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"yotsuba what?"

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UPDATE by moot - 11/08/03 @ 5:40PM EST
Both new boards have been added:

/a/ - Anime
/l/ - Lolikon

Make sure to recheck the updated rules page. If you plan on using /l/, please make sure you understand these rules. I am NOT messing around with the real stuff.

That is all.

NOTES by moot - 11/07/03 @ 12:46AM EST
Just wanted to say two things. If you donated, you'll notice your payment is probably unclaimed. I'm having some problems with PayPal and the bank and I hope to get that sorted out soon; sorry about that.

In the next week two new boards will be added along with [hype]THE ARCHIVE[/hype]. "/a/ - Anime" and "/l/ - Lolikon" will be added soon; /a/ will be soley dedicated to anime pictures of all types (so /b/ can still remain plain old random), and /l/ dedicated to lolikon. Some people started complaining that /c/ was becoming a pedofest, and it was impossible to find *CUTE* pictures, thus I had to do this...

Look forward to some updates later, as well as a big surprise.

PRUNED by moot - 11/02/03 @ 7:27PM EST
I just dropped all of the old SQL tables, and reloaded img.4chan.net. The old post limit was 3000 entries, it has now been reduced to 750 entries per board. MySQLd along with PHP were optomized, however disk accessing could not be. The problem with 4chan is that I can't figure out how to auto-prune after ten pages like on 2chan, since the script is pretty hard to follow. When the boards got to over thirty pages long, each new post, reply, or thread caused the script to automatically regenerate the old static .htm files, causing alot of load on the system. When you take into account there are multiple boards all running on the same server, and the ability for multiple people to post within seconds, you can see how this caused the system to crawl. At the moment there is no fix for this, and boards will be considerably smaller--however I did backup the site before I wiped it, and will think about getting that archive subscription idea worked out.

;_; by moot - 11/01/03 @ 10:30PM EST
For those wondering why the site is running like ASS, it's because the server is getting overloaded by mysqld and all of the concurrent connections. It cannot be fixed without a new server or banning Japan. Right now I'm trying to figure out which is best.

As far as sponsors go, Peter gave 4chan the thumbs down, this sucks a ton because I factored his "pledge" in with my calculations, and now 4chan just runs way too short of projections. ichi warned me that you cannot rely on donations for anything, I sadly did, and as it stands there is hardly enough money to keep the site running, the rest will have to be out of pocket or I need to get subscriptions worked out--I believe an overwhelming two people have contacted me about that. 4chan is on a server with another community website, and a few hosted sites (SMALL, that generate little revenue), and at current it is bogging these sites down, which is unacceptable. Solution? Get a dedicated server, however It's unreasonable for me to pay over $400 a month to provide a free service which does not benefit me in any monetary way; that's looking at it from a realist perspective. 4chan is going to die a humorously slow death within the next month if I can't figure out a way to either get mysqld loads down, or a way to make money.

If you know anything about mysqld or sponsors, E-MAIL ME. If you would like to know about any potential subscriptions, or would like to donate, E-MAIL ME. PayPal is moot@raspberryheaven.net.

I'm just going to flat out say it as it is: this site recieves way too many hits for the ammount of contribution. People who are still leeching, I'm going to start fucking with your leeched images if it doesn't stop, your forum posts at RAGNAROK ONLINE are going to turn into a man ripping his anus open. You have been WARNED.
LEECHING by moot - 10/29/03 @ 11:35PM EST
Those who leech images are in for a fun surprise! Instead of getting your images on my dime, you'll be getting a nice 65,535 x 65,535 px GIF! The lesson learned here should be: don't leech images, be them from this site or ANY OTHER SITE. I have a very simple and efficient way for tracking the offending sites, many thanks to Scuzzy for coding this.

MORE ERRORS by moot - 10/29/03 @ 4:08PM EST
For the past few hours /g/ was broken; if you tried to post user#tripcode your output would not be user!$crypt(code), but "Anonymous". This was probably caused when I changed the file encoding of the .php file from ANSI to UTF-8, causing a Japanese "#" to dissapear. Everything should be fine now, but I'm not sure why it only affected /g/, and not the other boards.

