News for Friday, November 28

MCA on Fallout2 by Briosafreak - at 11:05

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The RPG Roundtable at RPG Vault now has a new part, this time in part 3 you can continue to read the opinions of several CRPG specialists, like Chris Avellone, here`s a zip of what he wrote:

I'll play devil's advocate with Andrew Popov's comments about Fallout 2 (since I worked on it), and critique it using the points from Stage 1. Here are the flaws with the game's story. This was our fault, and I've been guilty of all the sins mentioned below, so I'm not criticizing anyone:

- Player Doesn't Give a Shit: The initial character motivation (which goes almost until 75%-90% of the way through the game) fails the "Why Should the Player Give a Shit?" test. Fallout 2 assumes you care about Arroyo enough to find the GECK. The "hunt for the McGuffin" aspect of it aside, the initial motivation is flawed, depending on how the player wants to play, which is pretty contrary to the Fallout genre. Granted, you can say "screw the GECK," but there is no evil end-game reward for doing so (our fault.)

Not until the appearance (and the revelation of the motivation) of the Enclave very, very late in the game are you placed in danger, which is where the player's motivation starts to get on the right track. Why does the player give a shit about the Enclave? Because they want to kill the player. Granted, it sucks that they don't want to kill you in particular (which fails the player-centric test) - you're just one of a bunch of other people they want to kill. Still, it's clear why the player should care about stomping them into the ground.

And he adds quite a few more insights on Fallout2 , you can read the rest here, thanks Raymondo2000 for the heads up.

RPG Roundtable Part 2 by Odin - at 2:09

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RPGVault have posted their second part of the RPG Roundtable, this time around good, old MCA is a part and several other developers (from Phase Exodus, The Fall etc..).
This time around they are talking about storytelling, they talk some about Fallout 2 and it's quests/storytelling..
Link: RPG Roundtable Part 2

VDHP hosted at NMA by Odin - at 1:59

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Well I want to introduce our latest subdomain, this one is called Vault Dwellers Homepage and I'm sure most of you have heard about that site earlier. We'd like to welcome Kaczor and his website to the NMA family!
Link: Vault Dwellers Homepage

News for Wednesday, November 26

Briareus on the old text-box problem... by Kharn - at 18:27

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Interplay regular Darque inquired how Van Buren would handle text messages over at the BiS feedback forum. The basic problem with Fallout 1 and 2 was that the constant text in the text box (like "You see: a box" when you scrolled over the box) meant you missed the essential messages.

Chad "Briareus" Nicholas had the following to say

I'd prefer it if the name of the entity just appeared above it when you moused over the entity in question. Then put any "look" or "examine" text in the feedback window.

We're also already using different colored text for feedback messages. Red text if you need to have a certain item equipped to perform an action, green text on success, white text for normal "hey, this happened" text, etc.

Not Miria this time :) by Briosafreak - at 7:23

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Well this newsbit at DAC says it all:

You left it too late, ladies... sorry to break it to you like this, but the one-and-only Killzig is getting hitched today! YOU SNOOZE YOU LOSE, SUCKERS!

Andy and Angie, from all of us here at DAC, congratulations on finally tying the knot! We wish you the very, very best in the future, and hope all of your days together are filled with a never-ending supply of love and laughter (and, of course, hot and steamy monkey-sex).

Well done guys! Have a good one!

All the best for the newly weds from the staff at NMA

Puuk and Gamespot by Briosafreak - at 6:58

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In the last Gamespoting: Stealth Kill collum at Gamespot Tor Thorsen made a pessimistic portrait of Interplay and Fallout3 after the departure of J.E. Sawyer:

Journalists are supposed to be objective, but the departure of J.E. Sawyer from Black Isle Studios got this reporter downright depressed. It wasn't just that J.E. was one of the more talented and interesting figures in the development game. (By "interesting" I mean slightly nuts, like most top-quality creative types are.) More importantly, the speed of his departure points to something going very wrong behind the scenes of "Van Buren," the official code name for Fallout 3.

