Vertigo (Vertigo) genesii (GREDLER, 1856)

Shell: Dextrous, whorls 4.1-4.7, most often 4.5. Shape short ovate, spire rounded. Whorls most often very strongly convex, suture deep; only rarely whorls moderately convex and suture moderately deep. Aperture semicircular or its palatal margin very slightly flattened. Basal ana palatal aperture margin not reflexed. Teeth absent, only exceptionally a rudimentary, knob-shaped parietal present. Callus absent. Umbilicus shallow, closed. Surface sculpture of very delicate, almost invisible, irregular striae. Colour reddish-brown of varying intensity.
Dimensions: Height 1.63-2.00 mm, breadth 1.03-1.20 mm, aperture height 0.43-0.50 mm, aperture breadth 0.60-0.75 mm, body whorl height 1.00-1.20 mm.
Ecology: Restricted to open calcareous mires. mostly of soligenous type; found among plant depbris and in tufts of vegetation.
Distribution: A North-European species; mountains of the central part of Scandinavia, less common in southern Sweden; locally in Finland, Germany, Switzerland; an isolated locality in England. In Poland one record from Bialowieza Forest, not confirmed to date.