
Never believe that I am not taking care
of everybody:
While I am walking among you,
everything of your life comes into Me.
I know your needs.
The miracles you may receive and look at
Are the proof that God loves you!".

Prof. Pietro Zeglio

Professor Pietro Zeglio - [ 1911-1993 ] Professor of Medicin at the University of Turin - has been studying the phenomena of Roberto Casarin for years:

"Some of those phenomena", has said the researcher "are so prominent to persuade me to undoubtedly consider them as the projection of supernatural forces.
I am witness of phenomena which are inexplicable by science, and cannot be justified neither considering parapsychology".

Interview released to Dr. Piero Capello
estimeed journalist of the weekly magazine "Gente".(1981)

Swami with Father Giuseppe Grassis.

Father Giuseppe: a great soul,
a great Priest
fond of Our Lady,
and a great friend of Swami.

Father GIUSEPPE GRASSIS, Catholic Priest:
"It was exactly the Holy Wednesday at about 11:30 in the morning. I went to the Casarin's house and I was speaking with Roberto's mother in their kitchen.
The young boy was receiving suffering people when he told us he was not very well that day.
At a certain moment, Roberto interrupted his meetings because he could not hold out any longer.
He was very pale and in that moment the cross on his forehead opened as an opening flower. There was an intense smell of roses and other flowers.
Roberto became as white as death and fainted.
We had to lay him down on the sofa.
Blood and serum were dropping from his forehead. Roberto's mother came with a handkerchief to dry his forehead. The smell was so intense that it impregnated her hands for a while. [...] To hear and to see this happenings personally is not just like reading Saints' biographies".

"On a winter evening we were greeting Roberto, before moving towards Turin. We were three persons. The driver was a little worried about the fog. Roberto told us: - Don't worry. I will follow you -. It seemed to me something said not too seriously. In fact Roberto did not move. After some time we had left the driver turned his face in my direction and fairly irritated said to me: - What are you doing Father? You are hitting the break! -. I looked at and I saw with my eyes that the pedal was pulled down. Someone was really breaking! ..."

Interview by the woman writer Dr. Marisa Di Bartolo

Prof. Luciano Roccia with Swami Roberto

"Roberto Casarin does not cure the people. He says that curing is physicians's duty, and he cooperates with many of them.
However a word from Roberto, or his prayer, sometimes is more of use than a medicine".

Prof. Luciano Roccia
Director of the Italian Institute of Acupuncture,
former Professor of general Surgeon
at the University of Turin.

"Roberto Casarin is definitely a peculiar personage, probably marked by fate. He is gifted with an extraordinary sensitiveness, with a peculiar intuition, and undoubtedly with an acute spirit of observation. He enters into your heart with His keen glance, seeing clearly the problems that harass you.
He his a modern "Shaman" in the western world. A world where the human being is thrown down and hurt by the troubles caused by pollution, and by a progress which cannot be halted. Not only is the human being hurt in the body, but above all he suffers the loss of spiritual values.
Roberto, with his holistic outlook on the man and some gifts that many define as paranormal, gather around him thousands of persons finding relief and solace both in their spiritual and physical problems.
He has been banished and opposed by the Catholic Church because he is "bold" to say publically that God belongs to everybody, not only to the Catholics. He also says that the good and the right persons are good and right even if belonging to different religions. He has founded a Movement of his own, named "Universal Soul", that is really ecumenical. The need for ecumenism is so preached by the various religions "by words" as it is opposed in the reality, as it is proved by the several wars of religions of the past. Those same wars that are still pervading the whole World. Not only hypocondriacs meet Roberto but even persons affected by serious illness. They often get by him a relief that sometime the official medicine is not able to give them.
Roberto Casarin does not cure the people. He says that curing is physicians's duties, and he cooperates with many of them. However a word from Roberto, or his Prayer, sometimes is more of use than a medicine.


Father Anthony Elenjimittam,
Dominican Priest and great friend of Mahatma Gandhi. In the photograph below he is with Ramia Carlo, a Minister of Universal Soul. He holds in his hands an image of Swami Roberto.
Father Anthony - as well as Swami Roberto and all the Enlightened - is working to realize the Cosmical Ecumenicity.
In the past he wrote Swami a deep thought of spiritual union:

Father Anthony Elenjimittam with Ramia Carlo

"May Mother Earth be our native land, for you, me, and everybody.
May the Truth be our Holy Scripture, and the freedom of God's sons be our dream.
Dear brother Roberto, let's pray that all people become One in God, the Eternal!".

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