Anybody who's perused the Interplay forums recently knows the studio is in trouble. Its forthcoming Dungeons & Dragons title, code-named "Jefferson," was canned earlier this year, reportedly a casualty of a legal tangle with Atari. A host of top-quality talent has fled the studio, including legendary producer Feargus Urqhart. Even worse, Black Isle's parent, Interplay, is hemorrhaging money, having lost over $20 million so far this year.
Black Isle Studios redirected our inquiries to its helpful PR rep.
With Black Isle's bank account and staff shrinking at an alarming rate, there's more than a small chance that Fallout 3 will never make it to a PC near you. For me, that would be a personal tragedy.

The Fallout3 team members were fast in reassuring everyone that the game goes on as planed, with Damien "Puuk" Foletto explaining why the game hasn`t been oficially announced:
It all goes back to announcing too soon. Let's say, for example ONLY, that we announce tomorrow, but the game won't ship for at least another year or so. The big buzz that came with the announcement would simmer down to a light fizz by the time the game is ready for release. Most people might not even care by then. Announcing is all about timing. Usually, most developers like to announce within six months of release so the fires stay hot throughout the whole six months. This gives plenty of time for magazine previews, online designer diaries, screenhot exclusives, etc. Valve had the right idea when they announced, and if it weren't for the pinheads who stole the source code, the game would have shipped six months after announement - while the fires were still hot about HL2.
Bottom line; if we want to make an announcement, we want to do it with great stuff to show and not keep the fans waiting for months on end for shipment.

Well the game production goes on and it`s starting to look really good, that i can tell you guys and girls.

News for Tuesday, November 25

The Fall preview by Briosafreak - at 17:45

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RPGDot has news of a The Fall: Last days of Gaia preview at the German site Spielflut , and SickBastard was kind enough to send me a translation of the article into English, here`s a zip:

The work over The Fall has lasted for almost 2 years. But we will have to wait for about 3 or 4 months more, until the game will be finished. Excellent story, perceptible post apocalyptic climate and splendid RPG rules, make us hope that after Gothic 2
another super cRPG will come from Germany. Most of all we've liked the "freedom" that player has and really living world in the game. For almost all quests or fights there are accessible several solutions. Villages and cities are full of NPC living with their own day plan and expressing unique dialogues. If someone has liked Gothic 2, Fallout or generally other cRPG game, then he won't pass indifferently beside this title.

Thanks SickBastard from Vault Dweller`s Homepage for the translation.
You can see more of the translated article here.

International Fallout by Briosafreak - at 17:32

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Some good news from Poland, Vault Dweller's Home Page has a new and quite remarkable layout, see it for yourselves. For the english version you can go here, thanks Kaczor.

Also Ratty sends news of a Croatian Fallout Tactics site called Toxic Caves MkII.

News for Monday, November 24

Beleza! by Briosafreak - at 18:24

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If you speak Portuguese and like everything Fallout related go and check the Brazilan Fallout fan site FalloutResources , they have a new layout and new sections. It`s a great place for everything P&P; and to find info on the Fallout games.
Thanks Duccini for the heads up.

Good News Everyone! by Odin - at 14:31

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Well I guess you all are wondering what's next, I'll say it like this: Chucky has left Interplay!! According to the leather godess Krazikatt:

Jester's name was removed because he has moved on to another company. His last day was Friday.
And we all know that Jester is Chuck Cuevas, the man responsible for Fbos!
Let's put it like this: It's about freaking time!
Link: Thread@IPLY forums

News for Saturday, November 22

Josh Dweller by Briosafreak - at 6:03

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J. E. Sawyer made one last post yesterday before he left, here`s the quote as we used to do with all his quotes here on NMA:

Thanks everyone.

He also used a particular avatar just for a couple of minutes, it was removed but NMA can now show it:

Camera control in Fallout3 by Briosafreak - at 5:42

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On the NMA Fallout3 forum Chad "Briareus" Nicholas told us more about camera control in Fallout3:

Camera control in VB seems pretty intuitive to me in its current state. It's easy to pan around or rotate as needed. I tend to mostly pan, and only have to rotate once in a while. Often, I rotate just because I can and I want to see what something looks like from another angle.

