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Children Perform CPR & Heimlich Maneuver for Illinois Congressman Kirk

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SALF Scores Touchdown After a Pass by Nextel

By Ciprina Spizzirri

Nextel, a leading wireless service provider and   �The Official Wireless Partner of Northwestern Athletics� honored SALF's President/Founder, Carol Spizzirri for her life saving achievements at the Northwestern University Football game against the Wisconsin Badgers, Saturday October 25th. read more

(Picture from Left to Right: Mark Murphy, Dir of Athletics Northwestern Univ., Carol Spizzirri, Founder & CEO SALF, Kevin Flynn, Region VP Nextel)


"The Father of CPR" leaves a legacy behind

Letter from SALF (08/04/03)

By Ciprina Spizzirri: Dr. Peter Safar

The Save A Life Foundation is extremely saddened by the unfortunate news received this morning regarding Dr. Peter Safar.� Dr. Safar's humanitarian efforts, inventions, and research, along with his genuine charisma, will forever be remembered and cherished.

How blessed he was to have been selected�as�the chosen one to lead and to guide our Creator's civilized life to safety.� As he was responsible for cradling so many souls back to life�he will always be remembered for his endeavors towards giving all human kind a�"second chance"�and defining the meaning behind re–birth.

He has made it his mission to uplift all life with�everlasting hopes, dreams, encouragement and strength. Let us now return�the favor�by uplifting his life towards the favorable and serene beauty of�what all the heavens has to offer him.

Every endless struggle of labor needs�its time for rest; may we accept and respect that Dr. Safar's courageous battle of victory has now won him that time for rest.

As he has earned and well deserved�his time to depart from the ever so exhausting world, he upholds a promise.�A promise that lives within his legacy.�A legacy which will forever comfort and forever shield the lives of all of whom he loves... of all of whom he's touched... and for all of whom he's saved.

May God�bless Dr. Peter Safar's family and friends, for we all know God has already blessed him.�Dr. Safar will be greatly missed and will forever remain in our thoughts and prayers.


Save A Life Foundation

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A down state farmer, State Representative Charles Hartke, has been appointed as Director of the Illinois Department of Agriculture. As Representative in 1993, Hartke sponsored and passed HB1477 for SALF, requiring the training of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid to fire fighters and police officers prior to graduating from their academies. This mandate set the trend that other states soon followed, e.i. Pennsylvania, and molded the path for SALF as it began emergency preparing all citizens, starting with children, by local emergency medical providers.

SALF salutes Hartke and is confident this prestigious post will be enhanced while Hartke is at the helm.

U.S.A. Today

Life Support For All

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Save A Life Week
May 18-24, 2003
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Mississippi Governor comes to Chicago!

SALF to give and receive recognition

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