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Grid on Tap is a large scale project that allows others to turn their programs in to distributed computing projects much like Seti@Home, so that other "Grid on Tap" users can process the work. 


bulletWould you like to be a part of the Grid and compete against other crunchers?  Its easy to do.  First create a user id, then download the client, extract it to a directory (c:\grid) and double click grid.exe, then follow the instructions from there.

bulletCreating a Project? Integrating with "Grid on Tap" is very simple, slightly modify your executable, provide us with the source code to compile, and then your project can harness the power of distributed computing.  For more information email us at


We have added a "News" section to our website!  Check it out.


Phase 3 has been uploaded into the server and will start being processed after Phase 2 is complete.  When Phase 3 is complete, we will be out of Beta.





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