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Topic 316 was started on 1999-11-26. There are 123 messages available to read.

This topic was originally titled "Writing Site that Plagiarized From Me," but it's become a discussion topic for C. Lee Nunn's American Book Publishing, formerly Forbes Publishing.

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Message 123 was left by Andrew McGregor * on 2003-10-26 15:35:00. Feedback: 0/0

Greetings all....
ABP has just published my book, "Ten Days In Utah, The Search For Elizabeth Smart"......lets all watch and see how it goes for me. They have paid for everything so far. I will be very interested in seeing my finanical statements as every penny will be counted and tracked. Because of the topic of my book, here is the chance to everything right. I hope Mrs. Nunn chooses to take advantage of the opportunity to fly ABP's flag as a publisher and prove the critics wrong....but its up to her, and I will be watching....
I would like to point out that her staff is outstanding, professional and courtious...talented and prompt, I hope Mrs. Nunn doesn't do anything that would affect them, as I at least respect the work they do.
I will continue to monitor and update all of you as the book goes to market, and share my experiences with ABP.

Message 122 was left by dave * on 2003-10-16 12:11:26. Feedback: 0/0

I was aware of public domain. And, I did find it strange that any publisher would not desire exclusive rights on a potential best seller from a recognized author. My question was really to determine if American could have gained rights and if so where could the money come from.

I too believed it was not true, and I am sure American would claim it to be a "typo." Then again, it would add such crediblity to writers thinking of signing to know they were in such august company, that surely American must be some big player in the industry. After all, American's web site made such promises, who would ever think the promises were "misleading" or unsubstantiated.

Message 121 was left by James Macdonald on 2003-10-14 15:46:46. Feedback: 0/0

For newtongolden (#119):

Go to your local bookstore. Look around. Are there any books from American Book on the shelves? Didn't think so.

Why would anyone consider a publisher that can't get books into stores?

For dave (#118): Sure, any number of publishers can print the same book. It all depends on what rights they bought. If they have non-exclusive rights, then other publishers aren't excluded. For public domain works, the sky's the limit: how many editions from how many publishers are there of Moby-Dick?

However -- I sincerely doubt that ABP has the rights to publish Truman.

Message 120 was left by John Savage on 2003-10-12 11:42:42. Feedback: 0/0

IMNSHO, American Book Publishing is to be avoided. More than that it is not appropriate for me to state in this forum.

Message 119 was left by newtongolden * on 2003-10-11 23:13:45. Feedback: 0/0

Is American Book Publishing a scam?

Message 118 was left by dave * on 2003-10-03 10:33:19. Feedback: 0/0

I am curious to know if in the publishing industry two publishers can print the same book.I noted recently on American Book's Publishers Direct site they listed American Book as publisher of David McCullough's Pulitzer Prize winning novel: Truman. One would think if this were true there would be a major publicity effort to proclaim this publishing coup.

Message 117 was left by John Savage * on 2003-09-27 00:26:28. Feedback: 0/0

I am familiar with the terms that Ms Nunn ordinarily attempts to impose on authors who become dissatisfied with American Book. Under those terms, dave, you will hear a deafening silence.

Message 116 was left by dave * on 2003-09-26 17:55:12. Feedback: 0/0

I am aware there are other topics within The Rumor Mill, and I saw there is another location in this forum covering American-Book.

My request for information was specific to the writers who have posted their negative experiences with American Book Publishing. I wanted to know if any of those writers who have had their contracts cancelled and have found new publishers have witnessed any problems from Ms. Nunn.

I would hope if the contracts are cancelled she would respect the author's rights and not come after them hoping for some financial gain, especially if the books are selling. From all that has appeared on this site there appears to be some questions regarding her ethics. I would hope she has not interferred with writers and their new publishers.

So, given that, has anyone who has published their works had any problems with Ms. Nunn?

Message 115 was left by Terry * on 2003-09-26 11:53:15. Feedback: 0/0

dave: I don't have any info on American Books, but I was reading your previous post and you use the phrase "on this site" and I'm wondering if you've discovered that there are many other topics on this site as well as the page we're on here? If not, you can go to the top of this page and click on Rumor Mill, and you will get the Table of Contents. Click on each category's folder icon and the folder's topic list will appear. What you'll see will only be topics that have had recent activity (in the past 42 days). If you want *all* topics, archived, inactive AND current, go to the top of the ToC and click on "Show All Topics, Even The Really Old Ones" and then make a cup of coffee because you'll be there awhile, browsing. Do a search on the whole site and you might find lots of references to American Book. (I don't know.)

