Line Dance Fun ©2003 Doris Volz CA,USA  No social Nov 28 at Saratoga - Friday a.m. beg. lessons w/Sharon & Harry start Jan 9
Come Dance With Me - Monday 2 pm Dec 8 at the Cupertino Senior Center & 2nd TUESDAYS 2:30 - 4:30 in 2004
A NEW choreographer! Joey Warren created IN THE ZONE to Me Against the Music (Britney Spears/Madonna) taught to a workshop of diehards at JP's Fall Fling. He taught Scott Blevins his dance at the Floria event and SCOTT had to teach it to California from memory.
Video clip ~ courtesy CJ

Ventura, CA November 2004 -Bracken Ellis & JP Potter and Bryan McWherter w/me. ~
CJ photos
Bryan, Mr. Phloor Philla, is a talented line dance instructor/M.C. & personable 19 year old dancer! Also dancin' and helpin' at FALL FLING: Patrick Fleming, Cody Stevens and Jeremy Oldam who brought their booty shaking, moon walkin' high jumping time to the dance floor while Jodee, Nicola, and Willow brought their style, smiles and grace! MR GENE MORRILL takes special care of the west coast dancers ...if a new dance makes a big buzz, he makes sure to bring it to his classes ...he slipped Yvonne Anderson's
Cho-Co-Latte into his workshop when it became THE dance to know from last weekend's Tampa Bay Event! Ms MIRANDA (in her JACKIE shoes) sold that dance on the social floor Friday nite ...Gene's class was over flowing on Saturday! MR BOB BOESEL (Finally Friday) was more than pleased when his Miss Independent filled the floor both evenings ...Trish's Saturday teach was opposite Bryan's Start Walking (Mark Cosenza) and Jamie Marshall's What Goes Around ...the hip hop robotic moves in her dance were well taught! Jamie's turbo arm circles in Party In Pink confirms it ...some choreographers adapt to music and dance style ...JAMIE MARSHALL U rule when it comes to cuttin' edge choreography and your down home, story tellin' teach style is entertaining, quick & gets the steps in our memories! Eve Yeaton taught Drive and On The Rocks, but in open dancin' she put on my Hot Temptation request AND a pretty full floor danced it with HER!!! Eve on video doin' this dance courtesy of CJ. Judy McDonald taught her Cool Whip to a full workshop ...I found room at the back to join in during the end and enjoy the music! Enjoyed the same experience for Cold Blooded in Scott Blevin's workshop. His Bidness & Cold Blooded clips courtesy of CJ. I danced an all time favorite ...Dreams to Share w/Jackie Miranda. She taught HER timeless 'oldie' to a new appreciative crowd!!! Nu Flow (MIL) filled the floor! AS did No Parkin' Baby & his newest teach/hit Get Down (Jeremy Oldham). Michele Perron taught her brand spankin' new hit Fork In The Road AND she looked HOT dancin' w/AT Kinson during the 30 minute Showcase Extravaganza! AND Ms Slemmons looked awesome & danced divinely in her newTERRI shoes! The Doris shoe is on order is killer! FALL FLING 2003 was a happy, homey & fun experience; 2004 will happen in JP's adopted home town ...San Diego, CA!

LINKS to floor fillin' favorites: Can't Take That Away - Beer For My Horses - Brokenheartsville - Bucklehuck - Cool Whip - Long Train Running - Bye, Bye - Cold Blooded - Yeeee Haaaaa! - Mr. President, Determination - Travellin' Soldier -
Father & Son - Romantasy - Basha - Cowboys Don't Cry - Swing Your Chains - Fill The Rush - 31st of April - Miss Independent - Finally Friday - Hot Temptation - Nu Flow - On The Rocks - Monkeying Around

FYI: ALL line dance step sheets are FREE on the Internet! Use Google toolbar! My personal list of sites for dance information.
Cho-Co-Latte - Yvonne Anderson ....easy fun intermediate ...hit from the Tampa Bay Line Dance Classic
Come And Get It -
T Hogan/R Kumre next teach Nov 25 w/Evelyn Khinoo
Drive - Bryan McWherter
Fork In The Road - Michele Perron
In The Zone - Joey Warren
- Peter Metelnick/Alison Biggs
Mambo Jive - Max Perry
Nu Flow - RACHAEL McENANEY w/MIL - an original step sheet from Rachael.
One Thin Dime - Michele Perron (Nancy Hays autographed copy)
31st of April - John Robinson next teach Nov 24 w/Charlotte Skeeters
Thrill Me - T Hogan/R Kumre next teach Dec 4 w/Evelyn Khinoo
Watch Me Now
- Perry/Hunyadi/Amatos FALL FLING dancers were crazy w/this 60's music/lyrics

Neil Hale demos his: Curtain Call ( step sheet) and Las Pistolas ( step sheet)
; his newest dance: Chabella

2004 Dancin' In Waikiki in Hawaii Jan 14-21 w/Doug & Jackie Miranda
Gotta Dance Jan 30 - Feb 1 w/Doug & Jackie Miranda at the San Bernardino Radisson Convention Center
Dancin' in the Desert - Feb 20-21 w/Netty's Line Dancing
Keep On Dancin'in 2004 - March 26-28
in San Jose, CA w/Rachael McEnaney and Simon Ward
Aloha with Ohana in Hawaii April 14-21 w/Doug & Jackie Miranda
Phoenix Dance Festival April 30 - May 2 - Event DJ will be Californias own JP Potter!
2004 Line Dance Cruise October 17-24 San Francisco to Cabo San Lucas & back Inquires: Heart Dance

Line Dance Lessons? San Francisco Bay area line dance instructors listed by their TEACH Cities
Gary Clayton's website - line dances taught in the S F Bay area + instructors' comments
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