I'm still aware of the error you get on every post, it has something to do with cookies and it will be looked into.

ERRORS by moot - 10/29/03 @ 4:23AM EST
So alot of people just noticed for over an hour their posts weren't showing up and they were getting a Japanese error message... This message was caused by a built in anti-spam script, that tiggers at five seconds and ten seconds. There was a problem with the server's timezone which caused posts to go "back in time", permenantly screwing this spam script up; as it was trying to figure out how you just posted negative x seconds ago.

Everything should be fine now, however in order to fix this everything had to be pruned ;_; Sorry! Many thanks to thatdog for figuring this problem out.

HOORAY by moot - 10/29/03 @ 2:38AM EST
Site went back up a few hours ago; everything looks good. The oekaki board isn't up, I'll try to get that back in a few days... Thanks to everyone who donated, ichibanMuffin, and Peter Payne (J-list is now hopefully going to sponsor the site) for making this comeback possible; without your generosity it probably would not have happened.

Some things that were fixed/changed/added:

1. Fixed: Thumbnailing problems! This should help curtail bandwidth and load times.

2. Fixed: Japanese character display--all pages should now be UTF-8. Although UTF-8 isn't totally friendly with Japanese ASCII art, it should be a large improvement (it's either this, no Japanese text, or improperly formatted English).

3. Changed: The board now uses a MySQL database (modified futabaSQL -> "yotsubaSQL") for storing information. The last board used a flatcode text file, which was pretty inefficient.

4. Changed: Minor changes went into the board formats (ie. posts now show the day of the week when posted).

5. Added: Protection from some robots, however this will only help a little. Will look into some anti image linking (direct) soon.

Alot of ideas have been raised as how to keep this site up through donations, so far the following have been considered:

1. Sponsors: I believe J-list will sponsor us, since Peter said once the site went back up he would consider it right away (yes this does mean ads, however they won't be obnoxious) If you know anyone else who might be interested, please contact me.

2. E-mail: A few users inquired about paying for e-mail accounts. I've consider requiring a small per year subscription for this, but I have yet to think about exactly what would be offered. If you'd actually be interested in paying for this, drop me a line.

3. Subscription: Spork came up with a great idea (I would do this at least, if I didn't run the site that is), involving paying for archive access. He suggested providing the ability to download backups of older posts, since sometimes the boards can be filled up so fast you miss good content. This should directly impact bandwidth and speeds in a positive way, because I would be lowering the ammount of posts per board, and only letting these subscribers access the old stuff. Just a note: I am completely against forcing people to pay for use, however income is needed to support the site. Please e-mail me if you'd be interested or have any input on the matter.

With a new server also comes the ability to add a few more boards! The following have been suggested: trains, real-life, ASCII, weapons, and discussion. If you bear a strong liking to one of these subjects and would like to mod it, or have another idea for a new board, please e-mail me!

That said, ENJOY!

... by moot - 10/16/03 @ 4:08PM EDT

I must say I'm impressed. Word has gotten out on 2chan and we have alot of new Japanese posters to the community. Every board seems to have had it's traffic at least doubled, and /c/ has had traffic go up tenfold! Obviously with so many new posts an influx of bandwidth usage has occured, however this is not a problem so far. I've gotten many donations today, and this will definantly help (or even totally) pay the bills. My huge thanks goes out to those who donated, and all of the dedicated users we have recieved thus far.

I expect 4chan's English users to accept the new guys, and I don't want to see any racist crap on any boards (unless it's on /b/). I also expect 4chan's new Japanese users to use discretion on choosing which boards to post on. Granted there are no Japanese rules up, the most basic thing I ask is don't post "DESTROY USA BASES AT OKINAWA!!1" (LOL Golgolmois) on the real boards. Hopefully Shingo can work on getting the rules page translated... In the mean time, check the following page out, 日本語 (Japanese)

Some things on the to do list:

1. Fix thumbnailing problem for pictures. Thought we had this fixed, however numerous new cases have been reported.

2. Fix Japanese character display, and ASCII art. It appears that if you post off of an English computer, it prints fine under UTF-8, however some posts from Japanese computers seem to display incorrectly. I'll think about looking into Shift_JIS again.