Message 114 was left by dave * on 2003-09-25 12:41:29. Feedback: 0/0

Things seem quiet as of late regarding American-Book and C. Lee Nunn. I have noted changes on her web site, predominant; the inability for new writers to contact anyone associated with the company for answers to questions. I guess any communication is "guarded."

Be that as it may, I was wondering if any of the past American writers, having found new publishers has witnessed any problems with American regarding rights?

Message 113 was left by dave * on 2003-08-14 12:13:37. Feedback: 0/0

Having first read this site many months ago; having seen the comments regarding plagiarism; the complaints/comments regarding American-Book; I assumed the inital complaints were in reference to Forbes/American/Some un-named editor at the aforementioed as stealing the creations from others and from there the other problems emerged.

Rereading the comments I think this site remains almost exclusively handling the American-Book issue. Thus, I appreciate the updated clarification so others seeking information about either American or Ms. Nunn will not be confused that other publishers are included, but rather the complaints go well beyond American's publishing problems to include other questionable business issues.

Message 112 was left by Kent Brewster on 2003-08-13 17:33:35. Feedback: 0/0

I've changed the title of this topic; the discussion seems to have centered on ABP/Forbes, rather than Internet plagiarism. Please feel free to open a new Internet Plagiarism topic, if it seems to be necessary.

Message 111 was left by Dave * on 2003-06-11 19:50:24. Feedback: 0/0

Glad I'm not going nuts. Now, if we could all keep to the subject at hand. And, yes Bruce, I am waiting to hear what you learned from the questions asked of American.

Message 110 was left by Lenora Rose * on 2003-06-11 19:08:43. Feedback: 0/0

Naw, it's a mass mailing of a story ripped off from a country song. And I'm not generous enough to think the song ripped the e-mail off; far too many of these "Sweet stories" e-mails can be traced to a copyrighted source.

GLouisa, that's not the worst I've seen. I once got a mass e-mail that used the "Biscuit" anecdote from Douglas Adams' _So Long and Thanks for all the Fish_ as an inspiring Christian-charity and "do not judge" story. Sent by folks who, I can pretty much guarantee, would look at you cross-eyed if you used the words "Science Fiction" in that order and proximity in front of them. Much less if you included "Comedy" or "Satire" in equal proximity. I *Was* tempted to reply and point out it was in fact plaguarized, but I didn't want them to know I actually bothered to open it or pay attention.

Message 109 was left by dave * on 2003-06-11 12:39:35. Feedback: 0/0

RE: message 107. I must need to wake up for I am not clear what the purpose of the message is. At first I thought it was a "mass mailng" a chain typeletter to send on to others, having nothing to do with this topic. Then I thought, perhaps we are to be more trusting, or forgiving as in our experiences with American. Then I thought it might mean that those who have had no experiences with American, should trust what they see on this and other sites.

Then I thought, if there is more than a mass mailing, the author is too subtle for my mind and I would prefer he just come out and state his thoughts regarding American and lessen the use of a parable.

Message 108 was left by GLouise on 2003-06-10 15:25:44. Feedback: 0/0

So, was #107 plagiarized from the country-western song, or was the country-western song plagiarized from someone's internet story?

Message 107 was left by peter matazj * on 2003-06-10 12:41:19. Feedback: -8/8

[This message is hidden. Click the Feedback link above to see why.]

Message 106 was left by bd * on 2003-05-30 13:17:45. Feedback: 0/0

Bruce's silence is beginning to speak loudly. Either he has A) reviewed his contract and fears what might come from posting on this site; B) he is so pleased with American he sees no reason to add more, which doesn't explain his inital posting snce additional questions were presented; C) There is no Bruce, rather someone trying to present a posiive spin to American (no paranoia intended); or C) Bruce is waiting for answers and has hit the no real answer response from his contacts at American.

I noted the editor mentioned in Bruce's posting isn't listed on American's site. Then again there remains names of staff whom we know haven't worked there for months or more.

So Bruce. If you read this site just post A, B, or C, or anything else which indicates you are still a proponent of American Book. If this is true, you are doing a great service to writers loking for a publisher who may have had doubts about American and can see there can be success. Even Ms. Nunn would be pleased of more writers signed.

Message 105 was left by Dave * on 2003-05-21 13:44:46. Feedback: 0/0

An open letter to Bruce Silverthorne.

You state in your posting, when you were looking for a publisher you had some doubts about American Book. Re-reading your posting I get the distinct impression you were referring to the information on American's web site rather than information presented in forums such as this. You state you dissected American's web site. In other words, it appears your decision to sign with American was based soley/mostly on American's web information. That being so, I am confused.

