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Gates addresses spam and security flaws at this years Comdex in Vegas
Nov 18 2003, 00:23 (UTC+0)
From: x :
   Addressing a more buttoned-down crowd than in past years, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates attempted Sunday to usher in a new era of computing he dubbed "seamless computing." Gates' annual Comdex address, his 20th, was designed to outline the promise of new software as well as the pitfalls of spam and security threats. Despite the challenges, Gates made his case that breakthroughs will make computing a more painless and rewarding experience.

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Attack code surfaces for latest Windows holes
Nov 17 2003, 19:40 (UTC+0)
From: hx :
   Two examples of "exploit" code for a buffer overrun in the Windows Workstation Service were posted to security-related Internet discussion groups on Friday and Saturday. Both exploits have been tested and work, according to Dan Ingevaldson, director of X-Force at Internet Security Systems Inc. (ISS).
The Workstation Service vulnerability was disclosed by Microsoft Corp. in Security Bulletin MS03-049, which was released on November 11. The service is turned "on" by default in Windows 2000 and Windows XP systems and allows computers on a network to connect to file servers and network printers, Microsoft said.
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Technology Report: The To-Do List: Keep Hackers Out
Nov 17 2003, 05:04 (UTC+0)
From: x :
   IF THERE IS one organization that would be able to secure a computer database, you'd think it would be the U.S. Navy.

Think again.

In August, the Navy said the numbers of 13,000 purchase cards it issues for work-related purchases were stolen from its electronic files. The purchase cards, up to $2,500 per card holder, were linked to a Navy bank account. The Navy declines to say how the attack took place or whether human error was involved, but it has yet to detect a purchase attempt with any of the numbers.

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Latest Mimail worm has new trick
Nov 15 2003, 07:44 (UTC+0)
From: hx :
   The latest variant of the computer worm Mimail contains a new trick to harvest credit card details - a fake security program that in fact emails the details off to the virus's creators.
The worm is aimed at users of Paypal, a popular method of internet payment among online shoppers. Infected emails carry the subject line "YOUR PAYPAL.COM ACCOUNT EXPIRES" and pose as a security update. The email threatens to close the recipient's account if they do not obey the update instructions it gives.
Cleverly, the email warns readers not to send their details back by return email. Many users now know this is insecure and that companies never request this.
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Banking Scam Revealed
Nov 15 2003, 03:05 (UTC+0)
From: x :
   Not all people that send undesirable email (spam) are the same. Their motives differ as greatly as their tools and technical abilities. This document uncovers a spam gang who seeks to acquire your banking information, and the response from one of the targeted victims: Citibank.
This document describes the unique bulk-mailing tool used for recent rash of financial email scams. These scams target financial entities such as Citibank, Wells Fargo, Halifax Bank, eBay, and Yahoo. Only one specific spam gang uses this tool for these financial scams.

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SSH Authentication: A Basic Overview
@ Articles     Oct 19 2003, 06:15 (UTC+0)

danielrm26 writes: SSH is one of the premier Security tools in use today. SSH is most commonly used to gain a remote shell, but it can be used for file transfers, to display remote X applications on a local machine, and even to securely connect to services that lack encryption. Unfortunately, many who use it from day to day don’t have a good understanding of how it actually works. Many people know that SSH1 is deprecated, and that SSH2 has taken its place, but how many know how authentication actually works for both? I didn’t, and that bothered me, so I set out to do some research.

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