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[dvd-discuss] Hello


This is my first post to dvd-discuss, so I will kick things off by
introducing myself. Before doing so, I would like to express my deep
gratitude to Wendy Seltzer of Harvard Law School's Berkman Center for
Internet & Society for finding time in her busy schedule to create this
list and the associated discussion forum on openlaw.

OK, my name is Bryan Taylor, I am a database consultant and an open
source software advocate who lives in San Antonio. I have an MA in
mathematics from Berkeley, where I was a classmate of Dan Bernstein,
whose encryption source code case is so well known.

I see the DVD cases as the natural complement to Bernstein's case. Just
as free speach protects the right to communicate results about
encryption, so it protects the right to discuss the technicalities of
decryption. In this case as well as Bernstein's, the government's
policy is to promote insecurity to achieve security. This oxymoronic
belief is deeply troubling, and worse endangers the very interests it
seeks to protect.

I am also a consumer for DVD products. I own a DVD-ROM drive in my home
computer, which runs Red Hat Linux. I have managed to collect only one
DVD movie, The English Patient. I would probably have more, but as I
don't run windows anymore, I can't use them because until recently, DVD
movies could not be played under Linux. My DVD's copyright notice
states that "This DVD is for private home viewing only.", which is all
I want to do.

Now that I've introduced myself and my motivations for being here, I
would like to encourage others on this list to do the same. I look
forward to engaging legal discussion...

Bryan Taylor

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