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    Non-exclusive rights for contributions to debates and comments to articles are requested so that these may appear in Converging Realities Online prior to publication elsewhere.

    Enquiries about copyright and obtaining consent for reproduction should be sent to the Editor, Converging Realities.

Individual articles. Copyrights to the Converging Realities Online as a collective work belongs to Landegg Academy. All authors and Landegg Academy agree to the following:
Classroom use. Electronic or paper copies of the journal or its individual articles may be made for classroom use, provided that the copies are distributed at or below the cost of reproduction and the author(s) and Converging Realities are credited and identified as the copyright holders.

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Other postings. Because the WWW posting of the journal will likely be somewhat interactive, issues and articles may evolve and change over time. To ensure that readers are reading the up-to-date version, we ask that Converging Realities not be posted on the Web except in its authorized location.

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