If after signing, after receiving your completed manuscript, cover design, etc., what compelled you then to seek out this forum to present your experiences? Why not post your comments on American's site? Was your motivation to counter the negative comments, to balance these so other writers may make an informed decision? If that is the fact, please bear in mind many of the comments posted here express experiences that go beyond the print stage and encompass the lack of fulfillment of publicity promises, providing a catalog for book sellers to review, things associated with a traditional publisher.

Recently I asked you to address some specific questions to American and let us know what you have heard. If you really want to let writers know what to expect if they sign with American, ask American the questions and post the answers. Again, at the least let us know if you will not do this.

Message 104 was left by Harry Martin * on 2003-05-16 16:51:24. Feedback: 0/0

I read Bruce's post with interest. I have not seen the royalty report for my book published with American Book this year, period. Yet, I know at least a few copies sold. I am also now in position of my letter in which AB releases rights to my book because Ms. Nunn at American Book determined I was not "co-operating" with the publicist. (Said publicists sole effort was to get me to buy thousands of copies of my own book.) Having parted company with Ms Nunn and AB, I suspect I will continue to hear threats of legal action from her for posting my opinions.
Which, far from being libel, are simply the facts. What Ms. Nunn never bothered to find out was that I did have a substantial marketing effort gearing up on my book, since I knew they did not. All those efforts have now been cancelled because of our mutual agreement American Book would no longer publish the book. Good luck, Bruce.

Message 103 was left by Tracina * on 2003-05-16 16:28:05. Feedback: 0/0

Argh. Forgive me. I have no grammar today.

Message 102 was left by Tracina * on 2003-05-16 16:11:08. Feedback: 0/0

Re: #94

"The book cover the designers came up with was startling, dramatic, far beyond expectations. If you can find a better one out there for my thesis, let me know."

Bruce, let me get this straight -- you went to American Book Publishing and worked with Norlan de Groot to publish your *thesis*?

BTW, folks, spelling out the entire name of the company and/or agent under discussion means that when someone goes to search that name, the cautionary posts will come up as well as the lauditory.

Message 101 was left by G. E. Blast on 2003-05-16 09:48:14. Feedback: 0/0

Nothing is new under the sun . . . Nunn's bio at www.american-book.com states she's an accredited Certified Financial Planner. That may be the only statement on the site which can be verified. In 1999, The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards website (http://www.cfp-board.org/lcnse_brdrpt99.html#mar99l) posted this warning:

Cheryl Lee Nunn, Scotts Valley, California:
Ms. Nunn's right to use the CFP marks was suspended for one year and one day following an investigation of a grievance received from a client's child. The grievant alleged unsuitability in connection with an annuity policy, and that Ms. Nunn had failed to act in the best interest of her client by encouraging the client to incur surrender fees and churning investments in order to generate commissionable income.

Message 100 was left by Dave * on 2003-05-15 13:13:57. Feedback: 0/0

I noticed today, the site titled "any experience with American Book" no longer exists. This site is found when one key-words Complaints aganst C. Lee Nunn. In addition, the LSD Writers site no longer lists American in their Utah publishers listing. I believe this site had a section for posting questions, and the only questions posted about a specific publisher related to American ( the "experience with American Book" sit I referred to earlier) If I'm incorrect about the LSD site let me know. I thought the "post a question" was theirs. Nevertheless,it would be interestng to know if the question section was removed volunteerily, or part of an agreement with American to stop postings in return for dropping American's name.

It would be ashame if once again threats eliminated the voicing of personal experiences with American.

Message 99 was left by dave * on 2003-05-15 11:47:15. Feedback: 0/0

In reference to Bruce's posting: lets not be too harsh with Bruce. Though many of us have had are experiences with American we all must agree to the initial thrill of geting published. I mean this sincerely and no sarcasm is intended.

Bruce, all of us how have posted on this site would be interested if you could provide some additional information.

Does your contract include a clause regarding not discussing American book? If so, does it refer to any discussion or only negatives? If the latter; what are your thoughts regarding prohibiting authors and employees from sharing personal experinces?

American's web site states the deposit is returned after the book's offical release. Ask American; what defines offical release, what is the typical timing, what tasks must the author provide to obtain an offical release, does this include buying bulk orders of their own book? And, ask specifics as to the number of authors who have received their deposits.

Ask American for sales figures other than those books purchased by the author.

After completing these tasks, we would all be interested to hear from you. We are all adults, if you like what you hear then perhaps things have changed at American, perhaps all the "complaints" have paid off for newer writers. But please be honest. If you get no real answers let us know, if the responses seem vague, or confidential let us know. If they are all positive, let us know. If you are told not to discuss this let us know. If you choose not to do anything, simply post: you have no desire to question American. In this way at least we know you have read this message.