Link: Thread@NMA Fallout3 forum

RPGDot previews The Fall by Briosafreak - at 5:31

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Dhruin from RPGDot has made a preview of The Fall: Last Days of Gaia and here`s a zip:

The Fall is a story-based party CRPG in a post-apocalyptic setting. The developers cite obvious influences like Fallout but are also aiming to have a living world like Gothic and the tactical combat Jagged Alliance 2. With ambitious goals like these, let's see what this title has to offer.[...]
With features like 1000 unique NPCs, 300 items and over 60 weapons plus more than 3000 pages of story, quests and dialogue, The Fall has the potential to appeal to more than just Fallout fans looking for something new.
An Add-on is already being planned which will add co-operative multiplayer and include the editor tools. Look for The Fall to be released towards the end of Q1, 2004.

You can read the rest here, thanks for the heads up Dhruin.

News for Friday, November 21

So long Josh by Briosafreak - at 11:40

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This is the office of J.E. Sawyer until today, where he completed his objective that dated from before he joined Black Isle Studios of some day beeing able to work in Fallout3.

He is leaving Black Isle Studios today.

We at NMA wish him all the best, so long Josh

FOPoS delayed? by Briosafreak - at 5:18

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According to several websites quoted on DAC and this piece on the Adrenaline Vault it seems FOBOS release date has been delayed until next year.
We were waiting for it to be released during the next decade, but life isn`t perfect.

News for Thursday, November 20

Puuk is misterious by Briosafreak - at 14:08

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Damien "Puuk" Foletto has added new info on the CNPCs comments made by Jeff Husges that we`ve reported earlier with this post at NMA:

As I posted at BIS, there is actually an even split of 4 females and 4 males. Species, specialities, et al, shall remain a MYSTARY at this time.

Bummer, another MISTARY Smile

Briareus bursts by Briosafreak - at 11:39

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On this thread at the BIS feedback forum Chad "Briareus" Nicholas speaks about the new effects of burts in Fallout3:

Something like this is what's in the game. So using guns that use a higher volume of ammo may end up hitting a target in the legs, torso, and arms, or the torso, head, and arms, and eyes, or ... and so on, and on. This gives bursts a better chance to cause the same effects that called shots do, you just don't get to choose which areas/effects are hit.

Edit: Later Damien "Puuk" Foletto added this bit:
In FO1 & 2 there was a chance that an unaimed shot could hit a leg, arm, eye, etc. This was usually the result of a critical hit, sometimes it just happened to hit "there." In burst weapons, as Bri stated, since bullets are flying all over the place, the odds of hitting a random appendage or eye, etc., increased without having to have a critical.

Fbos movie+screenies by Odin - at 3:20

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Yup, there are more screenshots and a movie of Nadia (this time at GamersHell), the screenshots are bad and the movie is worse. They're still playing the sex trick to sell this game and quite frankly, the movie doesn't show any good graphics in the gameplay.
Link: Screenies@GamersHell and Nadia movie@GamersHell

New Fo:Bos shots by Dan - at 1:46

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Rejoice, O Fallout fans! Avault has posted new screenies of Fo:Bos.

The pictures include some women fighting a kind of fire demon, and another picture shows the same scene only without the fire spell.

Spotted at Rpgdot.

News for Wednesday, November 19

Trinity on EDBIS by Briosafreak - at 18:44

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There`s an interview with the Ground Zero team on EDBIS RPG about project Trinity, here`s a zip:

The story is kind of a classic: in the year 2002 one of the greater countries fired a handful of rockets, which could carry nuclear weapons. Later, the self-defense procedures recommended counter-strike.A standard apocalyptic scheme. The truth about war was made classified, except one small detail: your parents had their own part in the beginning of war...
The size of the world hasn't been settled yet. The technical solution has to ensure the possibility of creating of freely large world, depending on gatherings of places - locations (solid and "drifting") and the areas among them, generated only on the player's wish. The world will be surely placed in the best place being useful for such an actions, and that's - Central Europe, and more exactly on area of Poland and her borders.

One of the most interesting ideas is to give the player the opportunity to choose the places where the bombs should fall. It will allow you to create a unique world every time you start a new game.

You can see the rest here, thanks Kaczor for the heads up.

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