Canada FDC: 17¢ "O Canada" Se-tenant Pair

First Day of Issue: June 6, 1980

Further Information about this issue:

The respected judge, Hon. Adolphe-Basile Routhier, was also a versatile writer. His literary works include historical essays, poetry and political theses. However, he is remem- bered best as the author of the beautiful French version of the song, O Canada. At the time that Lieutenant-Governor Théodore Robitaille of Quebec commissioned Calixa Lavallée to compose the moving music for O Canada, he also commissioned Routhier to write an appropriate poem to go with the music. From the time it was first heard on June 24, 1880, O Canada remained a favorite throughout French Canada. In 1908, when a Montreal lawyer, Robert Stanley Weir, wrote the accepted English words for O Canada, this version became a favorite among the country's English speaking citizens. Weir's poetic words were a tribute to Quebec's Tercentenary, by 1921, they had been adopted by national bodies that often opened their regular meetings with the patriotic song. It also found its way into the hearts of a younger generation of Canadians when it was printed in front of grammar school books throughout the Canadian provinces. These two colored stamps commemorate O Cana- da's unofficial status as the nation's anthem. The first represents a musical notation of the song's opening bars. The second depicts Calixa Lavallée, the song's composer, Sir Adolphe Routhier, who wrote the French words for O Canada and, Hon. R. Stanley Weir who created the most widely accepted English verses.

Original painting for the Fleetwood® First Day Cover by Mel Crawford. Actual size: 6-1/2 x 3-5/8 inches. Reverse of FDC contains historical background text.

Canadian First Day Cover design and text ©1980 Fleetwood®. A Unicover® Edition. All rights reserved.
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Scott CA 858a
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