We would all greatly appreciate this information.

Message 98 was left by G. E. Blast * on 2003-05-15 09:21:08. Feedback: 0/0

Dave and Sue02, I agree. Bruce, you're stuck in what we veterans commonly refer to as the honeymoon phase . . . nothing to be ashamed of Bruce, but good God man - SNAP OUT OF IT!!!

My guess is your book is on the verge of or has just gone to print. By the way, I didn’t see you're name listed as a published author on pdbookstore’s website yet (is it finally working?) or on the internet. Do you have an author website? Are you in fact an author Bruce?

Bruce - wait till your royalty checks trickle in (as in dribble) and you're left a wondering where in the hell your money is, or why royalty checks don’t add up to what you thought they would be. Hope you have a lot of family and friends to sell your books to. Don’t count on the pdbookstore selling many. Well, never mind about that right now. Before you get to that point, perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to receive a nasty legalize letter (bordering on paranoia) from ABP’s in house ogre C. Lee Hunn threatening to terminate your contract just for asking a simple question.

And Bruce - I think you were spoiled long before you got to ABP! My advice, if ya got legs - use ‘em and run like hell, but please, open your eyes first . . . we don’t want you to hurt yourself.

God Bless America, land of the free. And that means you too Bruce can have an opinion and believe it to be true for as long as you like . . .

G. E.

Message 97 was left by John Savage * on 2003-05-15 08:33:21. Feedback: 0/0

None of "Bruce's" message, except a single bar assertion, denies that American Book is not a vanity publisher. The "facts" that "he" states do not go to that issue. See forthcoming "Caveat Scrivener" article in Speculations 53 (June).

Message 96 was left by SueO2 * on 2003-05-15 06:50:40. Feedback: 0/0

Show me the money.

I would like to add that anytime a person extols the virtues of a publisher whose credentials are suspect, they should include the title of their book, the sales record of their book and I'd better see it listed at Amazon.

Message 95 was left by Dave Kuzminski * on 2003-05-14 22:04:13. Feedback: 1/1

Bruce, if that's the case, then why are you posting the information in this particular topic? Wouldn't it be more appropriate to the Shameless Self-Promotion topic? In the meantime, you're attempting to extoll the virtues of an imprint for a company that has been involved in several cases of copyright and trademark infringement. Some of the people whose rights were infringed are regulars to this bulletin board. There are more problems with your publisher than those, but I doubt that you'd believe any of it because you're either too excited or a troll.

Message 94 was left by Bruce Silverthorne on 2003-05-14 21:48:59. Feedback: -2/2

In the early stages of seeking out a publisher for my book, I had some doubts about American Book Publishing. After all, the way they do things had me thinking that they might be a vanity publisher: they actually welcomed unsolicited manuscripts! However, after dissecting their web site and submitting my manuscript, I never looked back. Friends, this is no vanity publisher! This is a mainstream publisher that has somehow figured out how to reconcile the unarguable need for great books to see the light of day based only upon their content, not the author's star power, and the need to make money as a publisher. Bravo, ABP! It seems that a chink has appeared in the monolithic publishing business to the benefit of great ideas and balance sheets at the same time.

Norlan de Groot, my editor, was cordial, tactful, and above all, professional. He came in with years of experience and a masters degree in my field of study. Random House would be a better publisher with him on staff.

The book cover the designers came up with was startling, dramatic, far beyond expectations. If you can find a better one out there for my thesis, let me know.

In short, how can I even consider another publisher now! I've been spoiled!

Message 93 was left by John Savage * on 2003-04-07 13:46:15. Feedback: 0/0

Scott (and James):

Whatever you do, do not Goggle on "fair use" or "copyright." Most of what comes back will be either wrong or irrelevant. I wrote an article on fair use for speculations a while back, I think issue 26. There's also a condensed version up at Writing-World.com, and several others elsewhere on Writing-World.com.

The best thing that you can do, though, is go to Nolo Press and buy Fishman's Handbook on Copyright and possibly Stim's Getting Permission (but read the Fishman book first).

Message 92 was left by James Macdonald on 2003-04-07 11:34:47. Feedback: 0/0

Hi, Scott.

Oh, lord. Can of worms time. I'll wait until John Savage comes along (or you can ask in the Ask Jarndyce thread), but in the meantime, you can Google on "Fair Use" and "Copyright."

