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Tim Larkin
Composing Myst's Musical World
Clicking Masai beads, droning aboriginal didgeridoos, rich and airy Armenian duduk flutes, the harmonic overtones of Tuvan throat singers, sequoia trees rubbing in a Yosemite grove — Tim Larkin weaves them all into the music and sounds of “Uru, Ages Beyond Myst.”
A Digital Davinci
Gregg Zinn A Harvard-trained philosopher with the curiosity of a Renaissance inventor, Gregg Zinn is advancing the boundaries of digital convergence and interactive media.
Playing to Win
Wolff Olins, a 37-year-old brand consultancy based in London, New York and San Francisco, plays to win by fearlessly presenting its creative thinking, says U.S. CEO Eric Scott Wolff Olins


Dan Caccavaro: Making Next Gen News
Washington’s first free commuter paper launched from bright yellow trucks and street racks throughout the D.C. metro area.


John Jones: Image Archiving at the Smithsonian
Working in the Smithsonian Office of Imaging and Photographic Services, he helps preserve more than two million images.


Dave Skwarczek: He Plots With Bzots
“Bzots” introduces cool brightly-painted robots in a refreshing new children’s live-action musical video series.


Tim Larkin: Composing Myst’s Musical World
Clicking Masai beads, droning aboriginal didgeridoos — Larkin weaves them into the sounds of “Uru, Ages Beyond Myst.”


David Adelson: Cracking the Cow Code
Armed with 3 billion base pairs of genetic information, he hopes to boost results of bovine crossbreeding.


Paula Scher: A Conversation About Design
For more than 30 years, designer Paula Scher has profoundly shaped America’s visual culture as a designer’s designer.


Drew Lavyne: Mastering Elvis
Elvis made one last stop before he stomped the Beatles: the corner-of-the-apartment studio called a.l.l. digital.


Abra Grupp: Replacing the Sky
“It’s challenging to add something no one knows you added. For the opening of ‘Open Range’ we replaced all the skies.”

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Driven By Design
Keynote: Presentations That Meet Your Creative Standards
Color Management for Your Digital Workflow
The Pros Say “Go” to Mac OS X
Break Through the Barriers to Digital Photography Success
Perfectly Focused: Digital Photography
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