The one and only...
Secret Urban Exploration Ninja Mafia
Badder than you'll ever be.

NO TRESPASSING! This site is under-goddamn-construction, so just sit your ass down and wait! Smoke a blunt or 2 if you have ta (Heh heh, that's right--we cool with that sh*t!), but stick around cuz we kick all other UE groups asses!!! We are the trUE blUE mastaz of this sh*t!

Other groups trespass against people and sh*t they don't care about pissin off. But we're more HARDCORE than that sh*t. We trespass against ourselves--the people we care about most! You KNOW we gotta be some serious bad asses if we breakin' into our own garages and rummagin 'round our own closets on a nightly basis!

From our basements to our attics we cover it all! We been doin' the UE thing since dinosaurs were in diapers! We're f*cking pre-historic!!! We know the ins, outs, overs, unders, and in-betweens of everyplace ever known to man. This site will show you just how many places we instigated. Our photoz will set fire to yer mouse and blow yer monitor ta pieces! But don't ax us any stupid qUEstions cuz we're a supah secret, clamdestine organization and don't expose nuthin' to no one.

Our group currently has over 60 membaz splorin' round the clock 24/7 to bring you the BEST in UE.

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Hot-n-sexy ladies bitween the ages of 18 and 36 can contact us. Everyone else, f*ck off!