Campaign Initiators:

Iraq Pledge of Resistance

National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee

War Resisters League

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HE INDIVIDUALS SIGNED BELOW, and the sponsoring organizations of this campaign, have opposed the war against Iraq as well as the ongoing military occupation. We oppose the policies of “pre-emptive war” and an “endless” war on terrorism which led to the Iraq war, which violate human rights and international law, and which have cost us hundreds of billions of dollars while our states and cities face unprecedented deficits, and cutbacks of vital services and programs.

We intend to do more than simply oppose these policies with our words, and we invite you to join us, as we

Hang Up On War!

Each month, most of us unknowingly contribute to the war policies we resolutely oppose — because every telephone bill includes a 3% federal excise tax that helps to pay for them.

  • Hang Up On War! is campaign for people who want to “up the ante” on their nonviolent resistance to the “endless war” policy while reducing the flow of their money to war.
  • Hang Up On War! calls on individuals to refuse to pay their federal phone tax, an act of civil disobedience which sends a message to Washington that says “Not With Our Money.”
  • Hang Up On War! encourages participants to take their resisted phone tax money and give it to groups working to heal the wounds of war.

Please join Hang Up On War! Find out what’s involved with the information on this website, and then click here to sign your commitment to resist the federal phone tax.