section one.

1. The restoration of Heathen Saxon England: the building of an organic English Nation with its own ancient Organic Religion and Spiritual
Beliefs embodied in Wodenism.
2. The building of Folk communities in  a revival of regionalism, as units within the ancient shires of England. Thus ensuring a revived rural England from which a young virile tough Yeoman Peasant will arise anew.
3. The restoration of the ancient English Provinces and Shires, based upon geographical boundaries and not political expediency.
4. A revival of local Folk-lore and custom, with seasonal rituals that link man to Nature- to the Mother Earth and the Natural cycles of the year: with regard to the Cosmic cycles that affect all life upon this planet.
5. The restoration of a healthy respect for Nature and all life upon the Earth: the return to a Rural England where our English Folk are in direct contact with the Natural cycles and regain their harmony with the Mother Earth. Thus stopping the wanton destruction of other forms of life, and the inhuman experiments on animals that are part of our “scientific Society”. Technology must be harnesses towards a harmony with Nature and not its destruction. England is our HOLY LAND and should not be “for sale” by any one and in any form of Property Speculation.
6. The restoration of the family unit as the basic cell of the organic nation: the extended family being the tribe of the Folk community. These units are bonded by Blood kinship. The renewal of a pride in English Motherhood, the Mother being honoured for her role in keeping the Family Lineage and house- linking generation to generation in an unbroken chain.

section two.

7. the restoration of the Odel Right- the right of every Englishman to own and work their own piece of land: this being subject to this land
being worked for self-reliance within the confines of the good of the Folk community, and never for personal profit. The right of Hereditary farming where the farmstead is passed from generation to Generation, within the return of the old farming families to the rural areas.
8. The revival of Natural Farming based upon the rural folk communities providing for themselves. Natural farming is labour intensive and would mean a shift of the English worker from degenerate cities and towns to the rural areas of England. Natural farming is based upon the old ways without chemicals. Natural Animal Farming entails no cruelty to animal.
Also the right of every free Englishman to hunt and fish for food.
9. The restoration of Folk land- land held by the folk community, not being the absolute property of any one individual. Such land to be held for the future expansion of the Folk community.
10. Afforested land should be restored as Common Land, as Mark land to mark out boundaries, and for grazing animals. All waters and waterways should have common ownership and have common usage.
11. The revival of Rural craftsmanship instead of mass production, through Craft Guilds etc. The revival of Herbalism and Natural Medicine.
12. The use of natural power and energy forms within small folk communities.

section three.

13. The right of every Englishman to bear arms to defend his family, land or folk community. The restoration of the Fyrd, of folk militia.
14. Witan Councils to sit at Thing Steeds where local problems are thrashed out, justice is administrated punishment doled out for anti-social behaviour.
15. Restoration of the Feud right. The right of Blood Revenge for kin blood split, for a woman violated, or a child abused.
16. The training of the English youth in unarmed combat, survivalist and the means to a self-reliance necessary for personal survival and enhancement. The encouragement of out-door life is essential for our
English youth to regain contact with nature.
17. The revival of the Barter system within small Folk communities, where goods are exchanged within the Folk communities.
18. The protection of the English environment is ensured through measures that are advocated here, plus the revival of a Heathen Pantheism where all life is sacred. The return to rural communities (whilst the multiracial cities drift into decay and destroy themselves) means a healthy English Folk. The protection of our countryside is also ensured through Natural Farming- with our Heritage protected and
countryside restored.
England Awake!