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Welcome to my new Web Site. Hope you enjoy it.


A welcome change from the maze of ads at my old pages (yes, pages) on GeoCities. While GeoCities is a good hosting service, but it's fine for people who need a little space, a little place for hosting photos of someone's dog or kids, or to rant and rave about their favorite thing. Me, I run three pages, and with 15MB on GeoCities, that is not enough space to do what I need to host three separate ideals. Here they are, all consolidated onto one site. Welcome new and old visitors!

About me:

I am Kevin Havens, a Florida-born Chesapeake (VA) resident. I have family that resides in Virginia Beach, and Missouri. I am a nice person if you treat me well. As I said many times, "I can be your best friend or I can be your worst enemy." I have won a few friends and lost some with that phrase. I still have a good base of friends, but I have many online. I like computers, the Internet (duh...), video games and the music associated with them, and I just cannot get enough of that old video game (bad) Japanese-to-English translation off a Genesis game called "Zero Wing," and if you know what I'm talking about, then you know what I mean. If not, the phrase is "All your base are belong to us," and can be driven into the ground easily. To see little Shockwave animations of "all your base," go to Newgrounds.com and find out for yourself.

I have an addiction to the old 1980s' show called Small Wonder. If you are a fan, then you're in the know. If not, it is about a robot which serves a family, but is not like any other robot, but is in the form of a pretty ten-year-old girl. That person's name is Tiffany Brissette, and she was very talented in her ways. I have met some friends and acquaitences online whom share the same interest in that show.

The weather in Hampton Roads, VA is, on average, about no more than 32 to 55 degrees in the winter and no more than 85 to 98 degrees in the summer. Fall and Spring are about the same, about anywhere from 45 to 75 degrees. Rain is moderate, and snow is very seldom, because of the warm Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean. If we do get snow, usually it's El Nino to blame.


I have some links to some interesting things on this site.

Kevin Havens' Redux Machine -- an ideal that writes parodies ("Reduxes") that no other person would even think of writing, including Weird Al.

The TJTL Project -- An ongoing series of stories (sadly, the same story line, by the way) that are written by me, and assisted by a number of helpers, including friends and family.

Casper G's Media Page -- a mottling of a few favorite MIDI files that I really liked.

Kevin Havens' "Diffordism Squeeze" Page -- my take on how Squeeze formed, broke up, formed again and how they wanna be "alone" for a while.

Pinn.net Tunes CD listing page -- A listing of tracks on my first burned music CD.

Lovin' That FTP Connection! listing page -- a listing of music on my last mix cassette tape.


Links to interesting sites:

TracFone.com -- Got a TracFone prepaid wireless phone, like I do? Activate/reactivate your phone, buy and/or redeem air time and do a number of things about your TracFone here. Don't have one but thinking of buying one? Buy one here at the TracFone Store or find a retailer that sells TracFone phones nearby. Keep an eye out for the deals.

City Of Chesapeake (VA) Web Site -- All about my home city.

TotalJ.Net -- My brother's site.



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