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  L'More - Biography
Takin Hold


L'more? That would be just another faceless dance act, right? Wrong! If you've seen any Pnau shows over the past 18 months you'll have gazed on the handsome visage of L'more main man Sam L'more - he's the one with the funky hair. And you'll also have seen his collaborator and cute younger brother, Nick L'more. But whereas Pnau is primarily Nick's project, L'more is directed in the main by Sam.

Sam L'more has been a very busy boy for one of comparatively tender years. Quite a precocious talent, in past lives Sam has been known for directing short films, playing designer and creative director for funky interactive agencies and having co-founded, built up and sold off his own new media design company, Selenium Interactive. Now he's ready to make his mark on the world of music.

Any doubts that L'more will languish in the shadow of Pnau are laid to rest with just one listen to the debut single, "Takin' Hold". Like its creators, this is music that is simultaneously streetwise and sophisticated, equally at home at a swanky soiree or a down'n'dirty warehouse party. Music that bridges the gap between uptown and downtown, penthouse and pavement.