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Personal pages of Forth programmers, evangelists, fans.
1. Albert van der Horst - Fig-Forth including modern style manuals, Intel Forth assemblers, sorting, simulation, factoring and primes, Transputers and projects, politics, tomato game; member of the Forth gg: Dutch Forth user group.
2. Anton Ertl - Research, Forth programming, and opinions on some computing issues.
3. Bernd Paysan's page - Projects: 4stack Processor, Gforth, bigFORTH (native code Forth), MINOS (X Windows GUI), t3d Time 3D clock. Why Forth page, links, resume.
4. Bradford J. Rodriguez, Ph.D. - Freelance embedded systems engineer; focus: hardware and software development for low-end (8/16-bit) microcontrollers. Created: CamelForth ANS Forth compiler for embedded controllers, Chromium Forth meta/cross-compiler, Scroungemaster II educational multiprocessor system.
5. Butler and Kibler - Judy Butler, Alex and Bill Kibler: consulting, The Computer Journal, antique computers, and llamas for sale, including fear inspiring guard llamas.
6. Chuck Moore - Charles (Chuck) Moore is the creator of Forth.
7. Ciesinger, Daniel - Crossembler (a processor independent FORTH assembly listing generator). OODC (an Odissey into Forth objects).
8. Dick Fergus; Sferics Research Project - Forth Downloads: Pygmy Forth; Pygmy Embellishments, published in Forth Dimensions Vol.XIX No.3 Sept/Oct-1997. Also, atmospheric electromagnetic radiation as related to severe weather/tornados.
9. Frank Sergeant - Small page with links, including to his Forth page with selected fine links, downloads Pygmy Forth.
10. Jack J. Woehr - Wrote FIJI, JaxForth, VWin4th. See Rocky Coast Free Board: RCFB.
11. Jerry Avins - Quadratic interpolation in Forth, notes on servo design, Number puzzle, thoughts on perfume, soldering silver.
12. John Comeau - Wrote postForth. PDP-11 FAQ, FTP area, HRC Zapper.
13. Len Zettel: Len's Forth Page - Forth: discrete event simulation, large integer arithmetic, statistics routines, user stacks, 'Unprofessional silliness'; small but useful set of other links, includes books. Also some personal views, family information.
14. Leo Brodie - Author of two Forth books: Starting Forth, Thinking Forth; an apology regarding object-oriented programming; music (his albums, CD), family (cute baby pictures!), Punch & Brodie Puppet Productions.
15. Marc de Groot - Founded Immersive Systems, Inc., to market Meme. Information, downloads, including Un*x Forth.
16. Marcel Hendrix - Authored iForth, mxForth, tForth; eForth variant. Benchmarks use iForth to compare: i486/Pentium, Win95/DOS-7.0, WinNT/Linux-2.0. Data on x86 iForth and Transuputer tForth. Free downloads.
17. Mark Smiley - Very slick personal site. Some Forth links; material on other languages, especially Java; and Linux, Web design, Windows 95/98/NT.
18. Michael Somos at CSU - Good sized set of Forth links.
19. Mike Nemeth - A few links on Forth, science fiction and fantasy, Allentown.
20. Neil Bawd's Ugly Home Page - A home for Forth writings of Neil Bawd and Wil Baden. Programs and source code: Base64 Content-Transfer-Encoding, DFC Differential File Comparison, and Structured Programming with GOTOs in Forth.
21. Nick Francesco - Forth! It's a Programming Language, it's a Dessert Topping. A few personal Forth links.
22. Olivier Singla - Wrote several forth (froth, dos-wfroth, ...). Works and live in Raleigh, NC, USA.
23. Peter Midnight - FIG member, FIAT Spider fan; religious humor; a few links on trains, movies, videos.
24. Reuben Thomas - Downloads. Implementations: aForth, Machine Forth for ARM, TpForth, Joy Forthlike language; and Beetle virtual machine designed to run Forth. All programs GPL, unless otherwise stated.
25. Samuel Tardieu - Wrote PicForth, a free-software Forth compiler for the Microchip PIC microcontrollers.
26. Tom Almy - Forth freeware downloads, including ForthCMP; other software; family links.
27. Tom Zimmer - Main author of Win32Forth, F-PC Forth, TCOM; wrote or participated in writing many Forth language systems.
28. Ulrich Hoffmann - Forth links, downloads: ANS-Forth compatibility package for F-PC, F68KANS port to Macintosh, IDE for Microchip PIC 16C84 Microcontroller, and Tetris for Terminals.
29. William B. Zimmerly - Wrote zForth 32-bit Forth, zHTTP Internet Webserver written in zForth; involved in many other impressive Forth efforts.

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