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The Infinite Matrix ("On the Cliff by the River" by Benjamin Rosenbaum) by Brenda Cooper

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"On the Cliff by the River"
by Benjamin Rosenbaum




Posted on 2002-09-29

Reviewed by Brenda Cooper

First, a note about The Infinite Matrix. They are accepting donations. This is a very professional magazine with wonderful writers, and I hope they do well enough to keep publishing for a long time. See http://www.infinitematrix.com.

"On the Cliff by the River"
by Benjamin Rosenbaum

Originally posted on 09/16/02.

This is the story of a hunt observed. Benjamin Rosenbaum uses immediate descriptive prose and a crisp narrative style. It is a storyteller's story - we hear the tale as it is told to someone else. The rich style makes "On the Cliff by the River" a pleasure to read, although ultimately it is hard to really get a point to the story, and who or what the narrator is remains a mystery. I wanted to know a lot more than I was shown. I liked what I did see, but I really wasn't fully satisfied.

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Brenda Cooper lives in Kirkland, Washington, where she tends the City Hall computers by day, and reads and writes by night. She can often be found walking or skating near water. Her collaborative fiction with Larry Niven has appeared in Analog and Asimov's.

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