Message 91 was left by Scott Hardy * on 2003-04-07 10:15:38. Feedback: 0/0

I am just starting down the road to becoming an author and want to make sure I understand the legalities of using material published by other authors. Can someone clearly outline what I need to do in order to quote material from a published book within a non-fiction book that I would author? Is it simply a matter of using notes to reference the original author?

Message 90 was left by Linda Sanner on 2003-02-23 20:53:30. Feedback: 0/0

I am out over $700.00 to C. Lynn Nunn who kept it fraudently after my attorney got me out of her bogus" contract, but so far I have not seen my money."

Message 89 was left by Linda Sanner on 2003-02-23 20:50:15. Feedback: 0/0

Iam out over $700.00 to C. Lynn Nunn who kept it fraudently after my nattporney got me out of her bogus contract attorney got me out of her : bogus" contract, but so far I have not seen my money."

Message 88 was left by SwiftAngel * on 2003-02-11 11:30:58. Feedback: 0/0

Count me amongst the disgruntled.

Early on I suspected the AB business plan to be as follows:

None of the books that WE at AB sign will be of any REAL commercial value anyway so...

We at AB will price the books as high as possible to maximize the PER BOOK PROFIT from the friends, relatives, and starry-eyed authors who will buy at ANY price.
(We love to see our book in print...don't we? C.L. Nunn knew we would.)

If each author (and friends and relatives of the author) buys, say 500, of the overpriced crummy books at profit of $8 per book that's 4,000 BUCKS each! 100 authors = $400,000! Just keep signing up good folks with marginal talent and big dreams.

Investing AB's time and money to promote the crummy book to be come a "best seller" is not part of our plan at AB.

The above is my opinion of AB's REAL BUSINESS PLAN... and I bet it is working!

Message 87 was left by Donald D'Haene on 2003-02-10 20:57:46. Feedback: 0/0

[This message is hidden. Click the Feedback link above to see why.]

Message 86 was left by G. E. Blast * on 2003-02-10 01:22:39. Feedback: 0/0

Open invitation

I invite any author, ex-author who have had their work published with American Book Publishing (a.k.a. C. Lee Nunn) and anyone else who has a sorted tale to tell to contact me and share their personal story. Don't worry, we all have one, unless your book hasn't been printed yet! In return, I can provide you with topical information which may be of interest.

Sincerely, G. E. Blast

Message 85 was left by G. E. Blast * on 2003-02-05 20:45:31. Feedback: 0/0

About the sole owner of American-Book Publishing Group
(a.k.a. - C. Lee Nunn, Cheryl Lee Nunn, Cheryl Nunn)

In 1999, The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards website (http://www.cfp-board.org/lcnse_brdrpt99.html#mar99l) posted the following:

Cheryl Lee Nunn, Scotts Valley, California:
Ms. Nunn's right to use the CFP marks was suspended for one year and one day following an investigation of a grievance received from a client's child. The grievant alleged unsuitability in connection with an annuity policy, and that Ms. Nunn had failed to act in the best interest of her client by encouraging the client to incur surrender fees and churning investments in order to generate commissionable income.

Message 84 was left by G. E. Blast on 2003-02-05 18:02:52. Feedback: 0/0

American-Book Publishing Group investigation

The investigation into American-Book's business practices is ongoing. If you wish to contact Police, call, mail or email Detective Robbin Wilkins of the Salt Lake City Police Department.

Email address: rwilkins@southsaltlakecity.com
Desk phone 801-483-6092
Cell phone 801-637-2672

Mailing address
South Salt lake Police Department
c/o Detective Wilkins
220 E. Morris AVE.
Salt Lake City,
Utah 84115

God Bless America.
Land of the Free . . . that includes free speech!

G. E. Blast

Message 83 was left by dave * on 2003-02-05 16:46:31. Feedback: 0/0

It is my understanding P{ublishers Direct is owned by American-Book. I seem to recall that was part of the original American plan; to creat an outlet for readers to buy books. I agre, many of the books are priced more toward the upper end, where one would expect to see some hardbound books to be selling (discounted of course).

The questions become: Who would want to own the site? Amazon and Barnes and Noble are familar names. Where would a reader go to learn about Pd bookstore? Do search engines list discount on-line bookstores? If so, is PD listed? It seems the only time anyone would find it is either they are a writer with Americn and may refer readers, or some writer seeking a publisher finds it connected with American's site. One has to wonder, if American's goal is to really get their writer's books recognized, why not highly promote their own book store? Unless that requires too much time and money; or, by promoting their site might draw attention to Amrican-Book. One would think if you owned the book store, adding other than American-Book author's works could present a good business opportunity. Wouldn't a book store desire to carry as many titles as possible to maximize sales? Thus it appears PD bookstore only carries American-Book titles.

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