3. Translate the 'Rules' section into Japanese. If you're Japanese and speak English, help would be appreciated in the editing process. I can be e-mailed here.

Once again, all comments, suggestions, complaints, etc. are welcomed. As always the e-mail address is moot@4chan.net.

WAHO! by moot - 10/09/03 @ 12:40AM EDT
Just throwing out an update for the people that actually read the main page. We hit ~9000 unique sessions in six days, with over one million hits! I'm very impressed, I never thought 4chan would get this popular so fast. You have have to remember, it's not like I'm going out of my way advertising left and right, in fact I've only posted the site on two or so boards...

One thing I'd like to bring up is image leeching. I have no problem with you showing your friends pictures, or linking to them on forums. I do however have a problem with actually leeching the images on websites or other boards, simply because there isn't enough bandwidth for that. Scripts such as 2chtrawl are technically allowed (as I have no robots.txt or .htaccess restrictions), however I'd prefer people not use them.

Two new image boards were added, and the rules updated:
/g/ - Guro
/s/ - Sexy Beautiful Women

These two boards are the second and third user managed boards, and mark the end of my "board spree". I believe 4chan now has enough covered in terms of image boards, and maybe it's time to think about adding an ASCII board or just living with what is already available. Since these boards are new, they still have the possibility of being deleted if they don't recieve enough traffic. Also remember because they are user managed, all e-mails concerning them should be forwarded to the appropriate manager, NOT me.

4chan is now looking for sponsers to help with the bills. Ads in the future are possible but not yet likely. By ad I mean something around 125x50 pixels, and plain. I have NO intentions of ever adding pop-ups, flashing ads, Flash layovers, etc. These ads make me want to gouge my eyes out, and I despise them as much as anyone else. I finally understand why sites need support; things aren't as cheap as they appear! As always my PayPal is still moot@4chan.net, and my huge thanks goes out to the few people that have donated already. Don't get me wrong, donations will always be completely optional, and money should only be donated if you personally feel this site is worth it. Please also note, donating gives you no special treatment, and all of the normal rules will still apply to you.

Frank Stallone posted this on /b/, very cool. If only... ;_;

MORE UPDATES by moot - 10/06/03 @ 7:50PM EDT
Two new boards, and a host of changes!

One new image board added:
/y/ - Yaoi
...and a drawing board!
4chan Oekaki BBS

Obviously the rules have been updated to include these boards. Rules for the /c/ and /d/ boards were modified as well, be sure to check those out.

Now on to a few things that need addressing. Alot of people are asking me to add new boards, one for /c/ without any nudity, dedicated dix board, deciated grotesque board, and of course the trainz/farm machinery boards. I'm perfectly okay with adding new boards, as long as we don't get repetitive. /c/ will stay the same, sifting through stuff won't kill you. /d/'s rules have been changed to better suit the anti-grotesque people out there. The problem with making so many image boards is twofold...

1. I don't have the cash to support so many boards. Each new board is bandwidth, and bandwidth costs MONEY! In six days, we are already 200% over the cap, at 50GB. Donations are very welcome, I use moot@4chan.net for PayPal.

2. Adding more boards spreads out user participation too much. 4chan albeit new, and very popular for a new site, is too small of a community to support so many boards. By adding the yaoi and drawing boards I'm going out on a limb, as I personally don't know how popular they will become. Prove me wrong guys.

That said, please keep the complaining for new boards and rules down. Unless it's a good idea that will attract participation, it isn't worth it right now. On a side note I'm interested in hosting boards for other communities at the moment, I talked with Bad Luck, and she convinced me a yaoi board was a good idea, and she could get enough users to build it... thus /y/ was born.

Still looking at ideas for what to add, as long as these ideas aren't like the examples above. If anyone knows a few artist friends or people that could help start up the oekaki board that would be great. I'm currently looking for someone to run that division of 4chan, as recently I've been pressed for spare time. You can read more about that position on the rules page.

