while we tell of yuletide treasure

Post Yuletide Story!

Signups for wwtoyt 2003 are now closed, and assignments have gone out. If you haven't gotten yours yet, email us and we'll look it up for you.

Some reminders:
  • You only need to write one story: you get to choose one of the 3-4 requests made by your recipient.

  • Stories must be at least 1000 words long. There is no maximum length limit, though.

  • Stories must be received by December 21st. To submit your story, just fill out the upload form.

  • If you need clarification about your recipient's request(s), you can e-mail tzikeh or shalott to have one of us act as a go-between, so your recipient doesn't learn who you are.

  • Please remember that these stories are gifts. Try to write what you think your recipient would like, and accept the story you are given in the spirit in which it is offered.

  • Keep your recipient and pairing secret! Receiving the stories will be that much more fun if they're a surprise. (Of course, it's fine to have the story betaed, etc. Just try and keep it under the radar.)

  • We hope to make this an annual event. We will be following the same policy as dwnoga -- if you don't get your story done on time this year, we will have to ask you not to sign up in future.

  • Please let us know right away if you are going to have to drop out. The sooner we know, the more chance that we can find someone to cover for you, so your recipient doesn't end up disappointed.

Post Yuletide Story!

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