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By Yasmene Jabbar

Most of us Remember Dog Days Afternoon, with Al Pacino, and how he had held up a Bank to get the money for his Transsexual Wifes Sex Change Surgery.  Most of us know that the story was based on  true facts, but what happend after the movie ended to the Real Life characters in this Bazzar Drama?  Here are some of the facts I dug up about the Days After Dog Day.

31 years ago:  On August 22, 1972, two gunmen held seven Chase Manhattan bank employees hostage for 14 hours in Flatbush, NY. John Wojtowicz, a former bank teller, had hoped to finance a sex-change operation in Denmark for his transsexual wife. Police appeared at first to give in to the gunmen's demands: the hostages and their captors were taken by limousine to Kennedy International Airport, where a plane stood by. But at Kennedy, one gunman was shot to death; the other, John Wojtowicz, was captured.
And in a bit of "Where Are They Now?" Time reported in its 10-12-87 issue: Elizabeth Debbie Eden, 41, formerly Ernest Aron, the transsexual whose wish for a sex-change operation resulted in the 1972 Brooklyn bank robbery that inspired the movie Dog Day Afternoon, died of AIDS-related pneumonia in Rochester. John Wojtowicz, Aron's lover, who was played in the 1975 movie by Al Pacino, was jailed for seven years [originally sentenced to a term of 20 years] after the bungled robbery attempt that left an accomplice dead.