Well, here you are - you're probably looking for the online Cisco lab. I've got quite a bit of equipment and some sketchy documentation. Enjoy :-)

You can read about the terminal server , check out the Cisco 2509 async layout, use the Cisco 1721 to control the Catalyst 2924 in VLAN configurations, do some frame relay lab work, try your hand at ISDN configuration, or go retro and work on your token ring technique.

Sunday 11/9/03 I posted a message about BGP troubles within the lab. The Cisco 4700 has no trouble getting routes from AS27504. The Cisco 2511 has no trouble taking the 24k routes(!) I pulled in via the C4700, but the Cisco 4500 is in the load/crash/restart cycle that a low memory machine displays when trying to digest an oversized BGP table. Why does a 16 meg 2511 handle that many routes and a 32 meg 4500 have trouble? Its a mystery to me - email me at neal@lists.rauhauser.net if you find a solution.

Monday 11/10/03 I just powered on the Cisco 1721, wired it to the 4700 with a crossover cable, and provided another BGP feed. Unlike the 4500 which proved to be memory bound in terms of the number of routes it can handle, the 1721 sucked up the full 25k routes I carry in the 4700 with room to spare.

I am thinking that two BGP feeds like this into the lab is a pretty good approximation of the real world - the 1721 and 4500 are at opposite ends of the world as far as lab topology goes and this should allow for plenty of interesting work treating those two nodes as tier two providers and the other lab boxes as leaf ASes with the possibility of some private peering using the various connection methods the lab provides.

Monday 11/10/03 I just replaced one of the MAUs in the lab - both rings on the token ring 4500 are now functional. Don't get too excited about it :)

Sunday 11/16/03 I just finished rebuilding the FreeBSD system in the lab and I wrote some documentation on how to use minicom to save router configurations.

As promised, the docs are sketchy. If it was complete with fancy diagrams you'd be paying for it via Paypal rather than logging in for free. Comments? Questions? Trouble reports? mailto:neal@lists.rauhauser.net