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Scroll down this page to view the winners of the Banksia Foundation Environmental Awards 2003.

Further information about the Winners and the 2003 Finalists can be seen on the Finalists page

2003 Awards

2003 Gold Banksia Award

The Marine and Coastal Network
The Gold Banksia Award is sponsored by Alcoa World Alumina Australia

The Prime Minister’s Environmentalist of the Year Award

Dr. John Wamsley
Over the past 33 years Dr John Wamsley has been a dynamic leader in the conservation of Australia’s Flora and Fauna. He has…

  • Identified and solved the problem of Australia’s disappearing wildlife.
  • Successfully reintroduced 26 species of threatened wildlife into areas of their original range
  • Educated Australians about their wildlife, environment, heritage and responsibilities
  • Pioneered the concept of sustainable conservation through the establishment of sanctuaries based on educational eco tourism.
  • Launches ESL, the first public company with a core business of conservation
  • Demonstrated that Australian animals survive best in protected, original habitat conditions.

The Prime Minister’s Environmentalist of the Year Award is sponsored by Environment Australia

2003 International Banksia Award

Allan Savory
Born in Zimbabwe, Allan developed what is widely believed to be an entirely new decision-making framework through which all people, regardless of their location, industry or circumstances, can make decisions that are simultaneously environmentally, socially and financially sound in both the short and long term – holistic management. In short, holistic management appears to be a way of putting people back in control of their destinies and restoring a sense of direction in tough times. Many thousands of families and businesses around the world are now successfully using the new framework to radically improve the quality of their lives while simultaneously regenerating the resource base that sustains them.

The International Banksia Award is sponsored by DuPont

Category 1: Environmental Leadership in the Community

Birds Australia Gluepot Reserve
By combining the three elements of: biodiversity conservation, enhancement and management; scientific research and monitoring and sustainable ecotourism, Gluepot Reserve, through its’ volunteers, has taken conservation management into a new era, by providing an international model to show that sustainable multi-use of the landscape is both feasible and desirable.

Category Sponsor: Parks Victoria

Category 2: Business Environmental Responsibility & Leadership

VicSuper Contributing to a Sustainable Future
VicSuper Pty Ltd, one of the nation’s largest superannuation funds open to all Australians, is leading the superannuation industry in protecting the Australian environment and contributing to a sustainable future. In an industry not traditionally concerned with reducing its environmental and social impact, VicSuper is working hard to implement sustainability principles into its operations and investment strategy.

Category Sponsor: Energex

Category 3: Government Leading by Example for a Sustainable Future

Solar in Schools – Sustainable Energy Development Authority
Thanks to Solar in Schools, twenty thousand students are learning about solar power, energy and the environment. This NSW Government Initiative looks beyond standard practice to help 43 Solar Schools create their own clean electricity from sunlight. It makes an investment in the future of our most important resource, children.

Category Sponsor: Sims Group Ltd

Category 4: Environmental Leadership in the Rural Sector

Plumbago Station
Plumbago Station, through changes to management philosophies, successfully instigated the recovery of a colony of Yellow-footed Rock-wallabies from the brink of local extinction to one of the strongest and largest colonies in Australia. Plumbago is an operating demonstration that conservation outcomes can be achieved in conjunction with a viable pastoral enterprise.

Category Sponsor: Australian Wool Innovation Limited

Category 5: Sustainable Development Leadership in the Minerals Industry

BHP Billiton – Transforming Policy into Sustainable Outcomes
In committing to sustainable development, BHP Billiton has integrated health, safety, environment and community responsibilities into every aspect of its business performance. Policies and processes have been systematically implemented to incorporate sustainability considerations into business strategies and everyday decision-making. The Company is at the forefront in developing initiatives for sustainability in the minerals industry.

Category Sponsor: Minerals Council of Australia

Category 6: Environmental Leadership in Protecting Bush, Land & Waterways

Control of the Yellow Crazy Ant on Christmas Island, Parks Australia and Monash University, Indian Ocean Territories
In close cooperation with industry, academics and the Christmas Island community, Parks Australia and Monash University have developed and delivered a program to successfully manage Christmas Island’s greatest environmental threat – invasion by the yellow crazy ant. The ground-breaking research is being used as a model for invasive species management in Australia and elsewhere.

Category Sponsor: DaimlerChrysler

Category 7: Leadership in Protecting Coastal & Marine Environments

The Marine & Coastal Community Network
The Marine and Coastal Community Network (MCCN) is a national leader in increasing community awareness of, and involvement in, marine conservation policy initiatives; initiatives that include the creation of marine protected areas, ecologically sustainable marine resource, management, and actions to prevent the introduction of marine pests. The Network is a non government project funded by the federal Government’s Natural Heritage Trust.

Category Sponsor: Department of Sustainability and Environment Victoria

Category 8: Environmental Leadership in Infrastructure & Services

Douglas Shire Council
The people of the Douglas Shire aim to protect the natural environment through collaboration between the Council, farmers, tourism operators, educational and scientific organisations underpinned by the concept of sustainability. Environmental icons like the ancient Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef must be preserved for future generations through education, proactive conservation measures and technological innovation.

Category Sponsor: City West Water

Category 9: Leadership in Sustainable Product Design

The Orbital Combustion Process 2-Stroke Motorcycle Technology- Orbital Engine Corporation Limited
Orbital Engine Corporation’s innovative combustion technology allows two stroke motorcycles to meet stringent emission regulations with up to 80% reduction in emissions and up to 40% reduction in fuel consumption. Following market success in Europe, where three of the largest producers have adopted the technology, Orbital has programs in India and other parts of Asia where motorcycle pollution is a major issue.

Category Sponsor: Beverage Industry Environmental Council

Category 10: Leadership in Sustainable Buildings

60L Green Building, Spowers Victoria, Green Building Partnership, Lincolne Scott
60L is the leading example of green commercial building in Australia, demonstrating to the property industry that minimising a building’s impact on the environment can be commercially viable. 60L’s innovation is in the broad range of sustainability objectives, implemented to a high degree and resulting in an attractive, healthy building.

Category Sponsor: Commonwealth Bank

Category 11: Leadership in Socially Responsible Investment

Sustainable Investing for a Sustainable Future - VicSuper
VicSuper Pty Ltd is one of the nation’s largest superannuation funds open to all Australians. VicSuper invests 10% of the Fund’s listed equity portfolio in companies that rate well against their industry peers in sustainability – a leading position among superannuation and pension funds around the world. In addition, VicSuper offers a Sustainability Leaders investment option, in which members can choose to invest up to 100% of their superannuation in companies leading their industry in sustainability practices.

Category Sponsor: Banksia Environmental Foundation

Category 12: Environmental Leadership in Communications

‘Your Home’ –Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology, Sydney, Australian Greenhouse Office
Your Home is a comprehensive, accessible guide to sustainable residential design for a mainstream Australian audience. Its objective is to reduce the housing sector’s significant detrimental effects on the natural environment. Two linked components simplify sustainability theory, provide practical advice on design opportunities and encourage participation over perfection.

Category Sponsor: Telstra

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