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ISSUE 1452Monday 17 May 1999

  Rebel Tories say party has no place for Europhiles
By Polly Newton Political Staff


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BREAKAWAY Conservatives have published their pro-single currency manifesto for the European elections next month.

John Stevens and Brendan Donnelly, both former MEPs who co-founded the Pro-European Conservative Party in protest at William Hague's stance on the euro, claimed yesterday that there was now "no place" for pro-Europeans in the party.

John Stevens, right, promises to fight William Hague's 'suicidal' Eurosceptic strategy as the Pro-European Conservative Party chairman Mark Littlewood looks on
Mr Stevens said the Tories had become "little more than a campaigning organisation for Euro-scepticism". The European elections on June 10 would provide an ideal opportunity for pro-Europeans to take a stand against "this suicidal process", he said.

His party, which believes that Britain should sign up to the single currency as soon as possible, is planning to field 84 candidates with representation in every region. That will qualify it to make a party election broadcast.

The breakaway group was dismissed last night by Andrew Lansley, vice-chairman of the Conservative Party, as "the disgruntled and the disaffected". He said the party was made up of three former MEPs who had failed to be reselected by the Conservative Party.

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