Bad Luck drew this for 4chan using the same board we use for the oekaki system. Very cute ;)

RETENTION by moot - 10/06/03 @ 3:35AM EDT
[NPH] and I believe we have figured out the retention bug. The bug caused posts to be deleted too quickly, on newly replied posts.

The problem was the parameter for the maximum amount of log entries was too low, 500 to be exact. Effective immediately the new max for /b/ is 2000, and for all other boards, 5000. That's REALLY high! We just want to see it's effect on the boards. Keep on posting so we can make sure this is the proper fix.


UPDATES by moot - 10/06/03 @ 1:33AM EDT
Rather large update...

Two new image boards added:
/c/ - Anime/Cute
/d/ - Hentai/Alternative

Updated the rules, please check them out!

A Japanese explanation of 4chan has been added! Check it out here, many thanks to Shingo for doing this. If you see any problems with the translation or think something needs adding, you can e-mail Shingo.

Glad to see the participation and support so far, keep it up. Again, if you know of any good people or places to advertise 4chan, go ahead. Just bear in mind retarded posters are not wanted. Lasty I'd just like to thank nem from Apis again, without his generosity 4chan would not be possible. If you decide to host with him, please put "4chan" as your referrer, this gives me more bandwidth to play around with, meaning more boards and features.

BANNERS! by moot - 10/02/03 @ 1:55AM EDT
Just got done making a page for all of the banners. You guys submitted a huge ammount of awsome banners in less than an hour, so I'm forced to end the contest early. If you missed the cutoff, just send me your submission via e-mail. I will NOT be taking them from the board anymore, as it is too much work.

All of the winning banners can be viewed here, as well as on the image boards.

4chan's rotating banner script is made possible by "Urakh's Rotating Signature Script".

On a side note: A lite navigation bar has been added to the image boards. Use the three links at the upper left to change image boards.

/h/ by moot - 10/02/03 @ 7:24PM EDT
A new image board has been introduced: /h/ - Hentai. This board actually has rules, so head on over to the rules section and read them.

WORLD2CH by moot - 10/02/03 @ 6:37PM EDT
In order to resolve the rampant misconceptions and flames I'm getting on world2ch (without my knowledge), I'll post some quick points:

1. 4chan is a Something Awful/ADTRW run conspiracy.

Please stop mixing 4chan up with "SA's hentai forum is trying to steal our thunder!!", it's a stupid argument that is untrue. The reason that the ADTRW users outnumber the non-ADTRW users is because I posted it there first, and rather than embrace this site, others are holing themselves up into what I will call "the elitist brooding state of mind" (tm).

2. 4chan is supposed to be ADTRW only, and consist primarily of pictures of animated children (pedo anime), with some added women and children with penises (dickgirlz).

Sorry, but no. 4chan is open to everyone, and I WANT people outside of ADTRW to use it. The quote "a comprehensive english based resource for the collection and distribution of yaoi and dickgirlz" (previous title), is simply one of comical value, a kind of inside joke. Why did I choose this seemingly horrid sentence as a quote? I had no clue it would offend anybody... sorry guys, but sarcasm is prevalent on the internet as well as real life!

3. But the /b/ image board is full of it!

If you bother to read the rules, you'll see /b/ is meant to be nothing short of a retard bin for now. It will be changed within the week. The site has existed for only two days now guys, sorry if I can't put up forty boards at once.

4. You stole world2chan's code and didnt even plug us! How RUDE.

I never even knew futaba was public until I edited the ENTIRE code of GazouBBS (the base of futaba). I was then cheerfully informed that, all of my efforts had just been wasted, as 2chan freely shares their PHP coding. Before this, I had never frequented world2ch much, and also had no clue their Engrish translation of futaba (0ch is it?) was released as well. 4chan's script has been further modified (more than you can actually see), and will continue to be modified as scripters offer their help.

Time 4chan has had code to work with: 72 hours.
Time 2chan/world2ch has had code to work with: Years?

