Line Dance Fun ©2003 Doris Volz CA,USA  Oct 31- Saratoga Social Playlist
Come Dance With Me - Monday 2pm Nov 10 at the Cupertino Senior Center - playlist ASAP.

FYI: ALL line dance step sheets are FREE on the Internet! Use Google toolbar! My personal list of websites for line dance information!
A starting list of favorites from recent events: Badda-Boom Badda- Bang - Karen Hunn; Beer For My Horses - Christine Bass; Bucklehuck - Carole Daugherty; Cool Whip - Judy McDonald; D.H.S.S. - Gayle Teather; Long Train Running and Freak Out - Doug & Jackie Miranda; No Parking Baby - Jeremy Oldham; Bye, Bye - Kate Sala; Bidness and Cold Blooded - Scott Blevins; Larger Than Life, Yeeee Haaaaa!, Mr. President, Determination, Travellin' Soldier- Simon Ward; Romantasy - Peter Metelnick; Basha and Cowboys Don't Cry - MichelePerron; Swing Your Chains - Soares/McGuire; Dangerous. Fill The Rush, Love Struck Groove and 31st of April - John Robinson; Miss Independent - Bob Boesel; Start Walking - Mark Cosenza; Guilty, Hot Temptation, and Nu Flow - MIL; Don't Keep Me Waiting - Bracken Ellis; Everlast, Deju Vu and Candlelight - JP Potter; Monkeying Around (Chris & Roxie Kumre ...a choreography winner at 2003 GGC

Ain't No Mountain - Doug & Jackie Miranda next teach Nov 17w/Charlotte Skeeters
Baila Casanova Metelnick/Biggs next teach Nov 10 w/Charlotte Skeeters
Beautiful People
(revised) John Robinson/Michele Perron next teach Nov 18 w/Evelyn Khinoo
Born To Be Blue - Michael Barr next teach Nov 3 w/Charlotte Skeeters
Bye, Bye, Baby - Terry Hogan to Travis Tritt 124 BPM
Come And Get It -
T Hogan/R Kumre next teach Nov 25 w/Evelyn Khinoo
Falling Apart - Terry Hogan intermediate + waltz to Davis Daniel
Farewell Stroll - Knox Rhine one wall beginner contra line
Father & Son (Simon Ward/Ian Dunn) next teach Nov 17 w/Charlotte Skeeters
Freak Out - Doug & Jackie Miranda next teach Oct 28 w/Evelyn Khinoo
Fun, Fun, Fun! - Carmel Hutchinson next teach Nov 6 w/Evelyn Khinoo
Infatuation - Teresa & Vera
In-Vince-ible - Metelnick/Biggs next teach Nov 3 w/Charlotte Skeeters
Mambo Jive - Max Perry
Miss Independent - Bob Boesel next teach Oct 28 w/Evelyn Khinoo
Monkeying Around - Chis & Roxie Kumre next review Oct 28 w/Evelyn Khinoo
Nasdravia - Laura & Becky Michaels A mindless, FUN beginner to really fast, Iko Iko sing along music!
Nightclub 2 LuLu - MIL
Nu Flow - MIL

One Thin Dime - Michele Perron (Nancy Hays autographed copy) next teach Nov 20 w/Evelyn Khinoo
Outside The Lines - Harlan Curtis A truly FUN heel slappin' beginner dance to COUNTRY music!
Serenity - MIL
31st of April - John Robinson next teach Nov 24 w/Charlotte Skeeters
Thrill Me - T Hogan/R Kumre next teach Dec 4 w/Evelyn Khinoo
When I Close My Eyes - Terry Hogan
Yeee Haaa - Simon Ward
next teach Nov 10 w/Charlotte Skeeters
You Make Loving Fun - Jan Hanway next teach Nov 18 w/Evelyn Khinoo

Scott Blevins demos his Bidness and Cold Blooded ...steps at Scott's website clips courtesy of CJ
Neil Hale demos his: Curtain Call ( step sheet) and Las Pistolas ( step sheet)
; his newest dance: Chabella

2004 Dancin' In Waikiki in Hawaii Jan 14-21 w/Doug & Jackie Miranda
Dancin' in the Desert - Feb 20-21 w/Netty's Line Dancing
Aloha with Ohana in Hawaii April 14-21 w/Doug & Jackie Miranda
Phoenix Dance Festival April 30 - May 2 - Event DJ will be Californias own JP Potter!
2004 Line Dance Cruise October 17-24 San Francisco to Cabo San Lucas & back Inquires: Heart Dance

Line Dance Lessons? San Francisco Bay area line dance instructors listed by their TEACH Cities
Gary Clayton's website - line dances taught in the S F Bay area + instructors' comments
Bay Area Line Dance Clubs:  Boots'n Buckles -> Cactus Corners -> Country Hustlers -> Quick Steppers
Bay Area Socials: Afternoons w/Shirley & Gary Keller -> EVERY Friday AM w/Doris Volz -> Heart Dance w/Gina Mello & John Bowen -> Keep on Dancin'
4th Saturday Workshop October 25th w/Bob & Trish Boesel -> Menlo Park w/Jamie Hogan -> Pacifica w/Diane Montgomery -> Palo Alto w/Evelyn Khinoo or Hedy McAdams -> San Bruno w/Diana Ward
Line Dance OLDIES on S F Bay Area request lists for 2003

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