Recommended map-packs for Half-life Single player.

Neil Manke's map-packs can be found on the Neil Manke page.

Case Closed: An okay mappack. This casts you as Bob Dewey, Black Mesa janitor. As usual you've got to fight to survive the incident, with aliens and the military after your blood. Nice level design, good challenge. The only gripe I've got, and it's a big one, is that the ending sucks. 12.9 Mb

Azure Sheep: Like Blue Shift, this puts you in the shoes of a Barney, once again playing out the events at Black Mesa from different perspective. This time round you also need to find and escape with your friend, Kate, a fellow security guard. You will revisit several familiar areas of Black Mesa from the original game, and you get to meet and help Gordon and Corporal Shepard along the way. At 51 maps, it's pretty long for a fan-created add-on. In comparison to Blue Shift, I'd say it's almost as good as Blue Shift, helped in part by having some new weapons, which Blue Shift did not. It is definately a LOT longer than Blue Shift too. 41.2 Mb

Wanted: Wanted is a Half-life western, placing you in the role of Sherrif Rogan Black. One day you recieve a telegram from your adopted father, telling you that a group of bandits lead by a man known as 'Ramone' have attacked his town. Thus begins an adventure that will take you cross country, through miner settlements, hostile Indian territory, a Mexican town, and other locales. There is great challenge throughout, with very varied enemies to fight, and a nasty boss fight to top it all off. There is one problem in software mode though. In one particular spot a certain structure will cause the game to crash out. Switching to Direct3d mode will avoid the problem. Once you are through a nearby door, exiting the Mexican town, you are in the clear to switch back. 3d card users will not encounter this problem. Wanted was originally distributed with the commercial version of Counterstrike, but was later released on the internet as well. 110 Mb