//Parish - 'Envision': 1995

01 : Rachels Eyes
02 : Danger Zone
03 : Set The Night On Fire
04 : Believe In Me
05 : Dark Desire
06 : Envision
07 : Summer
08 : Forever
09 : Desert Wings
010 : Down And Dirty

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John David: Vocals
David Edwards: Lead Guitar
Ben Jackson: Rhythm Guitar
Bernard Hernandez: Bass Guitar
Rich Tabor: Drums

Label: Alfa Music

Origin: Florida, USA
Status: Disbanded

Quick Comments:

Parish was one of several Crimson Glory offshoot bands that have materialized
over the years, formed by Ben Jackson (and assisted by Dana Burrell) during one
of that band's frequent down times. The reports are that Envision is musically
it is similar to Transcendance-era CG.

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