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Make Money Online Scams and Hoaxes

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Ha! Another money spinner! Are you looking for ways to make money online? Considering get paid to surf, get paid to read email, work from home or any similar program? You've found the right place! Acidics is one of the few websites to tell that most

Make-money-online programs
are a great SCAM

… and the only site to reveal the tricks used by the sponsors to defraud their victims. Reading a bit through the articles will save you time and money that you would otherwise waste on those filthy worthless make money online schemes.

- GPT Scams - learn why "get paid to surf, read email, do surveys etc." schemes are worthless
- MLM scams - realize that nobody makes money with pyramid schemes except their owners
- Work at home - just don't hope to "make money typing, stuffing envelopes etc."

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First two sections are all about Get Paid To programs - those that offer you to make money watching ads, clicking banners, filling out paid surveys etc. Visit GPT Scams to learn why the "get paid to do whatever" concept is stupid and unproductive, why GPTs resemble pyramid schemes and what common tricks GPT fraudsters play on their victims.

There are different Sponsor types in the GPT world that offer you to make money online, such as get paid to surf, get paid to read email, do surveys etc. Each kind of sponsor may have its own peculiarities resulting in newer and more sophisticated means of exploiting internet users.

In the Fraudsters database you can read records of bad GPT and "work at home" schemes, visitor comments on these schemes and even add your own. Other unethical make-money-online sponsors including MLM companies will be added in the nearest future. If you know of some pesky fraudster you are welcome to include it in the database via this form.

Articles in MLM scams explain how difficult it has become to make money with multi-level marketing plans and reveals that MLM concept is too old and inefficient to seriously plunge into it.

Finally hop on to Work at home to find out the truth about envelope-stuffing opportunities, typist and assembly jobs, currency cartel and "free stuff" traps. The section is planned for development and many more schemes will get a debunking soon - make sure to visit this section again.

You can get more information about Internet fraud and online hoaxes by visiting sites featured under Links. BTW if you can't find something on, if you need more info or want to share your own experience, surf to Acidics Forum.

Golden rule: stay away from programs that specifically position themselves as "make money online" opportunities, especially those selling "work from home" packages - they are always (99,9%) a scam.


- Acidifying 5 more flopportunities: American Marketing Systems, eSubmit-Factory, Internet Marketing Xpert, Michelle's Work at Home Services, and Robinson Publishing Inc.

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   Current topics:
- "make money online" programs that offer rewards for clicking banners, watching ads, doing surveys etc.;
 - multi-level marketing and fraudulent pyramid schemes;
 - work at home schemes that claim to pay you for typing, stuffing envelopes, etc.

   Site goal:
- educate Internet surfers about the dangers behind many "make money online" schemes.