5. 4chan sucks, moot sucks, ADTRW sucks, SA sucks, Apis sucks...

Awsome. I whole heartedly thank those who have e-mailed me voicing their opinions and concerns (to date: 0) regarding 4chan. Furthermore, posting threads on another board is the best way to attract my attention, keep at it. (If you haven't noticed, this is the "sarcasm" I was talking about earlier)

6. You're immature, and this response has done nothing to sway my opinion.

If this is the way some of you are thinking right now, I am truly sorry for you. The above is meant to be my serious response (as anything posted on the main page will be), to the discontent peoples of world2ch and abroad. For the tenth time I will reiterate: E-MAIL ME. If you're either too immature or incompetant to have a real two-way conversation with me, without hiding behind the magic of the internet, you very well could be an idiot. If the previous is true, please do not waste my time, or your time... by e-mailing me I am requesting a decent piece of writing sent to me outlaying your concerns, suggestions, or questions. Please refrain from sending me "WORLD2CH ALLIANCE WILL CRUSH YOU", as I have just stated you are an idiot.

I hope that clears some things up. You can read my previous response on world2ch's ongoing thread (as well as my host's) here.

E-MAIL by moot - 10/02/03 @ 4:13PM EDT
Here is an e-mail my host recieved today:

"A website which you appear to be hosting, http://img.4chan.net/b/ , is in my opinion violating your Acceptable Use Policy. If you browse through its the archives, you will see many uploaded pictures that are definitely pornographic and involving children (albeit technically not *illegal* child porn), as well as some other rather gruesome pictures."

Dear valued anonymous 4chan user:

Thank you for informing me that my website does not contain illegal content. I am sorry to inform you that although this site is "in [your] opinion" violating the AUP, it is not.

CONTEST by moot - 10/01/03 @ 11:18PM EDT
Just reminding you guys there is a contest running for a 4chan logo. Please check out the info here.

WELCOME by moot - 10/01/03 @ 10:36PM EDT
Greeting 4chan users!

As you can see, 4chan now has a nice mainpage up. With this, I can now post the updates and plans I had previously been withholding... Let me start off by posting a little about 4chan:

4chan is meant to be an unofficial sister site to 2chan.net, an amazing Japanese community that has been around for a long time. This website, while similar to it's Japanese counterpart, is NOT trying to replace 2chan... that's simply impossible. 4chan is merely bringing to the table, what English speaking people have lacked for a while; a diverse community united around the simple thousand line piece of PHP code that we call tagboard. Our site is meant to be an equal alternative for non-Japanese speaking persons to interact as they would on 2chan, with an active and diverse community. The road to becoming a full fledged sister-site will be a long and difficult one, however I believe that with the help of a few dedicated individuals, and a large, helpful, friendly community, greatness can be achieved.

Everyone is equally welcomed at this website, as long as you keep your drama and warring elsewhere. By trying to start flamewars between 2chan, world2ch, and 4chan, you're just hurting the web-based English anime community. Please don't do it, you have nothing to gain, and others end up losing out. That said, if you enjoy this site, tell your friends! Both English and Japanese users are again, *equally*, welcomed here if they meet the above requirement.

Please bear with us as we get the site online. ALL feedback is valued, and I'll try my best to get around to looking at it. The only way this site will improve and hopefully flourish, is with constant user input on how it should be run. I've already asked several people to help out, and am still looking for a few more dedicated individuals to help out with 4chan. If you think you have what it takes (PHP coders wanted), shoot me an email!

That said, enjoy the boards!

Edit for the world2ch crew: Don't worry, there is no plan to put up several inactive sports and political forums. This will be largely image and comedy based, we have no intention of partaking in intelligent discussions concerning foreign affairs. By sister-site, I mean focusing primarily on certain likable aspects of 2chan, not just a mirror. Your territory is safe.

I only say this after I politely asked people not to post stupid stuff on these boards, and to take any problems or concerns directly to me in the form of e-mail.

TEST by moot - 10/01/03 @ 10:32PM EDT
Just testing out the mainpage... Many thanks goes out to [NPH] for writing up this simple and efficient site!