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Upcoming Events

The October EVA/DC meeting will be at the Chevy Chase Library on October 14 at 7:00 pm.

WaveCrest electric bike demo October 25 from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm at SkooterCommuter

EVS-20 at Long Beach, California November 15-10


The December EVA/DC meeting will be hosted by WaveCrest Labs on December 9.

2002 EVision Conference

2002 Tour de Sol

2002 EV Challenge

EV1 Ride and Drive


Let's do the Tango!

The Tango made its debut on primetime TV during the CBS Early Show with correspondent Hattie Kauffman on October 2. If you missed it follow this link to the story and video of the show.

Rick Woodbury, of Commuter Cars in Washington state, is the inventor and designer of the "Tango," which is literally half the size of a typical car. 2000 pounds of batteries in the bottom of the car provide a low center of gravity making it safer, as far as rollover, then many of the popular SUVs on the road today. The car is quick with a top speed of 130 mph and can go from 0 to 60 in four seconds.

The Tango will seat two people, one behind the other and has more leg room then a Suburu Outback. For more information on the Tango visit the Commuter Cars website at

ScooterCommuter to offer new WaveCrest TidalForce Bikes

ScooterCommuter of Bethesda, Maryland will be offering three models of the WaveCrest TidalForce bikes starting in November. A demo will be held at their location on October 25 from 9 to 6.

WaveCrest Labs based in Dulles, Virginia has been working with retailers to fill sale orders for the new bikes including the Tidal Force M-750. The 750 watt motor is located in the rear hub and the NiMH battery is located in the front hub. Top speed will be 20 mph and WaveCrest is also offering a 30 mph version of the bike with a 1000 watt motor. Wavecrest will be at the upcoming InterBike convention in Las Vegas.

Plans are also underway for WaveCrest to host an EVA/DC meeting on December 9, 2003 at WaveCrest's Chantilly, Virginia location. More details will follow.

Eco Trekker's cross country journey

The Ecotrekker, a cross country rally using only eco-friendly sources of energy from cow pooh to food scraps, launched from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco on July 15th. The Ecotrekker will be traveling east, and then back -- covering 30 states in 8 months. With TV coverage and EAA support. See: www.ecotrekker.com

Eulogy for GM EV1

Drivers Find Outlet for Grief Over EV1s GM is reclaiming its electric cars, so fans conduct a mock funeral.

By Bob Pool, LA Times Staff Writer

July 25, The memorial service Thursday began with a few moments of silence as the funeral procession moved slowly through the Hollywood cemetery. And why not? All 24 vehicles in the sad caravan were whisper-quiet electric cars.

Their drivers gathered to mourn the demise of the EV1, the futuristic, battery-powered General Motors automobile that was hailed in the late 1990s as the answer to smog alerts and gas shortages.

GM produced about 1,100 of the wedge-shaped two-seaters from 1996 to 1999 in what seemed to be the first wave of electric cars designed to meet tough air-quality rules. Because the EV1's technology was considered experimental, the company leased the cars to drivers instead of selling them.

But the California Air Resources Board relaxed automobile-emissions requirements. GM, claiming efforts to market the car were a dismal and costly failure, last fall pulled the plug on the EV1 and began reclaiming the cars.

Although drivers have remained enthusiastic about their electric cars, GM has refused to extend the $300-per-month leases or sell the vehicles Drivers offered eulogies to the peppy, clean-running car during a sometimes-emotional mock service attended by more than 100 others at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Behind them were parked 15 sleek-looking EV1s, one shrouded in black crepe and covered with a funeral bouquet and others bearing personalized license plates such as NOT OPEC and REVOLTS. Nine electric-powered Toyota RAV 4s were also in the procession.

"We are gathered here to say goodbye," solemnly intoned Rabbi Brian Zachary Mayer of Van Nuys. "We are here to say goodbye to a special friend, goodbye to an idea - to an ideal, to a dream."

Santa Monica filmmaker Chris Paine organized the unusual memorial. He has been ordered to turn in his EV1 on Aug. 13. It will be scrapped by GM.

"She died before her time, in perfect health, and perhaps when she was most needed," he said. "Unfortunately, very few Americans had a chance to drive an electric car before it was canceled."

The EV1 was only offered to motorists in California and Arizona. Enthusiasts say that most of them where snapped up by Southern California drivers. GM has reclaimed many of them, leaving only about 100 on Los Angeles streets, according to Paine.

Hollywood-area City Councilman Eric Garcetti, who has had an EV1 for five years, got a laugh from the crowd when he said he will continue driving his "until December, when GM will have to pry it out of my charger's dead, cold hands."

Actor Ed Begley Jr. said he has driven electric cars since 1990. He drew applause when he wryly observed that "the detractors of electric vehicles" are correct when they claim battery-powered cars aren't for everyone. "Given their limited range, they can only meet the needs of 90% of the population," said the Studio City resident.

Several designers and engineers who helped create the EV1 were among the mourners. One of them, Wally Rippel of Altadena, suggested that the electric car is not dead. "It will go on, perhaps with a different body," he said.

"Really, it's a time for rejoicing," added another, famed aeronautical and solar inventor Paul MacCready of Pasadena. "Technology makes it inevitable there will be more electric vehicles in the future. And it's all because of the EV1."

The crowd lingered after the service ended. Actress Alexandra Paul, an EV1 driver, took a test ride on a battery-powered Segway scooter ridden in the procession by Joseph Chiu, a computer engineer from Pasadena.

There were hugs among the environmentalists, engineers and EV1 enthusiasts and a bagpiper mournfully played a dirge. Then they piled into their electric cars and – very quietly - faded away.

NEDRA Power of DC

We had a great day of racing at our 3rd Power of DC drag race at the Mason Dixon Dragway in Hagerstown, Maryland on June 29. Eleven vehicles raced and over 60 electric vehicle enthusiasts attended the event. Visit our Power of DC website for pictures and results.

EPRI battery report has positive implications for EVs

EVs now cost competitive with gas vehicles

The latest EPRI battery report indicates that EV and HEV NiMH batteries have crossed an "important threshhold,"with significant cost implications for EVs, HEVs and PI-HEVS. This means, in our opinion, that the major cost barrier in all of these vehicles has now been overcome, and it strongly suggests that these vehicles can be produced cost-competitively with ICEVs!

In effect, the long-waited "Battery Break-through" has occurred! (Though we doubt that the Autos will want to hear this.)

For a copy of this report download the pdf file here.

A message from Dave Goldstein
Overcharged and Underserved

The New Year has begun with a double
whammy against EVs, and suddenly, we have all become members of "The Loyal Underground." It is not like we didn't see it coming. . . (more)

Debunking the Myth of EVs and Smokestacks

Download this paper in PDF which debunks the myth that EVs are elsewhere emission vehicles.

Electric Scooters Offer Pollution-Free Fun

The newest personal transportation rage is electric scooters. Visit SkooterCommuter for a full line of scooters.

EVs For Sale

We have several EVs available for sale. Visit the For Sale page for details.

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