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Yep, thats me, Dipl. Ing. Franz Ackermann


Actually there are no things I want to tell you, however there are some proably useful things to be found below. Files are named starting "faz_", this is to make saving easier, I always hated to rename index.htm files.

Classic old FAZ Homepage something different. meineweihnachtsansprache

Tillandsia Neutralitšt 1955-2001

Austrian Wolfshyde

The new official dog for the new austrian government. A very special breed..

Europe Online (EON) Linux Masquerading FAQ Page

If you want to download ftp and http data via satellite, but your basic internet connection is via a masuerading linux host, this ist most likely the place to look at.

Central Point Backup for Linux

This is a small utility I wrote summer 1996 to restore a broken Central Point Backup tape under Linux. Therefor this isn´t really a backup program, but a restore tool. I´ve even included some documentation, actually consisting of a mail I wrote once about it. 

Poor Mans 93c46 93c56 93c66 Prommer also Atmel 89s53 and i2c eeprom like 24c02,24c64,..

This is byproduct of fixing a MAG 17F monitor in january 1999. Can be used to fix broken network card configurations or other nasty things.  over time other projects were added.

Clockwise around Iceland

Usually I dont leave my room. Usually I dont even need a rainproof jacket, as I dont go out when it rains. However as there are exceptions to rules I sometimes go climbing, even ran a complete marathon once, and made a 3 weeks trip to Iceland. This is a detailed travel report.

Antihuhn - single floppy linux bootdisk

For use at our lab I created a single floppy linux bootdisk. To read more and download it, click above. also to be mistyped as Antithuhn or antihuhn :-)

Sharp Pocketcomputer to PC Interface

Back in the good old days, when one still could know all peeks and pokes of a computer... Well, if you want to save your SHARP Programs to a PC here is what you need. I've tested it with my 1403, however it should work on any SHARP providing an 11 pin port to the left.

My little Sharp Universe

Nintendo 64 Pad to PC Interface

My younger brother bugged me for weeks to build him such an interface. He sure wanted to copy it and sell it for big money, so I built it into a standard 25pin adapter case, making it too compact for him to do so :-). If you are skilled, you can use it as an example of how to do it..

Outmail - an outgoing mail virusscanner

This packages allows virus scanning of mails leaving your computer, by installing a virus scanner into sendmails smtp process, therefore preventing it from being source of virusspread.

Savemail - an outgoing mail archiver

based on outmail, this sendmail addon allows you to transparently save mail leaving your system via smtp.

Weird old projects of mine..

as time goes by, one may have some strange ideas..

My temporary webcam..

just hacked together quickly, absurd configuration. wont work with internet exploiter, but netscape and opera support it. hahaha. If you want to setup a webcam which works with any browser (as mine meanwhile does) check out camhowto

Repairing a Fuji Finepix 4700.

some pictures and instructions of how i fixed two fuji finepix 4700 digitial cameras.

Btw, I am still using the fido mailing system. fits with using os2 on the workstation I guess :-) To see my proposed  Austriacon/Eurocon Logos, dont click here.

Some pictures from where I live..

Thank you for visiting this page..

Franz Ackermann